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Dream About Karma meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

Okay I had this dream where I was in this store, and idk why but I knew I was going to die. Lots of people were dying around me and they turned into skeletons.. and when I died I was REALLLLY pale and my face was extremlly thin.. Anyway but I could walk around and I wasn't sure I was dead cause I wasn't a skeleton. And I walked up to a girl and said when everyone dies do we turn into skeletons, and the girl said no those people just got karma.. And so I didn't know if I was dead and I was so confused.

HAHAHA I know it was a dumb dream but I feel like it means something cause it's bothering me soo much..don't judge me lmfao.

so what does it mean? thanksss!

It either means you watch too many thriller movies late at night or that some people had died and thus turned to skeletons, and obviously you are still alive.

Karma is supposed to be a force generated by our actions which can predetermine what happens in our next life. Perhaps someone has wronged you recently and this is there so called karma.

Anyway, perhaps later you will find out the reason for your dream, but please do not waste today worrying about it. :) If a g/f recently hurt your feelings, perhaps you will see the circle of her karma come to her.

I'd wish no harm on anyone though. have a good day.

Example: What does my dream mean?

It was storming with a blizzard outside and I had to go to the store before it closed. I saw a bus ahead of me going on route and I tried to catch up to ask if I can get a ride, but too late...

I walked and walked then a car was passing me, slowed down, and looked like he was going to pick me up but when he saw who I was he sped on. I threw a middle finger at him and said "Karma!" lol. I was crossing the street and a car was in the wrong lane, I yelled at him to switch lanes. Then I crossed the street to get to the store but it was dark, I was too late! I was disappointed, started walking home, and saw another young guy...looked like he was late too.

He turned out to be a doctor who was looking for someone to help and I needed help, I was so happy to find him.

Example: What does this dream mean?

My boyfriend keeps getting dreams that have his ex-girlfriend popping in out of no where. A few nights ago, he had one where she called him up and told him that she was at the airport and needed a place to stay for awhile. He believes in karma so he picked her up and let her stay. The whole time, he kept thinking about how I would react and what I would say. Last night, he had another. He was walking down the street a few years from now and bumped into her. They start to make small talk and all of a sudden, they are back at his place. She jumps on top of him and starts kissing him. He asks her what she's doing and she said "I just wanted to see if there was still a spark." Then all of a sudden she has a wedding ring on her finger FROM him...he was weirded out when he woke up and was all shaky.

He tells me that he is completely over her and in all of his dreams, he never wants to take her back. In reality, he doesn't want to either. Even though he says that he loves me only, he still has these dreams..What do I do?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at school and I was shooting a pistol and I went to shoot my science teacher (who I really hate) and I was just about to shoot her and then she pulls out a gun and shoots me 5 times in the shoulder...

Does it mean anything?

Example: What did my dream mean?

The dream was, I was at my friends Emma's house. But her house was actually my grandmas house. but i thought it was hers in my dream. We were in her room and my little sister was there. then her parents came up there and told us someone was breaking in the house. And then they ran and told me to hide the other girls. i hid my sister. and me and emma layed on the bed. Then the trespasser came in there and his i guess son was with him. His son was like 9. And he told his son to make love to emma. then he yelled at me to move. and he and his son " made love" to her. does it mean anything?

Example: What does my time travel dream mean?

here's a lil background...
ok i'm a 15 yr old who isn't much of an angel...i get in trouble alot , school is bad for me and things at home in the past were really crazy for me...i think it made me who i am now..i went through alot of stress in the past...as of right now..i think things have calmed down compared to back then...the only real problem that i have right now is my schooling...&really stress about how my FUTURE is gonna be..

NOW...i recently had a dream about time travel. it was really weird. i remember that i went back in time to change things from my past...i also wanted to relive past memories...before i woke up i remember talking to someone...i told them what i wanted to do and for some reason they had said that they wouldn't want to change anything...that they loved their life just the way is was ...that if they were to ever go back into the past it would only be to relive things .

Was the person that i was talking to ME?
What does this dream really mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

All of my closest friends and family members were at the local park and these huge tornados came out of no where and I was the only one who got away, and I was running and looked back and saw them struggling and so I had to go back. When I got there I tried to grab my brother, but then everyone including my brother started like twitching around and like glitching and **** hahaha.

what could this possibly mean? thanks

Example: What do dreams mean?

Why do we have dreams about certain things?

Example: Dream meaning?!A number...?

so this girl approaches me in my dream and says that we should meet,and that her name is 81 LOL
what does that mean? :)))

Example: What does this dream mean?

I am in my house, standing in a hallway across from my father, looking down the hallway at him, and he is looking back at me. I am holding a pair of scissors, and my father asks me for them. I throw them to him, underhanded, and the blade of the scissors stabs into his stomach area, and he immediately covers the apparent injury with both hands, and says to me sarcastically, "Thanks, Billy." before doubling over and collapsing to the floor in the hallway. There was no blood from my father's injury. My eyes grow wide in shock of what I've done, and I call for help. When help arrives, it is in form of a single man, rushing to stand between me and my father. The man is John Wilkes Booth, and when he sees my father, he loudly states, "Thus to tyrants!", spoken in Latin, and I knew it was in Latin, but my mind translated it for me into English instantly. John Wilkes Booth then grabbed my left arm, and ran away with me.

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