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Dream About Khatib meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Ramadan:Did Lady Fatima (as) wanted us to cry for her son?

According to sunni Hadiths she promised to pray for mourners of Imam Hussain (as)

The Prophet Crying For Imam al-Husain
Narrated Salma:

"I went to visit Umm Salamah and found her weeping. I asked her what
was making her weep and she replied that she had seen Allah's
Messenger (PBUH&HF) (meaning in a dream) with dust on his head and
^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^
beard. She asked him what was the matter and he replied, `I have just
been present at the slaying of al-Husayn.'"

- Sahih Tirmidhi, per:
- Mishkat al-Masabih, by Khatib al-Tabrizi, English Version, Tdadition #6157

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