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Dream About Juice meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream like a couple of times where I'm at this place don't know where and all there is orange juice everywhere. Also Vannesa Hudgens is in it and always ask me orange juice or apple juice. I will always say Orange Juice. What does this mean?

It doesn't necessarily mean that you like orange juice.

This dream means that you like the things around you and you'd prefer your close friends and family and surroundings (your home) rather than strangers or a new posh environment.
That's why you saw a celebrity as well, the fact that she has got so much fame, happiness and money it is something you desire to acquire sometimes but you'd also like to keep your old life if you ever got as successful as Vanessa Hudgens.

Example: What do these frightening dreams mean?

A few weeks ago, I had these two dreams, about a week apart. They were frightening, and they woke me up. I was sweaty, and about to cry.

First dream: I was sitting in a chair, in a brown room, talking to a guy from my school who I don't usually talk to. We were worrying about being bombed (by one of the Koreas, I believe.). Then, I was in a junky, brown apartment, looking out the window, sitting in a folding chair. The air looked dirty, brown. I was right next to a white refridgerator that was turned over on its side, the door open. Suddenly, I knew the bomb was coming I started praying, "Oh God, please help me, take me when I die! Oh please!" I crouched down, and after the bomb, I was still alive. I looked on my ankle, and there was a little bit of "nuclear juice" (at least that is what I said it was in my dream). I walked around. The town looked terrible, like it had been bombed. I knew I had to go and get my spot checked out.
Then, I woke up.

Second dream: I was in a small house with most of my family. My Grandma was making Icees in the freezer, they were blue and red swirl. I knew something was going to happen, like a bombing. Suddenly, my Aunt ran in and told us that Mexico was planning to bomb us, and that President Obama went over there to try to talk them out of it. We all seemed worried. We turned on the news, though, I couldn't tell what it was saying. Then, we were all in one room, preparing to die. I lay myself down on the blue couch, with my arms across my chest.
Then, I woke up.

Please help me. It would really cause me less anxiety if I knew what was going on inside my head.

Example: What does this dream mean?

As usual alot of other thing also happened but I remember mostly dreaming about a pineapple on the table that had a hole in it and it was splashing pineapple juice out of it, like alot. I even tried it and it tasted like sweet pineapple juice. I had to put a finger on it while I could pick up a glass and let the juice pour in it, but the glass was too far away and noone would help me, there wasnt anyone but me in the room, but I knew that they where like in the livingroom and something so they should have heard me. So all I can remember was trying to figure out how to save the juice desperately.

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?HELP?

I Looked @ My Hand In My Dream To Find I Had Tapeworms (Which Looked Like Maggots) Coming Out Of My Hand I Removed The 1st Set With Lemon Juice And They Died Another Set Come Back Out On My Hand Nd I Put Lemon Juice On Them Too And They Didn't Return. But Instead I Was Left With A Big Mark That Covered Most Of They Back Of My Palm?! Weird I Kno!

Example: Dream meaning, seeing my friend's facial reflection in orange juice.?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about sinks filled with orange juice?


Example: What does it mean to dream of applesauce/apple juice?

I remember opening someone's fridge - all they had was apple juice, cola & applesauce.

I don't even like apples so I know it wasn't a 'craving' dream or something.

Example: To dream your in a shopping Center and was given a fruit juice to drink made fresh whats this mean?

I then offered my boyfriend a cup also because it was fresh I wanted him to taste it too.

Example: What does thsi dream mean? Help!?

I had a dream is was on a brown bus with my friends from school and we were all driving to a horse farm. the clouds were gray and the grass was tall and amber. The horses wee small and there was a beach house in the middle of the field. Then we drank grape juice... The end...


Example: What does crying in a dream mean?

I was crying for a guy, i was insanely crying and i was walking to find him. When i saw him my eyes were tearyy and red and i started to hit him and saying "why cant u see that i love u and i cant live without you" and i was cryingggg realllllyyy really hard like the whole neighborhood could hear me. And he was holding my arms and just looking at me. We were in college. And then i dont remember what happened.

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