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Dream About Japanese People meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay so last night my GF had a strange dream & we were wondering if anyone has any idea what it may mean.

She was travelling in a minibus with a group of about 7 people to a hotel when the minibus had to make an unscheduled stop at an old abandoned hospital due to a flood. In the hospital they read through all the old files & found documents of a statue that "gives you one of your dreams that you want more than anything else". There was a couple in the group who was wanting a baby so the woman went of to find the statue but never returned. It was at this point that the group started being surrounded by giant, grey creatures with wings & beaks. The creatures would only allow you to go to the statue if it was your turn, another person disappeared but she can't remember who it was or why they went. The husband of the first woman to disappear was in tears so my GF went to look for the missing people. The creatures just moved out of her way letting her past & she got to the statue. The statue was of a masculine woman in robes who asked her 5 questions before it would give her her dream that she must answer truthfully. The questions were personal questions in the form of riddles, she answered the first 4 truthfully but then woke up before she was asked the 5th (she has no memory of what the actual questions were).

Any ideas on what this dream could mean?

After lots of research we've decided the main suspect for the creatures in either "Garuda" from hindu mythology or "Tengu" from Japanese. Our main suspect for the identity of the statue at the moment is Atheana from Greek.

Travelling in dreams represents your journey through life. The abandoned hospital would suggest that your girlfriend harbours an old emotional wound that has never healed (water represents emotion, and flooding would be overwhelming emotion). So the dream is about temporarily halting her progress with her life and revisiting some unresolved emotional issue for healing before continuing forward.

The statue is the perfect representation of this unresolved issue, frozen in time as it were and devoid of life or movement. In the dream, it has the magical ability to grant people their most wanted dream, or their heart's desire. The woman in front wants a baby and interestingly the winged, beaked guardians that decree it can only happen at the right time (fertitily cycle) sound like storks (symbolic bringers of babies). The woman's husband dissolves into tears of emotion and it is up to your girlfriend to take action and resolve the situation.

She is allowed forward (its the right time) and the goddess-statue is correctly given the answers to the 4 riddles. But before granting her her heart's desire, she is allowed to awaken to conscious reflection to answer herself the 5th question while awake.

It seems to me that in your girlfriend's past there has been some emotional issue around pregnancy. An abortion, a miscarriage, a child's death, a partner who didnt want children or a miscarriage that caused either parent to not want to go through another pregnancy again? And the dream does not reveal whether the emotive husband who effectively lost his wife was yourself or perhaps a previous partner.

It sounds like its time for your girlfriend to acknowledge that her dream is to have a baby and to ask herself whether she is willing to lay to rest any past grief surrounding such a subject-matter and whether she wants to try again. SInce the storks granted her passage to the wish-bestowing statue, it sounds like her unconscious mind is saying that if she is clear that she does want a baby now, that the time is right and that this wish will be granted and that conception can happen.

Example: What could this dream mean?

In this dream, I was a Japanese girl. I was pursued, in the park, by a young man who sort of became my husband (not very clear how) and next thing I know, he (or I, or both) got drunk in a bar and were surrounded by some people (who apparently were friends of his). I just wanted to get rid of him, I felt so, and I started running. He told me (loudly, so his friends could hear) that there was no place I could go, unless I wanted to go into death, as the floods were coming. Apparently he was drunk as well... and he continued drinking with his friends and I left all by myself only to arrive by the sea... there I realized that floods were coming towards the sea and if I stepped any further I would get caught into the water and probably drown, as I was drunk and wasn't feeling very well and wasn't lucid enough to keep myself alive... I ran aside and went into a park and started to climb a tree. There, I was noticed by a stranger (who was apparently of noble blood), who ordered his servant eunuch to bring me to him. The eunuch got me down from the tree and handed me to his master. In a way I was glad that I could escape from the first man, apparently my drunk husband. The eunuch and his master took me to a palace, and they showed me some rooms - in one I was supposed to sit at a table and write a poem, in another I was to write and understand some kind of philosophy, etc. In a way I felt safe, but I was afraid of my drunk husband coming after me when he got sober...

Example: People in my dreams ignore me or don't like me. What does this mean?

This happens to me a lot. I'm not necessarily upset about it I just find it odd. People also tend to speak different languages and I rarely know what they're saying. For example, last night everyone in my dream was Japanese and for the most part they ignored me or didn't like me.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a japanese calendar?

it was a japanese calendar it had buddhist sayings on it,i know nothing abt buddhaism or japan?

i have some distant japanese ancestry my great aunt once said,and this is my second 'japanese' dream/.

in the other one I had to sit with many japanese people and write something in japanese ,i wrote no ambition in english.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that my chinese cousin Helen was trying to figure out how she could stay in Canada after not being able to find a job, and the immigration officials gave her advice telling her that they would arrange for her to have a fake marriage with an ugly, wrinkly white man about 60 - 70 years old... so that she could remain in Canada. Everything was set up for the two of them to be together, she just had to sleep with him, pretend to like him and hide her disgust at the thought of kissing him and everything would be okay.

They also had her photographed eating all kinds of food so that when the immigration officials looked at her, they would know she had spent a considerable amount of time in Canada with this white guy. It seemed that 90 - 98% of the proof that they were married was the fact that she was eating all this expensive food with him... and they even stamped the rasberry jam of her cheese cake to a sheet of paper so that they could have a written record of the rasberry jam cheese cake she was eating. Most of the food was exquisite, high-end Japanese style... at those restaurants where a meal is around 50 dollars...

Then my mother woke me up. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a nightmare, I ended up waking at 2:30 P.M., There's this Japanese lady that was in the store buying things, she has a mask thingy that hospital surgeons wear. I was suspicious, my brother came up to her and said "Hi". The woman said "do I look pretty", my brother said yes and when she took off her mask thingy, her mouth was slit on both sides that reaches her ears and took out big scissors ready to cut my brother's mouth open. I told my brother to run and he ran and hid somewhere. I told my brother to probably say No, meaning that she is not pretty at all and won't take out those giant scissors. Meanwhile everything just zaps, my brother and I were home. The mouth slit woman was stalking us. Trying to kill us with different objects around the hallway. I grab her tightly by her waist making sure she won't hurt us. I told my brother to hide all the sharp items. Nearly the end of my dream I told the mouth slit woman, we are good people, i'll take you to a nearest hosital to get your mouth stitched which was quite weird because she tried to kill us.

What could this mean? Interpretation please?

Example: Is it China's "dream" to conquer Japan and make Chinese people settle and outbreed Japanese people?

Example: What does it mean if you dream japanese people?

Example: I had a dream that I was speaking Japanese, What does this mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was speaking Japanese, at first I was speaking English but then in the dream I was yelling in Japanese and I knew every word I was saying. I do have Japanese ancestry in my blood but thing is I don't know how to speak the language at all, I also hear that other people have experienced this before. What does this mean? Why do people have dreams like this? Is this dream trying to send me a message of some sort?

Example: What does my dream mean? In the past i've had strange dreams about the most loved people in my life,?

Like, freinds and family, my dreams include everybody in the same place and them being like bombed and tried to kill them...does this mean anythingg?

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