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Dream About Komodo Dragon meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream of wolves foxes and bears?

What does it mean when in your dream, a bear followed by three wolves and three foxes run in front of me?

Or i had a different one where i was camping on a beach and went up to a cliff and when i looked down there were wolves and komodo dragons circling my tent

Your dream suggests a sense of living by your wits on the edge of potentially rabid danger.

But for the bear, the opportunistic wolves and foxes might choose you. This suggests a self-sense of wariness on your part, an ability to stand above others who suffer less than dignified harrassment or threats. The bear is a fearsome creature - but can be hounded by others. This implies that you see even greater strength in yourself than in the bear.

That there are three wolves and three foxes implies the talismanic perfect thing - what comes in threes does not fail. You escape certain peril in this - the two groups of three do not come after you, they go after the lesser bear. They may seem subordinate to a creature such as a bear - but not so. Wolves are powerful and follow prey until tiring it, then they attack.

Foxes come later - truly scavengers - not desirable. They are actually far from clever, but that is the image, and you escape even the clever ones who might have spotted the greater prize. You observe in power, but know that peril does exist.

To camp on the beach is to be open to the greater world about you and to draw strength from the cradle of life on earth. It is also raw exposure - desolately open very often. In climbing the cliff you assume power again - oversight is found there, high ground by which you can see much and hold your own against others. And there they are - the would be marauders, stupidly surrounding your tent, circling - you are not there but they seem to have the scent.

The Komodo has a keen sense of smell but poor eyesight - it detects movement in terms of sight. The wolf shares that ofactory ability - and the ability to track from greater distances. You may hold the upper hand now, but they will soon realize your path away from the tent and you will be pursued. Surely those dragons will follow - an exotic threat. Adventure goes with this - the komodo is most rare and exotic - and lives in exotic places. It is an honor to you to have these creatures on your trail.

But you seem well able to prevail - there is no panic in your message, only curiosity and observation. So may it be. Whether something truly pursues you or you enjoy the thought of taking on adventure in raw terms I cannot know, but I suspect the latter. If things 'pursue' you in life that would be hostile, you have confidence - whatever they may be. And you ventilate them as adventuresome dreams.

You would have to judge these points for yourself, but the talismanic imagery you describe and repeated themes of preditors following you implies chase - and not one you entirely dilike. Hopefully some of this may help in your understanding of the dream - and that which is inside you that drove it to light.

All the best to you.

Example: What does it mean when you see a komodo dragon in your dream?

I was swimming in the lake, and i saw a komodo dragon staring me, not taking its eyes off me for a minute! i started swimming away from it, but somehow i just kept swimming toward it. then it hopped on me, and it just stared at me straight in the eye. this dream really creeped me out! please help me!

Example: What does dreaming about wrestling with a komodo dragon mean?

I had a dream that a komodo dragon had me by the neck and we were wrestling. I eventually got it off of me and woke up. What in the world does this mean?

Example: I dreamed of a dead grand parent and komodo dragons in the same house...can anyone tell me what that means?

thank you

Example: Weird Dream about Komodo Dragons.?

My mother had this dream about komodo dragons eating my cat.
(fact: i have 3 cats)
and it eat and spit back the cat out.
what does that mean?

Example: Dream of a Komodo dragon?

I dreamed that my husband found a komodo dragon behind our couch - He did know it was a komodo dragon, so he referred to it as the " greenie". I advised him to create a trail of bread and open the door so that it would go out, but it wouldn't. We were in a bright apartment, with lots of windows, and my husband was in a great mood. What does the dragon mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

The dream goes like this.

I was sitting on the couch in my living room watching something. and then suddenly the thing i was watching turned out to be porn. The next thing i knew my sister came down the stairs and i wasnt guilty or anything i kept on watching it like its totally normal. My sister opened the front door and my dog Rocky ran outside. I saw this creature that looked something like a giant Komodo Dragon roaming outside. And it was running after Rocky. My dog was trying to run away but because of the electric fence he couldnt. I saw the komodo dragon devour my dog. it was ghastly. I couldnt do anything to save him. and the next thing i know i was screaming hysterically. i kept on screaming and crying... i forget what else happens and then i woke up.

I looked up the komodo dragon and they are indeed carnivores that mostly feed on the dead or dying but they could also attack live preys by aiming for their necks.

Example: What does this dream mean help please !?

i had a dream that i was in a strange place and i see this two komodo dragon's and i was looking at them cause they were fighting and then one of them looked at me and i ran cause it began to follow me and i went to this place were they sell cars a dealer and then the komodo got me and bit me by the shoulder and then is dissapear and then there was a handsome man in the middle and he saw me and ran up to me and took me to the hospital and no one attended me in the hospital so i left and i just put a bandage and then the next day i went to school and act like if nothing happend what does this dream mean ?..

Example: Dream about a komodo dragon following me everywhere?

Does anyone know what this could mean? I had a dream that I Komodo dragon came to and got on top of me and bit me. Then I got burn marks all over me like blisters. then I tried to get away but it would follow me everywhere I could actually feel the scaley skin and the saliva. I tried getting rid of him but he would always come back. It scared me so much.

Does anyone know what it might mean? Any opinions or comments appreciated as long as they are not rude.


Example: Interesting dream about a komodo dragon?

My dream was that I was at my mom and dads wedding and I saw cakes everywhere. They took out that little bride and groom center piece at the top of the cake and they said that it was good luck if they take it out. Then the scene changed and I was in a forest/woods. There were komodo dragons everywhere and my aunt and I were trying to catch them. They didn’t try and bite us or anything, I finally caught one and then the scene changed again. I was at my house with the komodo dragon and I wanted to show it to my brother. When I did then he got all emotional for some reason like it was his baby or something. He asked me how old he was and I said 2 years old. Then the dream ended. What does it mean?

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