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Dream About Key Chain meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do dreams mean?!?

i always wonder what they mean!
are dreams a sign to life or what?!

well dreams are a chain of thoughts which involve sometimes personal thoughts and memories. dreams sometimes are normally difficult to remember although some can be if you are lucky enough to remember a dream and you want to find out what it means go to the website at the bottom of the page and type in a key word
e.g if you dreamed about going to a haunted house with witches a graveyard
type in graveyard or haunted house and it gives you the meaning of the dream
here is the web address:dream-of.com
hope this helps x

Example: Anybody decent at interpreting dreams? Group of giraffes chained down...?

I had a dream probably over 2 years ago. I have recently been thinking about the dream and wondering what does it mean? I dreamt that I had been walking across this large arched bridge, I was with someone but their identity was not recognizable. It seemed as if I was in a park, but it was very large! I came to a place where I heard crying. I looked over the wall of the bridge and saw some sort of huge round Colosseum enclosure with high walls and openings in the wall into the center of the enclosure. In each of these openings, and there were many, there was a giraffe chained to the ground by the neck and legs. There were men running around making sure the giraffes were secured by their chains. The giraffes were struggling and it was as if they were crying. In the center of the Colosseum was a body of water that the giraffes were just far enough from it that they could not drink the water. I remember feeling upset and frantic when I watched from the bridge, I was crying and wanted to do something to help. The giraffes struggled to stand up, but were held down by chains. The men were angry that were running around the enclosure, yelling at the giraffes and eachother. What do you observe from this dream? Any input is appreciated! Thanks.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream not too long ago about being at school(I'm on summer break). I was with people and we were going to enter the school cause there was like a zoo going on idk but I was walking behind everyone nd there was a lion following me I wasn't scared at first until it kind of reached out at me then I got nervous nd ran into the school closing the gates. And as I entered I saw a huge giraffe it looked dead but I didn't ask. Then the whole dream changed and I was inside the school waiting in line for the bathroom when a guy(he used to go to my school) just walks by me and looks at me(he's been in a lot of my dreams but I've only talked to him once in real life). Then the dream changed again and I was consoling a guy who had broken up with his gf and I gave him a pink fluffy rabitt(idek why) and then some girl that I actually know comes out of nowhere and gives him a little keychain thingy and he keeps it but he doesn't keep mine... so I guess I was rejected. idk but... the giraffe part really freaked me out it was huge and laying dead on the floor. Help?

Example: Ok psychoanalysts, what does this dream mean?

I had a very vivid dream last night, it is hard to describe because words seem so trivial in relation to the experiences. Briefly, We were going to bed in our house with my parents (both actually deceased) and it was pointed out by an unidentified woman that there was exteme danger to stay in that house, since I had previousl killed the vampire (monster, boogeyman, etc) and that if I remained in that room, which was like the entryway to the house, and the monster returned and I was there and had a "mortal fear of death" at that moment, an unidentified horrible thing would happen. OK, so we tried to leave and got into some type of helicopter type vehicle which immediately began being drawn to "him" (read above). We were accosted by some sort of monster that reminded me of the old mario brotheres video game, shooting a big metal ball with a chain attached at us, but this guy wasn't the real bad guy, we easily avoided him and were actuall able to retrieve some items from him that would be helpful later against the real bad guy (I know, too many video games in my early years). Right before I woke up we were back in the original entryway room and someone was saying that we know we will be in this room at "the end of this adventure".

There was other vivid, kind of unrelated small episodes that I recognize the meanings. I woke up at 4am and didn't go back to sleep on purpose till my alarm went of at 550am. I knew Id be right back into it and didn't want to, creepy!

Example: What does my dream mean? (basement dream)Please help!?

I'm 15 years old and I had a dream that I was locked in a basement by 'jigsaw' well so I'm guessing, and my goal was to climb up the long staircase in this basement to reach a door which had different key holes etc (obstacles in getting out) in a certtain amount of time or he would kill me.it was very dark which I have a fear of. I believe I pulled out my phone for light or something, then ran up the stairs to the door and to my surprise the keys actually worked an I did all the unlocking and got out, I then became a friend of his, I not remember until up to the part of me and him walking and I asked why had he chosen me, why am I so significant then I recalled a past dream (while still in my dream) of me doing something similar with the stairs and basement (idk if I got out) exept it had been father who had locked me down there (father was abusive, don't live with him now). I then said it was a test etc. Then we walked and people came and started shooting us, we got in a car and handcuffed he drove away, but ended ip driving into a deadend where a chain link fence surrounded us, then i woke up. Thankyou for reading, I would really love feedback on what you think it means :) plz help.

