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Dream About Jay Bird meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Winged creature dream?

I had a dream last night about a creature, it was small and had solid color black with no white eyes like a fairy but had dragonfly wings like a pixie. It was light green with dark green designs around its body of diamonds or squares. It shined and made sparkles, it was scared. My mother showed me her when blue jays were attacking the house while we were on the front steps and gave me the thing. She told me to protect it. The thing transformed into a daisy in my hands and the birds swooped down attacking me and I slapped one and ran in the house. I placed the flower first on the ceiling fan and then placed it on the tv. Its leaf was torn a little. It changed back to the creature and its wing was ripped and it motioned for me to pick it up, it climbed up to my shoulder and sat on my hoop earring, then I woke up.

Please no immature answers or websites (I already looked at most of them including the a_z dream guide). Please tell me what or what you think my dream means?
sorry if some things dont have spaces, i corrected, pasted and reposted this thing a million times, it keeps coming out without spaces, its probably because of my cellphone.

This is a lovely dream, Enzaileover. The creature sounds like a fairy to me, but the taxonomy of fantasy creatures is not really important. Each writer or dreamer identifies his or her creatures according to their own preferences. For example, the Elves in Tolkien are not at all like the House Elves in Harry Potter or those in Kim Harrison's novels. Speaking of Harrison, your little creature sounds quite a bit like Harrison's pixies, right down to the sparkles and sitting on hoop earrings.

Zia Lucia suspects the focus of this dream is your being given this precious creature by your mother. She points it out to you, she understands the danger from the jays, and she entrusts it to your care. This beautiful, magical being is a symbol of womanhood, and you are initiated into these Mysteries by your mother. This represents yourself as no longer a child but a woman. Caring for the magical creature represents developing your own self as a woman, knowing the things a woman knows.

This is a beautiful, wonderful dream, dear one. Very well done, indeed!

Example: What does it mean when you dream of being a bird?

i had dream that i was a beautiful blue jay flying around my house freely until a vicious creature started chasing me. i was flying so fast and i was so afraid that i started to get tired so i flew in my mother's room on top of the TV to catch my breath and the thing started chasing me again. I flew in the living room and saw the 'human' version of me and i grabbed myself away from the thing and said "you're safe now, i will set you free" but little did i know i was swishing the bird form of me and i was tossed off the balcony but i couldn't fly so i collapsed and died..a lot of things have been going on in my life and i really think this dream is tryna tell me something but what?!

Example: I had a weird dream that my bestfriend threw a bird on me?

my best friend had a miniture bird and she kept trying to put it on me but I was scared. She rubbed it against me and threw it and it fell on the ground. then the dream was over what does this mean.

Example: What do birds symbolize in a dream?

Example: What does this dream of a blue jay mean?

Last night I had a dream about a blue jay, it was perched on my shoulder, much like a parrot, and tilting its head towards me so it could hear what I was talking about. I don't know anything about what I was talking about, but this blue jay was really interested in what I was saying. Someone was there with me, I don't know who, though. What could it have meant?

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about?

What does it mean when I dream of a bird flying down to go eat bird seeds and stares at me with red eyes and it was a blue jay?

Example: What does the blue jay symbolize?

What does the blue jay symbolize? In one word or more. Does it symbolize peace maker? That's what I'm thinking. Thanks!:)

Example: What does this mean? Can you interpret my Dream?

I was driving down the freeway and as I passed the entrances I saw about 10 snow plows lined up. I thought they were getting ready for a big snow? I came to the top of the hill and said it's going to get icy. Then I was out of my car sitting on the road which now was a slide going down the hill in place of the freeway. There was a lot of ice and snow, my 3 sons were sliding with me and I was holding a little lamb that was covered with snow on it's fur. Then I was at my dads house and I looked over at the inside of the fireplace and I saw a Miniature blue jay fluttering and squeaking, laying there on the ground was a Miniature nest and a pile of little bright blue blue jay eggs. There was a Miniature raccoon trying to steal the eggs. When I first looked I thought it might be a squirrel but I thought they only eat nuts so it must be a raccoon? After that I was going to my office to get some work done and when I got there it was 1:AM. Then my boss walks in, kissed me, said I love her then a client walked in with a wooden clock. I looked at the clock and there was a picture of my parents house painted on it. I ask the client if he new what that picture was and I told him that was my dads house and he must have made that clock. Now when I was young my dad made clocks out of wood slabs and had them painted by a local painter. So this was all a dream I had, who can tell me what this all means?

Example: Can you interpet dreams or know of a website that does.. Please tell me what this means?

last night i had a dream that I was shopping with my mother for a gift. This gift was for my husband. I picked out a bird about the size of a blue jay that was red and black. My mother carried the bird which was very calm in her hands but as we were walking to the car it began to rain and the bird got soaked.
I think dreaming of a bird really signifies something if you can help me I really appreciate it Thanks!

Example: What are my dreams telling me?

I have had a dream about my crush:
my friend was teasing me about my crush And as I walk away from him avoiding him minding my own busness he suddenly comes and kisses my cheek, OMG that was the best night I ever had because it felt so warm, my heart was filled up and full! I felt my heart go so big or something, I stood staring into his eyes amaized as he stared right in mine at such an unexpected thing, and I woke up, my friend says it's a 'sign' but I dont know, he always looks at me at school.
And then later on a dreamt of him at school with me, at first he didn't seem to care much about me neither did I care about him. But then I found myself suddenly sat next to him at a desk, hes like ''did you see it?'' I said, ''uh no'' he says ''theres a camera'' I said ''where?'' He says ''under the desk'' and after that I go home and he calls me whilst I am in my bedroom I forgot what he said in the dream... :( He doesn't talk to me irl, he never has, he knows I like him I'm not sure but he acts wierd at school and shy around me. Does this mean anything? Is he keeping a secret about me?

Later I dreamt of 2 canaries and 1 blue jay 2 of the birds layed eggs, what does this mean?

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