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Dream About Jumping meanings

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Example: Jumping Out A Window Dream Meaning?

What does it mean to dream that you jump out of a window upstairs in a two story building?

I hesitated but two of my friends on the ground pressured me into jumping, I jumped and land safely on my feet and hands and stood up.

It means you're considering some important decision in your life. Whether to play it safe or take a risk. Your subconscious is reassuring you that if you take the risk, you'll end up fine.

Keep in mind that it is not necessarily the best choice, since you may be leaving a comfortable situation to go into the unknown. Maybe you're moving to a new city, taking a new job, or deciding to have a child? You can handle anything you put your mind to.

Example: What does it mean to have recurring dreams of jumping out of a window?

Since childhood, I have had recurring dreams where I am am scarred, and jumping through windows, in attempt to fly (which I do) and then I feel as if I'm putting great effort into keeping off the ground, and away from my pursuer... I literally swoop down, and fly directly upwards, into trees or woodland, which I live near. These dreams always take place in the same room, same window, etc. and always either the house I live in now, or the house I used to live in as a child. Last night I had a dream, where I did the same thing, except usually I jump from a second story window, and I usually open the window. This time, I crashed through the window, in bid to escape a vampire...(?!) I also had a distinct feeling I had be chased by vampires before... it was so strange!

Example: What does it mean to dream of jumping off a building ?

Well this happened a few weeks back but it's weird..i still remember it so vividly. Okay so im on a really tall building in the city & i take a big deep breathe & i just jump. In my dream i could actually feel the wind, the cold hard wind & i felt no fear or worries. Then before I hit the ground..I woke Up. What does my dream mean ?

Example: What does it mean to dream of people jumping off a building?

Last night, I dreamed I was a college student, and I lived in an apartment complex in a different town (don’t know where). The complex is large, situated next to another identical complex, maybe about 15-20 stories high. I lived in the one on the right… From what I remember, they are brightly colored on the outside. Blue and yellow, I believe. I was outside of the building, walking with some friends along the train station that was right next to the complexes, when someone jumped from the roof of the one on the left. I saw him fall, and turned my eyes away right before he hit the ground, but I still heard it, despite the fact that I was a distance away. Someone with me screamed. We started forward, intent on calling the police to the scene, when someone else stepped out onto their balcony toward the top, looked down a moment, and at first I thought they were looking to see what had happened. Then that person jumped as well. All of a sudden a bunch of people were throwing themselves (some screaming, others not) from the building. I started to scream. The dream cut out here.

I know how to interpret most of the things in the dream, except for the mass suicides of people throwing themselves from a building. What is the significance?

Example: Dreams about jumping off a cliff? meaning?

Example: What does my floating/jumping on air dream mean?

I dreamt that i was in a dim, black clouded rural town with a big spiky black and wooden cathedral in front of me with many tall dead trees around it. A person was next to me and she started running towards the cathedral like building and out of anxiety and desperation, for some reason, i started to run but wasn't fast enough to catch up to her so I remembered that in other dreams if i ran fast enough i could start floating higher and hugher with each step i took and so i did. I began to jump by kicking back &downwards with 1 leg consecutively and i was going higher and higher into the air (not by an exaggerated amount) just enough to pass over a big tree in front of the cathedral building. The woman i was racing with was shocked and so I felt confident and started to go higher/faster by using both legs to continually kick downwards and thrust myself forward until i was very high up at the same altitude as the giant dead trees behind the cathedral building. I then sat at branch of one of the trees and the person appeared next to me. The rest of the dream was very long and weird but i forgot most of it. What do you think it all means? Lol

Example: What it means when your dreaming that your jumping from block to block?

Example: What does this dream mean? Jumping infront of a bullet?

I dreamt that this guy i have gotten close to was in my house. And there was a man outside the house trying to shoot him through the window. I saw the bullet coming and rushed infront of this guy to protect him and i got shot in the leg and actually felt pain in my dream.
What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of jumping?

So ive been having the same dream over and over again about me waking up when its dark out, walking to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, then staring at the banister in my house in the foyer and start walking toward it and just jumping off of it & then waking uo right before i.hit the bottom. ive had this dream so many times & i want to know what it means. help?!

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming about jumping from extreme heights?

Last Friday, Saturday, and earlier this afternoon(Monday) I have had dreams about jumping from extreme heights. I am terribly afraid of heights. The first one was that I was with a gay male friend of mine and we had somewhere to be, we were late. We were at a mall I'm EXTREMELY familiar with and for some reason he wanted me to jump onto this slide/shoot thing(I don't understand that part).I refused to, he jumped and made it to the ground safely but I couldn't. I woke up there. Sautrday night I had a dream that I was with my boyfriend and we were in an aircraft(helicopter or plane?) and we were over the state fair. We were supposed to be there and again were late, he wanted to jump and I refused to, so he did anyways. He radioed and said he made it safely. The third and final dream so far was that I was again at the mall from the first dream because I went there to get something with the same friend. I was supposed to go pick up my ex girlfriend(I had just got my driver's license which I'm getting soon) and I was again, you guessed it, running late. He wanted me to jump onto another slide/shoot and I refused, he did it and made it to the ground safely. I saw a friend sitting on the side and thought there was a ledge underneath the edge where he was sitting, there wasn't. I went to sit by him, slipped and fell over the side. I was hanging there and asked for him to help, he refused and I was slowly losing my grip. I tried to swing myself back up and lost my grip completely. I began falling, I somehow latched onto a pole and slid down it. I was terrified beyond explanation. I made it safely to the ground though. I need some type of interpretation here. Any help? (Sorry for the verbosity.)

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