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Dream About Khakis meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had A dream. What does it mean?

I'm not sure if I believe in the meaning of dreams, but i would be interested in knowing you opinion even if your not an expert.

- I was in school, throughout my day i would see this man. He was around his 50's, like 55. White Caucasian, and with short grey/white hair. He was dressed like an ordinary civilian, grey polo shirt and khaki long trousers.
But when he was walking around i got a sense of a very high status. Although he was important for whatever reason, he he was dressed so ordinarily.

Any ways. When I was seeing him through my day he would be talking quietly to important staff member like the head of years, ect.. Every time he would be in a one to one conversation with someone he would at the same time giving them a small pile of notes of money. He would give it humbly, but no one else seemed interested because it seemed ordinary.

Being curious, at the end I decided I wanted to know who he was. I asked him for his name and occupation.
He didn't answer me, but al he did was pull out his wallet. I thought he was going to give me money ( I wasn't happy about that) I just Wanted to know who he was. He pulled out his wallet, and where his identity card should have been, was a picture of me.

It was a picture of me in the future. And In white capital letters my name was written
'R O C K Y' he then walked away.

And that was the dream. I would really appreciate you feedback guys.

(You might be able to guess why i put this question in this category)

Schooling and being in school means struggling through some every day routine mixed with moderate hardships.
Money (especially paper notes) are grief and sorrows.
The fact that you saw yourself in future and saw how you will be called (or anything related to you will be called) - it's a good sign. Take notice of that "ROCKY" word - it may be the key to your success in future.
Overall meaning is: you are in pains of getting thing work for you the right way, and you will have more difficulties (because of your own mistakes - remember - you have asked for it from the man).
But in future you will be ok.
The details to be filled into the gap between now and then - are up to you.

Example: What does it mean to dream with a bunch of large crocodiles?

I dreamed with a bunch of large golden khaki crocodiles on top of each other moving, I was just staring at them really near, they didn't bit me or chased me or stared at me or anything. What does this dream mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

Okay so I dreamt I was in maths class, everyone was working silently as if doing some kind of test. The door was closed then but soon it opened with some breeze and there stood Elmo wearing a khaki trench coat carrying a machine gun. He said: "Who wants to die?" Then jumped in the garbage bin. Everyone was like what the ****? Then everything went back to normal and then under the sea started playing and I ran out of my seat and pulled the recycling bin over my head until just my ankles were showing. And everyone was screaming and running in all directions and dropping dead everywhere. Meanwhile I was in the bin, clicking my fingers and swaying from side to side to the beat completely unaware of what was going on just outside.

What could this dream represent?

Example: What does my dream mean?PLEASE HELP! EASY 10 points?

I was shooting a pistol at people in a dark warehouse area,then i hide in a corner and an enemy came around the corner and threw me to the floor,then i saw it was a sexy women who had big buttocks and she mounted me,i grabbed her left butt cheek through her pants and she said she was a friend and needed my help and then i hoped up and put her behind me to shield her and we sat together near the side of the room,then i woke up.She looked slightly brazilian and had a red shirt and khaki pants.I take this very serious,its not a joke,so please tell me what it means and be as detailed as possible,thanks.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well just yesterday i broke up wid my ex' becuase we had drama going on our relationship' &' im tlkin to my friend dat just got out and i beeb knowin him for years and i like him'
Well my dreams its. One day at night me &' my friend went to visit my uncle to the cementary but it was dark, bt earlier i had gone and i had gotten hurt wid many captuses plants '
Bt at night' something happend i think i tripped on a rock really hard and hit my head and went to comma' for 4weeks'

So i went tocomma
And i got hit by alot of capsusez' if u know what i meanz (the plant wid sharp ends)
Helppp me

Example: What does my dream mean? ?

I don't remember the very beginning, but at the end it was me, this little blonde-haired boy, this guy, and my mom. The guy was unbuttoning his shirt so that he could show us his chest which was sunburned. My mom and I were talking and didn't notice that the boy had ran off and disappeared. I became frantic and panicked. I started running around and around looking for him. He was wearing light khaki shorts and a short sleeved, button up shirt with light blue stripes on it. I would run up to a boy that looked like him, but when I got close it turned out to be another little boy that happened to look like him and was wearing the same clothes. I knew they weren't my boy. I looked and looked... Until I came to this red and black rollercoaster. And I looked up and saw the boy bouncing his red ball along the rollercoaster. It wasn't very high, but it was too high for me and he acted like he didn't see me. Well, the guy from earlier saw me and noticed that I wanted to get the boy down so he ran over. He tried jumping up and grabbing the boy, but the boy kept moving out of the way. He finally did it one more time and this time the boy fell off. However, right as he fell, I jumped up, with arms stretched out and caught him. But before I could do anything, he had transformed. More like he shrank to fit in the palm of my hand and he sprouted dragonfly-like wings. And as I cupped my hands to keep him in, one of his wings got caught and I accidentally bent it... Then I walked away holding him, enclosed, close to my heart.

Example: What does my dream mean!?

so i dreamed of me in school and it was long test and the teacher gave a devotion and there she said that our school pants (khaki colored) it symbolises thumb which means brave and hardworking and for the female skirt (maroon coloured) symbolises a chicken which means social and friendly! that was what the teacher said , what does it mean! so strange and also we dont have classes already !

Example: Dream meaning(Part 1) please leave answers on the third part!?

