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Dream About Kid meanings

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Example: Kid I dont have dying in dream? Meaning?

So I basically had this crazy dream where my boyfriend and I were sailing down a river. We ended up sailing all the way to this crazy place in asia. We went to a house where this dictator lived and we met with him like he was family. He was very controlling over everything but since we were family in this dream he meant no harm. My mom appeared within the house holding a picture drawn on yellow construction paper. She informed me that it was a picture she found that my daughter had drawn, and that my daughter had passed away. I broke down and started bawling. My boyfriend mom and i went to a tattoo shop because I wanted a tattoo of her initials on my arm in remeberance of her. The dream ended with me having the letters J L on my arm and deciding whether to put the last initial as D for my last name or G for my boyfriends last name the dictator was pushing to put my boyfriends last initial and I ended up undecided and stressed.

It was a really weird dream and I thank you if you read all of it. I dont have a child nor have i ever been pregnant. So this dream confuses me. It probably wont be deciphered, but I want to know what anyone else thinks of it.

The child in your dream represents some part of yourself that you feel that you have lost.

I suspect this "daughter" is a symbol for your own past childhood. Because you are a young adult with a boyfriend, there truly is a sense that your childhood is over. In your unconscious mind, that part of yourself has "passed away," or died. This possibility is strengthened by your mother informing you of your "daughter's" death. So there is no actual, literal death, but only the symbolic "passing away" of your childhood.

The dictator in the dream is interesting. He is a father figure, part of the family, but very patriarchal and authoritarian. Although you seem to be a young adult with a boyfriend, there is a lot of emphasis on authority and parents in this dream. That is curious when combined with the loss of your own "daughter," as if, in the presence of all these parental figures, you must not take on the role of parent yourself.

There is conflict in your dream, and perhaps a question that you need to confront. Are you ready to move into adulthood? Would becoming an adult mean losing yourself in the sense that you are afraid that your childhood self would have to die? What needs to change in your self-image, or in your situation as it is now, so that you are no longer under this dictator's authority, no longer under your mother's authority or your boyfriend's mother's authority, so you can grow into a place where your authority is within yourself?

Example: My kid napping dream means?

Okay, i had this dream in the winter but it still haunts me kinda, gives me shivers when i think about it. So me and my friend were walking on a road (new england) and we were chatting and laughing. and i said to her i saw a t.v program of this kid napper that drove my kids and kid napped them and put them in there van ( i think we all know those "kid napping vans"). Then after i said it, about 5 mins... a car starts slowing down next to us, so i instantly yell and tell my friend to run. I'm a runner so i guess i somehow outran a guy that was chasing me. meanwhile my friend was taken and shoved in th car. As i was running through the woods i came along a house and started yelling and banging on the doors and windows, no one was home. then i see that car (which my friend got kidnapped in) pull up in the driveway so i instantly start running again. I guess i fell the passed out because next thing i know i was in the front seet of that car. One of the guys was in the back seet leaning over to try and touch me.. but then i crouched down under the dash board. i got so frightened i awoke right then. what do you dream gurus think my dream means?

Example: What does it mean to dream of protecting your kids?

i dreamt that i was protecting my children frm evil (i dont have children) but i cldnt see da evil i jst felt it n my kids were beautiful light color hair light skin lil boy n lil girl boy was around 4 and the girl around 6 yrs old...we weree next to a chimeny with calm fire in i guess our dining room in my head i knew my husband (which is my current bf) was cooking all happy!

Example: What does it mean when you dream about having and wife and kids ?

Example: What does this dream mean? (-not- a dream kids should read but its not an one either)?

DO NOT READ if you don't like guts i had a crazy dream just warning you...

i dreampt my family was finaly riding the u in six flags, and when we got off the roller coaster people were combusting into piles of guts because of the affects of the g forces... obviously this can't happen it was a dream. but it was pretty scary, soon everyone in the park was starting to combust, everyone was running over bodies and red piles of and veins it was SOOO GROSS!

Now i'm -kinda- scared to ride it, but i think i'll be fine. i didn't know my subconcious would play it out like this... am i more scared of riding it than i thought? lol

Example: What the hell does this kids dream mean?

So my friend told me about his dream...and he likes this girl...and he wants to ask her out soon...well u get the picture but heres his dream:
His explanation...
well like it was in the beggining of 8th grade

and well i was tryin to ask Viktoria the question

but i cuoldnt get it out and i kept making excused up for why i wanted to talk to her

and thn finally when i ask her
this one kid drops down from the sky randomly and eats me

I thinkits a sign"

what do you guys think?!?! give me yr thoughtss please! so i can help him!

Example: What do kid dreams mean...?

I keep having dreams that i am a mother of 2 kids. One is a boy, around 1 year old. The other one is a girl about 2 and a half. I'm 13 and i still am in the dream.. Um.. in one of them i took them to the pool, and in another i was getting them ready for daycare that was in a house totally unfamiliar. I don't really want kids... and my friend said that it might mean that deep down i do really want kids. But i don't know. I just kind of wanted to know what this meant. Thanks.

Example: Dreams? What does it mean when someone dreamed tha you had to kids?

What does it mean when someone dreamed that you have two kids. One was a girl with blonde hair and one with brown hair

Example: My dream with kids, What does it mean?

So what I remember is that I was lying down on a bed and I was very sick (like I was going to die in a few days or something) and I think I was in the hospital. Then this baby (like 1 and a half or two year old) walked up to me and was with an adult. I don't know both of them and they did not look familiar. So the baby walks up to me and starts laughing. I think she was female, But she was very cute. So I smiled back. She then starts playing with me like tickling me or banging my chest and she was laughing and smiling the whole time. I started laughing too when she was tickling me, not because I was ticklish but because of how cute she was. She was playing with me as if she knew me very well, but I'm 100% sure I don't know her in real life.

So what could this dream mean? I'm a 14 year old male and no I'm not a pedo ;)
So yeah,

Example: What does it mean when I have dreams about kids killing kids?

the kids are in a circle and the one in the middle shoots one in the circle and I am just there watching it all happen when I walk up to help I smell death

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