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Dream About Keeper Of The Gate meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What other songs belong on a Halloween playlist?

My friends and I are going on a haunted house tour on Halloween, and since I can hook my iPod up to my car I'm planning on playing music that fits with the theme of the night. What other songs should I put in the playlist? And which songs would it be wise to remove?

Monster Mash - Bobby Boris Pickett
Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor - Johann Sebastian Bach
(Ghost) Riders in the Sky - Johnny Cash
Dead is the New Alive - Emilie Autumn
The Vampire Club, BRAINS!, Ex-Lover's Lover, When You're Evil, Land of the Dead, Zombie Prostitute, Goodnight Demonslayer, Death Death (Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil, Evil, Evil, Evil Song) - Voltaire
Sh!thole Theme (from "Saw") - Charlie Clouser
Overture from The Nightmare Before Christmas - Danny Elfman
Zombi (from "Dawn of the Dead") - Goblin
Halloween Theme - John Carpenter
Main Title and First Victim (from "Jaws"), The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) - John Williams
Invader Zim Theme - Kevin Manthei
Tubular Bells (from "The Exorcist") - Mike Oldfield
Night of the Living Dead Theme - Spencer Moore
The X-Files Theme - Mark Snow
The Twilight Zone Theme - Rod Serling
What Can I Do? - The Black Belles
Shout At the Devil - Motley Crue
Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus
The Hanging Garden - The Cure
Dragula, Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
I'm Your Boogie Man - White Zombie
He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask), Feed My Frankenstein, Keepin' Halloween Alive, Welcome to My Nightmare - Alice Cooper
(Don't Fear) the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
N.I.B. - Black Sabbath
Holy Diver - Dio
The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden
Bark at the Moon, Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
Dig Up Her Bones, Die Die My Darling, Halloween, Monster Mash, - The Misfits
Cruel - Symphony
The Beautiful People, Tainted Love, This is Halloween, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), I Put a Spell on You - Marilyn Manson
Dead Souls, Closer - Nine Inch Nails
Halloween - Dave Matthews Band
This is Halloween, Jack's Lament, Oogie Boogie's Song - The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Music of the Night - The Phantom of the Opera
Science Fiction/Double Feature, Time Warp, Sweet Transvestite - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Epiphany - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Horror Movies - The Bollock Brothers
Weird Science, No One Lives Forever, Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
Thriller - Michael Jackson
I Put a Spell on You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Enter Sandman, For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
Ghost Town - The Specials

Helloween's "Halloween"
Black Sabbath's "Black Sabbath"
Ozzy Osbourne's "Diary Of A Madman"
Twisted Sister's "Burn In Hell"
Atomic Rooster's "Death Walks Behind You"
Focus's "Hocus Pocus"
Room's "Cemetery Junction"
Uriah Heep's "Devil's Daughter"
Blue Oyster Cult's "Monsters"
Kim Carnes' "Bette Davis Eyes"
Kim Carnes' "Crazy In The Night"
Iron Maiden's "Fear Of The Dark"
Stryper's "To Hell With The Devil"
Van Der Graaf Generator's "A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers"
Magma's "Troller Tanz (Ghost Dance)"
Ash Ra Tempel's "Der Vierte Kuss"
Rainbow's "Gates Of Babylon"

Example: Has ROH gotten Better or Worse since coming on HDNet? + DCW Thunderwave?

On Last week's thunderwave,people wanted to know how was going to be Number One Contender to Fallen Diablo's world title at our next PPV Fearless,was it going to be Siberain Wolverine,EC Connection or PHBK,well the Number One Contender to Fallen Diablo's world title is E&C Connection and Siberain Wolverine and PHBK in a fatal Four way Match.

Match 1
Number One Contenders match to DCW Tag Team Championship
Don & Prasdana vs. King Cliff & Kawaji

Match 2
Broken Dream vs. Scarface vs. Risky Business vs. Nigey McBonez

Match 3
Loni B & Red Sexy Cerbal Phenom vs. Cameron Hart & Ms.Candylicous

Match 4
The Funking Punk vs. Golden Boy

Match 5
E&C Connection vs. Siberain Wolverine vs. Y2J TWIY

Main Event
Non-title Match
Fallen Diablo (C) vs. PHBK

Comfirmed Matches for Fearless PPV

DCW World Heavyweight Championship
Fallen Diablo (C) vs. PHBK vs. Siberain Wolverine vs. E&C Connection

DCW Junior Heavyweight Championship
Nigey McBonez vs. Risky Business vs. Scarface (C)

DCW Divas Championship
Cameron Hart vs. Ms.Candylicous (C)

Example: What does it mean when you dream your bridesmaids dress caught fire ?