The dream starts out walking into the pool area in my school. I drop of my items in a locker (my towel and clothes). The pool area contains four square pools arranged in a square pattern. I enter a pool where my friend is and he's playing water polo with his teammates from the schools water polo team (my actual school doesn't have a water polo team). The class ends and I get out then walk to my locker. To my surprise, my towel is gone and my undershirt ( I originally had a button-down shirt, undershirt, khakis, and my sneakers). I throw on my pants and button-up but because I'm a larger guy, it doesn't close all the way but that's the way I like wearing my shirts. I talk to one of my schools hall monitors and she said the nurse probably has an extra towel and shirt. I walk down to the nurses office soaking wet but just when I'm about to get there, I notice my bio teacher outside and walk out to ask her if she had a towel.

Example: What does this dream about ex boyfriend mean?

i keep having this dream about my ex that left me last year for my (then) best friend.
Don't get me wrong, i don't give a toss about either of them, but id like to know what it means;
im at a fair, which kind of makes sense cause i think i saw them about a week ago at the fair, anyway its night time in the dream and im there with my ex, i have a vivid image in my head of him standing in front of a brightly-lit ferris wheel with slightly longer hair than when i last saw him, and a over-sized khaki green parker (im pretty sure that he doesn't own a parker, although he would wear one)
and hes just staring onwards, waiting for me, or for something...someone.
im on my way to meet him, and it starts to piss down with rain.
im scantily clad and obviously look distressed in the freezing rain, so a woman pulls up next to me in a red car offers me a lift.
she has a short brown bob and a kind face, perhaps in her early 30's.
halfway there she offers me a detour, so we can go back to her house and get some dry clothes because im soaked.
i accept and shes soon introducing me to her husband and 3 year old son.
i change into some dry clothes and have a cup of tea with them, then it suddenly strikes me that this is a rather odd situation, something that wouldn't really happen, and i begin to panic.
i ask them if i can use their phone to call my boyfriend who i was supposed to meet at the fair an hour ago, they say yes but when i try the phone lines dead.
im a little spooked by now so i make my excuses and leave, but then realise i don't know where i am and its still pouring with rain.
i never do make it to the fair and meet him, but every night i wake up with a feeling of hopelessness/emptyness
my concious mind tells me i don't miss him, but does my sub-concious beg to differ?

Example: What does this dream mean? I'm scared, please help?

I had a dream that my class went on a field trip to this ancient museum said to have been built on an old ritual ground. Our tour guide brought us to the room where they had unearthed a "portal". It was a pure white circle with gold markings on it, and it was supposed to lead to a demonic puzzle world. Now here's where the weirdness really begins. The portal is behind glass, but then a boy from my class gets through and steps on the portal, and vanishes. We start freaking out and suddenly the glass isn't there and we run forward. The moment my feet touch the circle,the museum fades and a different room comes into focus. It has a large pool of water in it, with sharp rocks pointing up from the bottom. There is a wall on the other side with five four panels above a small doorway. On each of the panels is what looks like a piece of a heart. I hear something move behind me, and I see that my friends are here too. No one else, just them. We decide that we should swim across the pool and see if we can find a way out. Once we're on the other side, we notice that one of us isn't there. We look back over the pool, and he's standing there, staring at the water, mumbling that he can't cross it. We keep telling him that it's alright, and he finally jumps in. It wasn't like watching a person fall through water. It looked like he was falling of the side of a cliff, and instead of bobbing back up, he hit the rocks on the bottom. I can't tear my eyes away as they pierce his body. I can't look away as the blood runs down the rocks. We're all scared now, and run down into the doorway, which leads to a dimly-lit hallway. We run, but it seems endless. The lights go out, and I hear my friends scream, but further back from where I thought they were. I run in the direction of their voices, and I run into something hard. The lights come up again, as dim as they were before, and standing before me is the boy who was dead underwater a moment before. He tells me to come with him, that he needs me for something. I run away, and I can hear him follow me. I eventually end up in the room I had left, and I don't know what came over me, but I threw him back into the water. The minute he hit it, he disappeared. My friends are there, and ask me what happened. I tell them. They say it can't be true and point to the water. His body is as I thought it was, dead on the rocks. I can feel my heart pounding, and tell them that we have to leave. We go back along the hallway and find a set of double doors. When we open them, we see the museum. I hear voices coming from along the hallway. I tell them to go ahead, and I go back down the hallway. Suddenly, I'm grabbed by two men in white suits. They pull me into a room cavered in crimson, and tie up my hands before standing guard at the door. There are two others next to me, a dark-skinned woman wearing a black skirt and a red shirt, and a pale man wearing khakis and a white blue-and-red striped shirt. They are bound the same way I am. Before us is a low, rust colored table. Behind it are two figures. One is a woman decked in scarves and jewels. The other is the dead boy. His eyes are pure white, and he has a vicious smile on his face. The woman makes a motion with her hand, and one of the guards brings the dark skinned woman forward. The woman produces a ornate jeweld dagger from amidst the folds of cloth, and the other is thrown down on the table. She stabs her, and just before she dies, I see a white smoke escape her lips. THe man is brought forward, and the same happens. Then I am thrown down on the table. You'd think with a dream like this, I'd wake up before I die, right? Wrong. She stabs me, and I feel my spirit leave me. I stand beside my dead body, and see the spirits of the man and woman standing next to the boy. He's calling to me, asking for my help, and a translucent blue figure with glowing red eyes is floating behind him. The figure floats forward, over to me, and I feel the sensation of something so much more powerful than fear. It's like nothing can help me, like I'm alone, and I'm going to be erased from the world.

I woke up shivering and unable to get to sleep. Everything in the dream was vivid, every voice was clear and I felt every touch. What does this mean? Help me if you can.

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