Example: Dream Meaning about door lock removal?

In my dream, I am asleep in my condo. I awake because of my cell phone ringing. I look around and both of my pets are asleep on the bed (as normal) and Seinfield is on the television. My grandfather's mini pocket knife is lying out (which is in a safety deposit box in a bank in real life). I pick it up and fidget with it while on the phone. I then notice that it looks like the microwave has turned itself on. It is sparking. I open it and there is a metal mixing bowl in it. I panic and run to check the lock to the complex hallway but the door is already ajar. I look outside and no one is there. I then try to call the front desk or the cops but I can't lock the door as the deadbolt and chain have physically been removed. Knowing that I have all wood floors and all furniture on sliders, I realize there is no way to brace the door. I walk around with the little pocket knife (odd because I am a proud gun owner) and just practice holding it as if to stab anyone who comes in.

Is this a normal dream? I awoke fully awake and sweating. I also then had to check the microwave and the door.

Maybe I should mention that the sparks in the microwave were more like cobalt blue orbs than sparks and the microwave was vastly larger than mine. It was the size of an oven door. Also, the door is not my door. Instead of my heavy woodenish door - it is an old heavily painted white door. Looks like it has about 40 layers of paint on it and old school locks (like skeleton key locks).

Anyone got any ideas on the meaning? Should I be reading into this or am I just being silly?

Example: What do these dream mean?

I have dreamt the following recently and im sure its linked to possibly whats going of around me of late can anyone shed any light on them please ...

Not sure if you'd want any background information or stuff like that so get in touch if you do, if it helps i have had a male, late 20s, who is Polish, on my mind and i have been thinking about him a lot and wondering how he is doing and that, havent spoken to him in messages on net since December last year, a lovely lad down to earth fun character pick anyone up when they are down is my take on him. He does tend to linger on my mind as i drift to sleep and usually his smiley face is clear to visualise.

Anyways the dreams i have had and this are just the key points i recall not too much in way of detail i am afraid ... but

dream one - its raining (no surprise) - something about tiny islands, the next thing i know im at a ticket booth a female early 20s behind tells me the coach can drop me off at the university but i say im not wanting to go to the university i can walk im purchasing a ticket London to Leeds, upon purchasing ticket i make my way back to waiting area and notice a silver key on the floor its a typical yale style key the floor is marbled and the key is on its own and i pick it up. I sit next to a female early 20s i would say with my bags.

dream two - a field grass colour is prominent, but on this field is several black balls similar to bowling balls but they have number 8 on them (i know you are probably thinking magic ball i did too when i woke up and thought about it), one of these balls is located near a metal chain linked fence and i go to this ball and go to pick it up but i dont i keep walking on. I then find myself sat on a toilet but the toilet has a curtain for a door and im consciencely aware of the fact i can see people 2 males whose faces i cant see i try to turn in so i am not exposed in any way there is a female mid-late 40s i would say cleaning around me and she has a conversation with me (i cant recall what she was saying sorry)

Example: What could this dream mean, help!?

I've had a few dream lately, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they possibly mean. I'll give all the information I can remember.

Dream One: I was at school, packing my bag to go home for the weekend. My crush Nate, whom is also a friend of my ex, comes up to me as I'm walking down the hall. My ex, and his new girlfriend, who was once a friend of mine, and some of his other friends are following him. My ex looks rather upset. Nate then asks me if I would like to go out with him, I respond with an 'of coarse' and then I walk away.

Dream Two: I'm on a field trip. My ex has a key chain on his backpack with out names on it. His girlfriend, she's the one who's a friend of mine, makes him eat the key chain. He looks upset about this. He does it though. Then my friend, Anna, comes up and we walk off to tour the museum.

Any opinions would be great, thanks.

Example: Whatdoes it mean when i dream about my backpack that i bought and had logos like related to skatebords?

i dreamt i was the backpack with the key pointing to the covers from yesterday which i got to day and the key was red and brown and it had instead a key chain and also i saw was blue and green ps the backpack was black and white whith skatboarding

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I slept at my mother in law, we were chatting about ghosts and stuff like that. So I fell asleep and in my dream was someone like shaking a chain with a lot of crosses, and a huge lock in my face. I didn't see a face or anything, but it was a quite big black figure. I don't know if this could help I lost a few people that were close to me in the past two years!

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