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Dream About Key meanings

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Example: Dream Meaning?

This happen a while back:

In my dream I was sleeping in my bedroom. It was exactly like my room. I think I was sleeping in my dream and then I suddenly woke up IN MY DREAM NOT REAL LIFE.

I looked at my door and it flew open and standing there was like a black smoke or fog with eyes. It look like it was in the shape of a hurricane but it had eyes and was just staring at me.

I started to scream "mom" but it did nothing. It just stared at me and I think I overreacted in my dream. I don't think it meant me no harm but I do not know. When I realized it was just staring after I said mom I woke up IN REAL LIFE.

What does a black fog/smoke with eyes mean? It was not like a shadow. It was like a hurricane.

Thanks in advance.

It may sound weird, but the dark fog with eyes represents part of your being. I do not know anything about you so I would have to make some guesses. The message in dreams lie in symbols and emotions. Some key points:
- You were in your room and woke up
- You screamed for your mom but you think you overacted
- It was just staring
What does it all mean?

One possible meaning is that you are on a diet and the dark fog with eyes symbolize your hunger and desire for food. Another possibility is that you feel limited in your environment and you want to get out and expand your horizons but you feel that you are being watched too closely. This second possibility seems more fitting. But you know yourself better than anyone else so you are the best to determine which situation is represented in the dream.

Once you do, then it is up to you to use your free will to make some new choices so that you can secure your future success and happiness. Have faith and trust in yourself. You will need it. When you choose, use your best wisdom and integrity.

Example: Angel face and keys dream meaning?

I had a dream last night in which my ex-boyfriend and I were at a mall and he handed me a gold plaque with the face of an angel on it and key holes. I then put it back and saw a huge wall of keys. He then looked at me and smiled and I proceeded to hug him. It felt so real and creepy. We had a lot of drama in our relationship and just recently had a terrible falling out. Just curious if there's any underlying interpretation of this dream?

Example: What does my dream mean (Key words)?

Last dream---a lot of people, door, raper, Boy, hazel eyes, cute, iHop, school, the mall, food, fork, knife, french toast

Middle dream---Hiding, blankets, someones house, afraid, drawings, sketchpad, pictures, person,

First dream---Bugs red & black, tub, hair cap, Sister,

Example: Dream Meaning?

I hardly ever rememeber my dreams but i remember them this morning!

The first one was about my house and my friends flat bad men were breaking in through our skirting boards and stealing all our things. It really freaked me out and i woke up scared.

Then the next dream i remember i was starting a new job as a taxi driver and i didnt have a clue what i was doing just got given some keys to a taxi and told my first fare was outside! I didnt know where i was going or how much to charge people or any thing! Any ideas? Weird i know! Im just curious!

Example: Whats this dream mean anout buying house, pizza, keys, kissing?

I was hanging out with a best friend from childhood we wanted pizza s o decided to go get it i told her to wait while I go visit my new home which wason a local beach but much nicr then I remember it.

When I was there I met up with an old friend sorta on the beach he held me down and pressed a key into my stomach this feeling would only cease if I kissed him and then I fell in love with him. Dream ended here.

What do you think?

Example: Analyze my dream: I had a dream I got locked out of my car and I left the keys in. What does that mean?

We had to call my dad to bring the spare

Example: What does my dream about a key and jewels mean?

I was w/ my sister at a jewelry stall I had a longlist of things to buy I thought she bought them for me but she bought a bunch of beaded necklace though in a showbox right under the botton i found a very small delicate light sterling key stamped sterling etc.It was the only thing I kept as I had a design in mind for a heart or something with a key now i had the key.

Also I was on a university campus and was trying to hide from my friend ,as I walked I found some amazing jewels/gemstones which I picked up some were damaged but most were great and some were covered in felt/cloth and sewn so you could'nt see them.This is the second dream were im on a university campus hiding from my friend[a guy btw].

Example: What does it mean to dream about keys?

I had a dream that i found two keys on top of something the things wasn't high up or anything, I'd just like came across them.
Strange thing is that i don't have any other keys with my house key so it's just one key on it's own. So i'd dreamt about my actual house key?
The two i found i my dream where the identical to my key and each other..
Anyone know what this means?

Example: What do keys mean in a dream?

i was unlocking a door with a golden key i dont know what it means.. any help?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about eating keys?

I recently had a dream that I had a bag full of keys and was walking around eating them. it was really odd and I cant find anything online about it so if I could get some help i'd appreciate it.

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