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Dream About K meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is the meaning of Dream.?

Interviewer ask Me: Tell me About your last night Dream. What is the meaning of dream?

Please tell me what should my meaning ?

K, so the technical meaning is: a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep. ~~thanks to dictionary~~

No one can tell you what your dream should mean or if it even has any meaning. The symbols and storyline in a dream are unique to the dreamer and only that person can figure out the true meaning of the dream. If you had a dream that is bothering you, then write it down, all of it, every last boring detail. Then, write down all the things that really stood out. In life what do these things mean to you? It may take a while before you begin to understand the meaning of your dream. You may never understand the meaning of your dream.

Example: What does my dream mean?

for the past month i have been having this dream:
i am in the ocean scuba diving.im like near the ocean floor and its kinda shallow.the ocean is like a sunset color like pinks,oranges,blues.etc. and im over a giant fissure-like creavasse in the ocean floor.i have this feeling like i am looking for something.
its really wierd i k but its reoccouring but like i would be doing different things but im in the same setting and same vibe and doing relative stuff.
i can remember waking up with the feeling that im drowning.what does this mean?if so does anyone know if it is an actual place?!

Example: What does my really weird dream mean?

i keep having a dream about me and my crush dieing from a leach attack in a swimming pool. can any1 tell me if this dream means anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

used to go to a small school of 200 kids and it was a cathoic school everyone there was very conservative, not the kids tho.I went there K-8.I was so sad to be leaving the school and it has been three months since i have graduated and I started having these dreams they were very weird.So my first dream was that I went back to the school to volunteer and I went to a friends mother's classroom and when I finished the work she gave me two pictures of cut out butterflies as a reward which offcourse woauld be useless to me.Then what happened was i went into the hallway with her daughter and then saw part of my class and our old teacher who was a total * pulled us into the classroom and i was lyk wut? but anyways then she starts talking and teacing and brings my friend up to the board but in real life she moved a week ago.Then she took one of my friends fones away and i started talking to my friends and she called on me and i had no idea wut she was talkin bout then she said wait 10 seconds and give me the answer I was thinkin that I should * slap her but my dream ended.In my next dream I was in a dorm room and there is this lyk stress releaver thing my teacher gave me and me and my friends drew aa penis on it then the principal of the old school came in and found it and got extremely mad and she said il have to keep that and she was lyk keep it next to the sexy lotion in my office,but the thing is she would never say that and her office looked exactly lyk my dad's office room.Then I tryed to find the lotion but couldnt so I put it in a random spot and she started to scream at me.


wut do these dreams mean?

where it is starred it is the other word for a female dog

b i t c h

Example: What does this dream mean?

O.K, I know these 2 things Have nothing to do with each other but I had a dream about going to a football game then all of a sudden this guy on a white cross on fire (like jesus, but wasn't him) comes out and the cross is messed up and crooked. He falls of the cross and starts walking ,but he isn't burning. then someone throws a white sheet engulfed in flames and then he starts burning then eventually dies. next cheerleaders come and start hitting each other with some sort of weapon then they die too. In my dream it was planned by some guy wearing face paint. This is really weird since I take my religion seriously and I didn't like the burning cross. It wasn't the K.K.K in my dreams. Any answers? I really want to know.

Example: What does this dream/nightmare mean?

In my dream I was at a party and my dad told me no to go on the computer. I went in it anyway. Then suddenly I was in a mirror maze. I felt someone fallowing me so i ran then I found a reset button to send me back but it keeps putting back where I started. I kept pushing it until I gave up and decided find my way out.
I still felt the presence fallowing me. I ran again and and got stuck into a dead end. I saw the presence in the mirror. She was really pale, had black hair that went to her waist, long worn out white dress and red glaring grey eyes. She grabbed my hair and smashed me into one of the mirrors she started cutting my hair and saying "you'll pay" then I the dream ended from there when I forced myself to wake up. I've never had that dream ever again. What does this dream mean. Could that girl be from a past life?
this really scared me. I couldn't sleep alone for weeks.

Example: What does this dream mean? D:?


Last night I had a dream that this guy started emailing me,
he seemed really nice so I went to meet him,
he turned out to be a baby living in a giant test tube. emailing me through his mind control powers,
but i fell in love with him on the spot.
i took him over my house to meet my parents and my mom took one look and screamed,
and smashed his test tube andkilled him

do YOU know?

Example: Wet dream. Need meaning of dream.?

First off I'm a guy. I had a dream about me and my friend. We were in the bed and I had a can of whip cream. I had put the whip cream all over his d**k and licked it off. Will someone tell me what this dream mean and what should I do.


What the F**K does my dream mean?
So I am on a balcony with one my friends. and my language arts and math teacher comes in. MY friend goes with the math. I stay with the other. She starts to unzip my pants and starts rubbing my balls, and we make out WTF! and then it ends

Example: What could this dream have meant?

It was more like a night terror than a dream , i was running through some abandoned woods and 2 girls where behind me terrified , and all of a sudden a man's face appeared out of no where and i was in completely different scenery this man's head just popped up and i woke up screaming.

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