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Dream About Janitor meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean? Please help!?

Okay, last night I had this dream where I was spending the night with my boyfriend, but when I woke up, my parents were in the house also, as well as my boyfriend's (b/c he lives with them). But when I woke up, I had to ask my parents where my bf was b/c he wasn't there and he hadn't texted me. Apparently, his real dad (who is not his real dad in reality) died and he had told my parents instead of me and had rushed off. When we were at school, we had this big argument during lunch, but then my dream skipped and we were at a BurgerKing/McDonalds type of place and were getting lunch. They got my order wrong, but apparently I didn't care and I ended up giving half of it to my boyfriend, who gave it to his friend in my dream (who in reality we both dislike). Then, it skipped to school again and and I was helping the janitors clean the floors, only this was in the summer (like now) before school was in session. This is the second time I have had this part of the dream. I was sweeping/mopping the wet floors and would continue to do so until I came to an area that was about theigh-high in water, which I would wade through. In these areas I would see kids and their parents and I would have the urge to buy and give them stuffed animals, but only some of them at a time. Then, I would continue on with the janitor work. I was finished when I reached the cafeteria and the woman janitor was there working and we were talking about how dirty the floors were and she made some comment that I disagreed with and when she wouldn't accept my differing opinion, I went to put my broom away, took off my cleaning gloves, sanitized my hands, and sat beside my football player bf and he put his arm around me. Then I woke up. Could someone please tell me what this dream means? I am very anxious to know. Oh, and you should know that in reality, my boyfriend is never the mean type he was in the first two parts of the dream, its hard to explain, but ya. Thanks for your help!

Dreams are a fragment of your imagination, experiences, fears or desires and usually don't mean anything. There are all sorts of claims and conjectures about what dreams mean, mostly based on wish-fulfillment or fears. It's intriguing to think about because the events of our recent lives seem to play out in our dreams in odd ways, but the "theories" of interpretation are merely someone's opinion and not based on anything substantial or objective or scientific.

Your particular dream you are scared that your boyfriend would become mean and not care. Since in reality he's nothing like that, you don't have anything to worry about.

Example: What does it mean to dream about shellfish?

I had a dream that my son my mother and I were walking on the boardwalk and we bumped into a friend of my moms assn d he was working there. He took us into like a janitor closet and it was filled with mussels and clams and when my son picked one up the head came out but it was a alligator head...someone please explain

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay I dreamt that it was late at night, on a summer night. It was around 11.30 and me and my family were getting ready to go to bed. My Mum was propped up in bed reading a book, I was in the bathroom cleansing my face and brushing my teeth, my grandmother was in bed, asleep on the other side of the house and my brother was in the kitchen filling up this water bottle he drinks from. Suddenly I started hearing these sounds of people running in from the front door and somewhere near my grandmother's room. There were three of them they were all wearing black and had balaclavas on. I ran into my brothers room and hid under his bed. I could hear them talking loudly and things smashing like they were ransacking the place. I ran up the hall then stopped near the hall that has the laundry in it (it's a tiny passage, not very long) that leads to the family room and my grandmother's room. I dropped to my knees (I was wearing my cookie monster pajamas that have mini-shorts. In this dream my thighs actually looked okay in them. They had this huge box and was emptying it all over the floor. I could see one of our cats cowering under one of the chairs. I knew I couldn't get him without them noticing me so when I was sure they weren't looking I snuck to the front door and ran out of the house and down the road crying and screaming. Some people down the road called the police and they came but by the time they got there the 3 men were gone along with a whole heap of our possessions.

The bodies of my grandmother, mother and brother were removed, died of gunshot wounds. I was going to be placed in the care of my Dad (my parents are separated in real life) but my Dad turned around and said "I don't want her". I was sent to live in foster home where I was loner dubbed as traumatized and depressed (what do you expect?) who kept to myself and barely spoke. The authorities tried to get me home at my paternal grandparents who also rejected having me. I wasn't allowed to go with my aunt and uncle because their house was dubbed too small to fit two more children in it (therefore the living conditions weren't fit enough). I was put up for adoption, the men who killed my family were never caught and because of this the authorities decided to send me off to be adopted by people in America, for my own protection. I was sent to a foster home somewhere in America where (this is where it gets weird)

I was adopted my Johnny Depp and his wife. (I know it's weird). They put me in this public high school. I made a lot of friends but was still depressed and blaming myself for the incident. I met this guy called Trey or Trent or something who was like 20 and worked as a janitor and had grown up in foster care too (I never dreamt being told what happened to his family). We really connected and I felt he was the only one who understood me. I also became really close friends with this girl called Courtney. I told T (we'll just call him T because I can't remember his exact name) how I felt, I felt depressed, guilty and like I didn't belong in the family I had been adopted into. He said he could help me run away with him (I like him and he liked me a little). Courtney agreed to help and said she'd email me the work set so I'd be able to continue doing school work.