I dreamt I was at one of my universities (the one with many passages and hidden doors) and I was attempting to go from one building to another but some "gate/passage keepers " asked me a question that if answered correctly I could pass...

the stupid question was "which country is Romania part of?" and while I was arguing with them some girls came into the connecting hallway/passage to smoke and they more or less accidentally set my synthetic bridesmaid dress on fire ...i put it out with some water from a sink with tap before it burned completely ...but it was destroyed never the less.

what is the meaning?..I somehow doubt the fact that I can't get into the tiny dress by my self to be the reason I wish it destroyed .Sorry for my bad English.

Example: Your Dream aquarium stocking?

For Fun: I want to hear the aquarium set-up you wish you had and the fish you wish you had, or your favorite aquarium you already have!

Example: Dream meaning please?

So I had this dream the other night and I'm sort of wondering if there's a meaning behind the madness.

I was in a car with a few of my friends driving down the road and the sky was really cloudy. So we're all laughing and having a good time and a dead guy starts falling out of the sky. I can actually see him falling as if I'm floating next to him. And then my point of view goes back to 1st person, being me in the car. His body hits the ground before us so we're all like OHMYGODOHMYGOD and more dead people start falling from the sky so we drove faster and more dead bodies were in the road in front of us. The person sitting next to me in the car is someone I really like and they push me out of the car. I find myself with one of my friends in front of a hotel-looking place. We go inside to take shelter. Then government people start chasing us and I wind up alone. The hotel is like a maze and every time I turn a corner, one of the government dudes is there holding a gun, smiling. I find my friend again and we climb down this staircase and we end up on top of a building with a bunch of people, including the friends that were in the car with me. Everything is all fine and dandy and then a dead body falls out of the sky and I remember thinking OH MY GOD IT'S REPEATING and I woke up.

If you have any sort of logical interpretation of this dream, please tell me. I didn't eat or watch tv or listen to music before I went to bed so those things weren't a factor. Everything in this dream seems random.

Example: The new gatekeeper of the LW division?

I've heard and read all together that Kenny Florian is nothing more than a gatekeeper. My friend and I even argued this point. I'm starting to become a fan of this guy. He was telling me when Diego faces him Kenny is going to get walked on like he did in the WW divison. He then told me that Kenny is only decent. I was telling him that guys like Sherk and Clay are better at that position, Kenny should be the guy #1 contender. He beats guy consistantly. He never got destroyed like Diego even did. Kenny came into the UFC and was a decent fighter (I started watching his fights). His stand up wasn't nearly as good as it has become and his ground game was although his best quality, he still didn't posses the talent he does now. I say that Florian is the 2nd best UFC LW fighter they have and that Kenny should start thinking on trying out with Dream so to fight Hansen, Kawajiri, and even Shinya. I even think that he will be able to defeat Sherk and Diego now. What do you guys think of him as a fighter now vs then and his chances of getting a rematch with BJ?

Example: I dreamt about a gecko?

what on earth does that mean?

Example: What is a bookstore aside from having books?

a novel idea

Example: I had a dream with sea turtles what does it mean?

I dreamt that I was looking at a house to buy...the house was quite large, white and a little too elaborate for my taste, but it had my critical interest and I was thinking about whether I wanted to own it. I walked through the propertys large entrance gates and entered the house, slowly going from room to room, thinking. Thinking about the house. Then I noticed a beautiful view from the window and saw that I could see the sea. Bringing my attention back to the house I noticed that there was a very blue swimming pool in the garden. I exited the house, crossed the emerald green lawn, and sat down by the pool. The pool was very blue and deep. And instead of being tiled, or made of cement it was made to resemble a natural pool with natural rocks at the bottom. As I sat there admiring it I noticed that there was a sea turtle swimming towards me. I had some bread in my hand and I threw a bit into the water for the turtle. It came to the surface and ate it. I threw another piece and soon there were many turtles of all sizes swimming up to me. So I kept throwing them bits of bread. After a while my thoughts drifted off and I was absentmindedly throwing the bread without paying attention to anything, when all of a sudden I heard a mans voice say 'hey'. It took me by surprise and I looked up to see a man swimming in the water with a white turban on his head. He looked Indian or Middle Eastern. I apologized to him for throwing bread in his pool...and explained I was feeding the turtles. He said to me to never mind that. Instead he let out all the water from the pool and was searching the bottom of the pool for the turtles. I told him that I had noticed the turtles swimming away from us while we were talking. So he and I went to the far end of the pool to see if the turtles were there, but they were gone...disappeared. The turbaned man started looking in the drain hole for the turtles, which was obviously too small for them to fit through. In the meantime I beagn looking for another explanation as to their disappearance. That's when I noticed that the pool was right beside a wrought iron fence, and in the wrought iron fence was a little revolving gate, quite low to the ground, and meandering away from the fence was a little stream, similar looking to the pool. When I looked down at the ground by the pool, I noticed that the turtles had left water trails marking their exit from the pool. I also noticed that the turtles had chosen two different routes to exit the pool, one easier, the other harder. I showed it to the turbaned man. But it was still hard ffor me to imagine that the turtles could go out that little gate. That's where my dream ended. Any thoughts or explanations?

