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Dream About Kermit The Frog meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: WHAT does my dream mean?

i had dream that i was in a hit and run (someone hit my vehicle and fled from the scene) and the only witness was KERMIT THE FROG.

The dream seems to be a flash back of an accident and also a puppet from children shown. However, it may mean something

hit and run = escape from responsibilities
Witness, Kermit the Frog = Character in TV to teach children

In other words, this dream may tell you that running away from responsibilities is not good and even kids know that. Maybe in real life, you are dealing with younger people or babies or sibling, you still have to take good care of them. By projecting Kermit the Frog is like a symbol of reflection of a teaching to a child. If you have brother or sister, you may want to see if you have neglect them unconsciously? If you have kids, you also may want to see if you neglect communication with them?

I could be wrong, but that is how i see from your dream.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that I lived in a trailer with a basement and an attic. Outside I peered into the darkness to find that people were zombies and saw Kermit the frog eating the cookie monsters head (I know, WTF). When I came back inside, one of my real life friends by the name of Cloud (not revealing his real name), asked if he could stay at my house with a couple of friends. I said yes, but when I opened the door ALOT of people came in taking most of the space at my house. I came upon my living room and watched the news saying that zombies don't exist and that people were only 'thinking' that they were. When I went back outside, it was morning and everything was back to normal. I went roaming around the trailer park and got lost. Everything looked the same and everytime I went to a corner, my house wasnt there. A random pretty, blonde boy came up to me (he was about 19) and asked if he could help me. I agreed and so we went to a carriage as our taxi. The carriage was like those in the olden days were they threw hay in the back. A little girl came up and wanted to follow as well and I agreed.
The boy would ask me if my house was around and I would say no. We got down from the carriage and started walking in foot. I saw a black and white cat and picked it up, but it ran from my arms. As soon as that happened, it started raining. Soon as I turned a corner of a house away from the rain, I was somebody else. I was a character from my favorite tv show, England from APH (wierd right?). I went to go talk to America about finding Prussia, until I was yet in another body. But this time I was at my trailer home as my own grandmother. I got up from bed and was confused, looking around my room. I was old but I remember not thinking of that, but only of that random, blonde boy 'thinking' I was in love with him.

Then I woke up. This was the weirdest dream and maybe longest, but I got a feeling that all this means something. Im only 16 turning 17, and I would really appreciate the help

Example: Funny, entertaining tap duet song?

Me and my best friend are doing a tap duet this comming year and we really want to do something funny and entertaining. We really like to use facial expressions and personality on stage.
Any suggestions?

Example: What is a good mothers day song for children to dance to?

I am doing a dance club at an elementary school with 2nd graders. There will be a mothers day recital, and the last dance will be a dedication to the mothers. I want a beautiful song, that the children can do Lyrical dance to. I want it to be so pretty and heart warming. One of those tear jerkers if you know what I mean. Please help! I want something original. Here are some examples.

Celtic woman - You'll be in my heart
Celtic Woman- you raise me up
Celtic woman - Some where over the rainbow
I like the pretty songs, these are easy to dance to.

Example: Anybody have really weird dreams?

Ok, so I wanna tell you about some weird dream I had and I want you to share some of your weirdest dreams. So here goes:
One night i was having a dream where I was walking through the halls of some hotel, and I felt somebody was behind me. And I spun around and there was a horse following me! So i turned to run away but i abruptly ran into Jimmy Sullivan (he's a dead drummer). So he said"follow the rainbow cookie fairies" and he faded away into nothing. I got on the horse, and eventually after going a few feet down the hall we found these glowing floating things. They started singing "Blood" by my chemical romance and the horse disappeared from underneath me and i fell on my butt. I punched the floating things and they died and one started crying. I bolted down the hall into the lobby where the front desk guy was Mr.Krabs and he asked me for a bucket of sardines. I ran out the sliding doors and into a store. i bought a mustard yellow hoodie that said "munchies" and a bag of wood chips. I went up to the clerk, and realized he was Slash, and the intro of "Sweet Child O' Mine" started playing. I ran out of the store, and went into a forest. I stared at a particularly fat tree and whispered something, and the bark opened up. I went into the tree, and inside after going down a bit there was a really big room. The last thing i remember was hearing "Last Resort" by Papa Roach but with these lyrics:"Cut my frog into pieces, this is my lab report. It's dissection, stop screaming. I don't give a **** if the guts start bleeding" O_o why are all of my dreams strange like this? They're almost never alike in any way, except for some recurring people like Jimmy Sullivan, Bob the Builder,Mr. Bean, Kermit the Frog, Leonardo DeCaprio, and Billy Mays.

Example: I had a dream/nightmare that I was raped by kermit the frog?

I was kissing him and laughing because he was soft, then out of nowhere he jumped on me and he was like 6ft tall, but he looked angry and I was afraid. I think he raped me, but then there were roses around and a champagne glass. :/

What does this mean?

Example: What sort of frog is Kermit the Frog?

What species of frog is Kermit (from the Muppets)- I mainly ask because of the frilled neck. I had a dream last night about the end of the world, and the muppets, and trying to save the frogs like Kermit (in the dream they were called "silk frogs" and there were only 20 left in existence, then later someone in the *dream* called Kermit a salamander... but obviously none of that is accurate, I just mention it because it is funny). When I woke up I immediately went on-line, but I can't seem to track down what sort of frog Kermit is? Also, why do so many people draw frogs with frilled necks? Is it because they have been influenced by Jim Henson's Kermit? I have seen quite a few species of frogs in my life and never seen one with a frilled neck, but I was thinking, perhaps Kermit is actually an axolotl and Jim Henson saw him very young and assumed an axolotl was a frog with a frilled neck in tadpole form?

Anyway, just am very curious as to what sort of frog Kermit is, or how he got the frilled neck.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So i have had this same dream twice and i want to know what it means.

I am in a purple forest and i am with the dwarves from Snow White and we are climbing up a giant purple mountain. Along the way, we see Peter Pan pointing at the trees every once in a while. When we get to the top, we find a giant cave that is like a Chucky Cheeses inside. The only thing different is that, instead of a mouse, it is Kermit the Frog.

Could his dream mean anything?



Example: I have dreams about elmo every night?

every night i have the same dream over and over agin.its always about elmo trying to kill me.and every night i wake up right before he finishes the job.what do these dreams mean and why am i haveing them?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?...

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