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Dream About Kabbalah meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Bad dreams! Plz help :'( ?

I had a dream

I was like downtown some where and it was really pretty and the way u got around was like this telephone booth that move like zigzag through shops and everything or u could go on these big ropes like at the circus, that did the same thing so my friend did the telephone thing and I did the ropes. They ended at different places and where I ended was like this Chinese looking place and these guys that circled around to keep the ropes straight kinda like how they do mule sometimes.. anyways I have no clue why but they were all naked with designs on painted on there chest. And they were all like in the middle of a resteraunt. So I stopped and messed up the pattern of all the guys going around then this one guy came up behind me and pressed himself on my backside. And pushed himself on me a few times. One of his hands was on my hip but he grabbed my clothes there. And the other was just under my Boobs grabbing my shirt. With workers around for the resteraunt. And then he whispered bad things in my ear... I don't wanna say.. and then I elbowed him in his side and got free and ran down this hall to the girls bathroom and no one was in there. So I turned around looking to see if no one was really in there and then I thought... he's gonna follow me in here and rape me so I turned around and he was at the end of the hall so I ran down the hall the fastest I could and then I woke up...

Anyone know what this could possibly mean :/ I wish these dreams would just stop! Plz help! And also are there any techniques u use to get back to sleep? Or help Ur kids sleep? Thank you!

sorry you dreamed that nightmare :(
try reading something like a romance novel, or watch a really funny comedy. i read the book of Zohar kabbalah and it puts me to sleep like baby lol
don't worry its going to be ok
p.s. watching scary movies at night or evening time can mess with your mind too majorly. so i would suggest do not do that. you can also burn sage leaves it clears your environment from impurity that is lingering around you. <3
peace :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that there was a competition with 3 animals in it and the panda won the competition and got accepted to Harvard.

I had no idea what the panda represents. Somebody suggested mathematics, somebody suggested law and somebody suggested taoism.

And then I thought that the Harvard might not be literal. It might represent incredible wisdom or knowledge / understanding of God.

The harvard might represent having very advanced theology or understanding kabbalah / esotericism to a very deep or great extent.

I recently realized that there is more than one layer to interpreting the symbols in the bible. I believe that most of the symbols in the bible have 2-3 levels of interpretation.

Like the snake: can represent deception, can represent wisdom and can also represent wickedness

a brood of vipers might represent demonic influences or poisoned love or bitter people

So some symbols have 3 different meanings

And I wandered if this meant that my theology was becoming more advanced. Maybe the dream about Harvard represents complete theological understanding about the scriptures.

Example: Weird dream..can you help me figure it out?

Weird dream..can you help me figure it out?
So I had an odd but compelling dream that I was having a discussion with a random man.. we were discussing chaos magick, judaism, satanism and occultic religions. At first, he was unsure of having a conversation with me about that stuff, because o f my age (I'm 15). Anyways, I found it kind of random... and I had no reason to have that dream. That's pretty much it.. does anyone know what this could mean?

I don't know how this dream came to mind, I've never talked about these religions with my friends or family ever..

Oh, and one more thing: this person in my dream also mentioned a guy named "John Dee" and when I googled the name, it turns out that john dee was an occultist that worked with the enochian system of magick..
what the hell? lol, I have nooo experience in this field what so ever! this isn't making any sense!

Example: Holy bloodlines, descending from a holy blood line in the holy land, does it mean you have special powers?

Guy's, if someone descends from a holy blood line in Jerusalem, and reading holy books about king Solomon having special powers in the Zohar, bible and Quran. Does that mean, if I carry the same genes, I can Teleport like they used to do?, How can I develop such powers, I mean sometimes I get dreams that seriously come true. How can I seriously know?, In the art of Kabbalah, at a certain level, you can shift through time, and even stop the hour, I know it's possible, because it’s clearly stated in the holy books, that such knowledge existed in the time of King Solomon and the people of Jerusalem used it to serve the king, for example the Quran states that a Man of Knowledge told king Solomon that he can teleport the queens throne before the king even blinks. If it's true, it would be interesting to develop such powers. God bless

Example: Dream that I want a rabbi while I am pregnant and dying?

First off- I am not Jewish. I do have a very Jewish friend whom I admire and we're very close. But I believe in Spiritual forces.

For the past few months I have had a recurring dream that I am huge pregnant. Only 7 months or so, but my belly is as big as if I'd been carrying a 3 year old.

In the dream I am laying in a white room in the emergency ward, I am dying. I have been attacked and am losing copious amounts of blood. I keep requesting a Rabbi.

Then I see a woman talking to a weary man and she says something like

"We have a very young woman, who is pregnant and has been stabbed several times. All efforts have been made to save her life, but she will die within the hour. We cannot stop the bleeding, and she is in pain. Please come." and the man follows her.

As I am laying down on the gurney the rabbi enters the room, wearing his little cap that they wear on their head and a tallit, it's like a scarf over the shoulders and he looks at me and suddenly I am filled with peace as he resites prayers I am not familiar with.

But I am filled with peace. And I die, and the pain fades.

I always wake up with an intense sense of peace with me that I am calm for several hours.

I know that pregnancy represents something I am nurturing within me...

But why a rabbi? Why stabbed? Why carrying such a large pregnancy? And would a rabbi come at the request of a dying person?

Example: Jacobs Ladder in Kabbalah?

What is the meaning behind it?

Example: Teachings of the kabbalah?

how exactly does it work? is it like lucid dreaming?

Example: Could there be a demon haunting my dreams?

a while back i had a dream that i was in a weird looked like a college campus like place. the dream was so ******* detailed and lucid i can remember every color and detail. Everything around me was like sepia, like hte color setting on cameras. and everyone around me looked like they were dying, they all were green in color, had no fat or meat on there bodies, there eyes where rolling. and they looked as if they were deflating like a baloon. when i when over to the foutain, i saw what looked like a demon. heres the desturbing part of my dream. the demon looked like it was a goat or bull like looking skull, it had an evil look on its face, and it was foamish green colored, and as i looked at it, i got stuck on it, and i started to feel as if i was dying, and life was draining out of me, and i couldnt look away from the face, and the more i stared at it, the more the face changed and got even more evil looking, and i felt totally drained and weakend. and finally i was woken uip by a knock on my door. can somone maybe a super natural or paranormal expert tell me what the **** that was all about. dont tell me just a dream, cus it was too real feeling, i felt real feelings in it plz help. that image still hautns me, and is hidden in all my dreams, i jsut dont look.

Example: Are there practices which could be considered magic in Kabbalah?

My understanding of it -- admittedly limited, and from an outsider's POV -- is that there are, though limited in scope.

Am I right?
Am I wrong?

Does it vary by which branch of Judaism we're talking about?

Example: Do numbers have meaning?

I wanted to know what numbers mean when they pop up in a weird dream. My grandmother had a weird dream last night. She in the dream she woke up out of bed and seen a man in her living room laying between the couches with a blanket over him. She said she asked him what he was in her house for and how he got in. The man told her that I [her granddaughter] had let him in. But she said I was sleep in the room with my aunt. She also said she asked the guy if he was the husband of a woman she knew. Then she said a guy was dead in the dream but she had no clue who he was. The number 226 just popped up in the dream. So I'd like to know if the number means anything or if the dream means something too.

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