Example: Dream about a haunted house, very horrifying?

I can't remember all of it (I rarely do)... but last night I had this dream I was really bad into drugs. all of my friends would run away from me. finally, I went to rehab and when I got out, I go to a haunted house. I wait in line for a very long time, talk to people, etc. finally, we get in... there are no scary, haunted house things. just a gift shop, in which I buy some pointless things like a life boat, pool sticks, fake rubber hand, and some other things that I can't remember. I end up having to put it all up on this counter though to walk through some sort of tunnel or cave. when I come out the other side, I forget about it all and come across one of my old friends (which, in real life, wasn't a friend at all... but a girl from the movie 'factory girl' who had abandoned edie - main character). she walks up to me and starts to act like we're still friends. I remind her of how she ran away, etc... finally forgive her regardless of how badly she had hurt me. she lies and said she had no idea I was addicted to heroin and other such drugs. we walk on and I remember all the things I left at the haunted house. I then meet up with my ex boyfriend (devin) and his best friend (drew). we get on this small boat and head back towards the haunted house. halfway there a dog attacks us. everyone tries to stop it but it keeps coming at me, biting my hands and fingers. I end up breaking its jaw on accident. devin then throws a worm at me and scolds me for breaking the beast's jaw. I struggle to get it off of my back but it keeps breaking apart like it's digging inside of my skin. finally, I jump in the water and start to swim towards the haunted house, so does devin, drew, and my old friend (who I still don't know the name of). on the way, I spot bones, rotting hands, and other nasty things. I try and get out but there's something in the way and I can't. I then realize there's a very long line to the haunted house. I get out and scold everyone for even wanting to go in there because its "SO BAD". I wait, and wait, and wait. finally, we get there and start going through. I realize right off that it's completely different than it was before. I quickly grab devin (ex boyfriend) and things start grabbing at my ankles, jumping out at me, etc. we get to the end, and all of a sudden the hallway begins to flood. my old friend starts to scream and realizes there's a whole bunch of dead things, including her old dog, on the other side of the gate. we're lodged against it and go under. I'm holding onto devin for dear life. someone raps around our wrists and we're pulled. we all wake up in a room full of cages... which I then guess to be the front gate, or where the 'outcasts/freaks/monsters' get ready. I realize I haven't yet gotten my things back yet and its closing hour. I run to the front as they close the gate and yell that I need to go to the lost and found. hesitant at first, they let me in. a short fat lady escorts me to the back, where I find tons of different size, shape, and colored doors on an uneven little road. we try every single one because they 'never know where the lost and found door will end up next'. this confuses me. she opens doors, and some are up side down. others are sideways or over sized. some have more doors inside of them. she opens one and then another inside of that one, then another tiny one inside of that one and pulls out all of my things inside of the life raft. it's tiny at first and then expands to its normal size. I thank her thoroughly before the gate keeper steals my belongings and runs off. I run after him, screaming, when he stops to pee. I march towards the raft and he threatens to urinate on me. I'm so desperate at that point that I continue towards the raft, now walking in shallow water. he begins to urinate on me and I continue towards the raft. snatch it, and march off (with a temper). he follows me. slowly stealing things from me without me realizing it. we start down some steps when I finally realize I only have one small thing left (can't remember what it was now). I begin to fight him but he grabs ahold of me from behind. I start to cry, accusing him of 'crushing my dreams'. he tells me I'm too young for me dreams to be crushed. I wake up

sorry for the length, but I had to include all I remembered. please tell me what this means?

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