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Dream About Knitting One'S Brows meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What are these idioms mean?

1.knit one's brows 2.last but not least 3.laugh in one's face 4.Sphinx's riddle 5.The fifth column 6.a judas kiss 7. crocodile tears 8. in a pig's whisper 9. draw blood10. hang on sb's sleeve 11.make a monkey of 12.to be full of beans 13.bend an ear to 14. get cold feet 15.a skeleton at the feast 16. burn the boat 17. castle in the air.

4.Sphinx's riddle is the same as Mona Lisa's smile that means smth. not understandable.
5.The 5th column means traitors
6.A Judas kiss means treachery
9.To draw blood means to get smb. till he gets nerves
10.Hang on smb's sleeve means not to get off of smb
12.To be full of beans means to be full of energy
17.Castle in the air means the dreams that can't come true
The rest is explained already

Example: Can you tell me what you think of this paragraph ? BEST ANSWER?

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I stood erect in my bed , my heart throbbing , my face covered in perspiration. I was trying to recall the dream that I just had,trying my best to remember every detail vividly. And then the dream started to play in my mind as if it were set on replay. Slowly but surely , I started recalling every detail possible. I remembered seeing my grandfather in the dream, telling me not to be afraid , no matter what. As I stood still in my bed, I tried to understand what he meant by this , but sadly I did not get any answer. Instead I closed my eyes and went back to sleep , hoping that the sun will rise soon. The same morning, I woke up , did my daily routine and went off to school. As I was on my way , I heard my grandfathers voice once again " don't be afraid , no matter what" . For a moment I thought I was hallucinating due to my lack of sleep that night, but once again I heard it " don't be afraid...no matter what. I tried my best to understand what my dream meant, but again I failed. That whole day , my mind was completely on that dream, as if my heart sensed something , but what? " Hey Al" my teacher told me, " Your mom is waiting outside, your going home early " . I didn't know whether or not to be excited or worried on this news, but I did what my teacher told me too. As I slowly opened the rusty front doors of the school entrance, I saw my mom waiting for me. " What's wrong ma? , why did you pick me up early?" , I said. She looked at me puzzled , as if debating In her own mind. At last she spoke" Grandpas dead". For a moment I did not believe my own ears but the look on her face made all my doubts vanish. I stood silent , as if I were lost in my thoughts.

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