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Dream About Jar meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: How can i contact my dragon and what does my dream mean?

I had a dream that i was in shop where they only sale bottles of oil, candles and other stuff. So this guy he said "ok so site down on the floor in an Indian pose" so i did and after that another guy sat in front of me and gave me this big jar that was filled with black coffee and he told me to take a zip and spit it in a cup. So i did and when i look in the cup it formed a two headed dragon (FACT: Instead of a tail it had a head) When i showed it to the man he said that the dragon was in love with and every time he looked at me he fell more in love and that he protects me from every harm.

There is no such a thing as a two-headed dragon. The fact that you saw a two headed dragon in the cup meant the dream was meant to be symbolic.

If you had seen a two-headed coin, would the metaphor make more sense. The dragon, in this instance, is your relationship with the other person. Each of you forms a 'head' of the dragon. The thing is, dragons (even metaphorically ones) only have one head. When there are two heads, its a siamese dragon that needs to extricate itself. A dragon with two heads tries to go in two different directions. One head wants one thing while the other head wants something else.

One of the dragons has to represent your spiritual side. Mythical creatures don't pop into dreams (especially in mythical settings) to order a cup of coffee (they could but they usually don't.) Mythical creatures always mean guidance and guidance only appears in the midst of confusion and/or turmoil.

Dragons don't always wear scaly skins and breathe fire. Should keep that in mind.

Example: What does dreaming of a goldfish mean?

I had a dream about a goldfish that didn't have a tank, so I tired putting him in different things (zip lock bag,containers, jars) but he wouldn't fit. So when I put it in something he could fit in he was half dead. Then I started dreaming about a cat following me so I gave him the fish to eat.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream where I opened my closet and behind my cloths were hidden shelves with about 50 or so little jars, each with a beta fish in them. Only some of them were dead and floating on and I had this huge feeling of guilt like I had forgotten about them or something. And then I just wanted to hide them or something I guess idk I just wanted to forget about them and never have to think about it again because I felt so guilty...I feel like this means something though, what do you think?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that my family and I were at this weird bridge that was high above a park. The park was supposedly infested with "tics" so we had to watch our step. So naturally, cuz i'm a klutz, I stepped in a big pile of them. But they weren't normal tics either, they were really small and square and they were a pale icky brown. Like 5 or 6 of them got on each of my feet and burrowed into my skin(icky!). They made shallow holes and we had to carefully take them all out with tweezers that my gramps pulled out of nowhere. My brother got what looked like a bunch of mosquito bites on his feet, so we went home. I noticed that when we got home my brother's bites were quivering. He put pressure on one and it swelled up like a balloon, and so he ripped a hole in the white part of his skin and the tics there were an ugly orange with wings. We put them in jars but some got loose in the house and attacked my cats. I didn't like that, and ignoring the bug that came at me, I got my cats safely away from the bugs. I felt a pain on my breast and looked down just as a bug bit me. The bite turned black in a spot the size of a thumb print, and the skin about an inch around it turned dark gray. When I went at it with tweezers, there was nothing there. Then I woke up.
- Does it have a meaning, or was it one of those weird dreams people get sometimes? Sorry it was so long.

Example: Dreaming maggots- what does it mean?

I dreamed that there was a jar (kind of like a cookie jar - ceramic with a top) and that when I opened it millions of maggots started oozing out of the whole things
What does this mean>

Example: Dreaming maggots- what does it mean?

I dreamed that there was a jar (kind of like a cookie jar - ceramic with a top) and that when I opened it millions of maggots started oozing out of the whole things
What does this mean>

Example: What would red and green olives in a jar mean? (dream)?

I had a dream about some personal matter (family related) but I am wondering what a jar full of red and green olives would mean. I received this at the end of my dream, the red olives were put together in half of the jar with the other half is green (goes from bottom left (red olives) to upper right (green olives)). On the jar it said " Are you being treated better?" the "you" was much smaller the the rest of the text which at first i thought it said "Are being treated better?". And the words were divided into 2 columns, the "Are you being" was on the left column and the "Treated better?" on the right, i know this is alot of information, but i hope you can understand what i typed. I also know that this is only part of my dream and thanks very much for reading this through and even more thanks for your response!

Example: Can anyone tell me what my dream meant?

I had a dream (It seemed realistic but wasn't) based on family. My grandpa, brother,and I were in the kitchen, and me and him started arguing. Grandpa misinterpreted what he said and threw him on the floor, beating him up, and then started beating his wrist with a smucker jelly jar. which is in our actual fridge. I was crying and screaming at him to stop.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Met a guy i didn't know .went in guys house to buy some weed. ending up smoking some and felt really stoned got a bit paranoid as i went downstairs and the guys sisters were there. We then went upstairs sat around talking i was against the wall sat down feel really stoned and self conscious
The guy was dealing out some weed i can't remember how much i wanted but i felt as though the guy was trying to rip
me off. His sister asked me to get her a drink. I went down poured a glass of juice into a wine glass and drank it myself.
One of the people ended up comin down to see what i was doing so i for some reason pretended i was just coming out the
bathroom i must have been downstairs a while. I don't remember much a part from seeing a pickle jar with what looked like
blackcurrent juice and saliva in filled about 1/5 the way up.

I am writing a dream journal to learn to lucid dream and i am trying to find common themes in dreams any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

Their a friend of mine who is Pastor of a church and at his home on the near the front door branches fell down and turned into snakes and crawled under his house so many of them seem like they made a new foundation of the house you can see them sticking out of the foundation but as cement snakes. Like they were trying to hide.

This same Pastor was in side a huge plastic container where snakes and reptiles were. Some how he killed or stepped on these reptiles until they died and made a pile a hill out of it and he was standing on that hill. Then more reptiles came in and there was nothing he could do. He looked scared. What Does all this mean?

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