Over a week and a half I slowly took things from my room (books, clothing, DVDs etc) and emptied out my locker slowly so no-one would notice anything. T drove a combie van or whatever it's called, with a few bed like things and some shelving and a small cupboard. He allowed me to fill the cupboard with my things and he took some shelving. One day after school I pawned a ring my Dad had given me when I was like 4 and got $500 dollars for it. I gave $350 to Trent who stocked up the remaining cupboards with food and some medications I have to take, shampoos etc and with the money remaining put it towards gas. I bought hair die, coloured contacts, a new outfit, clip on hair extensions, some credit for my phone and one of those internet usb things that plug into your laptop.

The next day after school I put the new outfit, contacts etc in my bag along with a few school things, said goodbye to Courtney who said she'd email me soon and got into the van with T who came to pick me up. We drove for ages and dyed my hair a darker brown in the kitchen sink lol, put in the contacts which were hazel and put on a whole heap of make up on to cover my really rosy cheeks and changed into the new outfit. I got into the passenger seat and looked in the mirror, I was completely unrecognizable and fell asleep. When I woke up it was dark and we were still driving. T said that people had been on the radio appealing for info about my disappearance. Saying they'd never stop searching and blah blah blah. I got really worried. We kept driving, well he kept driving till morning we stopped at a caravan park and we paid the guy in the front office money to use the shower block. I showered, washed my hair (s

Example: What does my dream mean ...?

in my dream, i was younger than i was now
(by a couple years, im 18 now so like 16 id say),
i was with this guy i used to (still do i guess) have a crush on.
he never liked me growing up, but in my dream he did.

(hes in jail now by the way; wrong place, wrong time,
he also dated my older sister who is 21.)

we were in high school school (im graduated by the way),
in the halls,
running around and laughing and having fun.

we were drinking alcohol
and i fed him a candy from a dish,
but he didnt like it.

then we went into a dark room (janitors closet?) and kissed.

during this whole dream, one of my good friends (a girl, who is a lesbien) was there,
she was following us around, she wanted to hang out with us, but we ignored her.

and thats it.
and i tryed to stay asleep, but i couldnt...

Example: What does my dream mean?

i dreamed that i needed to change my feminine products and i asked a janitor where the bathrooms were. the janitor had freaky yellowish tinted eyes that looked googly. then when he talked, it was like jibberish and weird sounding. i also had to use the bathroom in front of my parents. so i had to change my feminine products in front of them with it all bloody and all. the stall doors werent there.

Example: What could this dream mean?

So it started off in what looked like a stadium. i did not at all pay attention to what was going on below as i was talking to a family. I then proceeded to leave to get something to drink, somehow i stumbled into a library and started browsing the books. The shelf was disorganized at first until some people came and organized it. (i was organizing it myself until they arrived and told me if i was working here i said no and they told me to back off). A girl that i knew but had feelings for way back (like 6 years ago, we never dated and i still see her at school) (also she had a black shirt on) she came up to me and whispered a gay comment into my ear, this pissed me off so i garbed her in a choke hold but not tight enough where she couldn't speak (she did not struggle either and seemed to sort of enjoy it) i told her "why don't you come to my place and i'll show you different?"
she replied "no your ugly".
me-" what makes me ugly?"
her-"you blaze, are a future janitor, and spend 100 dollars a month"
me-"i stopped smoking, I've been accepted into a college, and planning for the future"
after this she agreed to give me her number.
At the end i ended up buying five children's books
What could this mean? any ideas? Could this be a vision from my future?

Example: What does this recurring dream mean?

I keep having this one really weird dream and I'm wondering what it means.

Okay, so I go into this public bathroom and into the last stall. There's blood everywhere. When I open the stall door, I find a dead baby hanging from the door. I try not to freak out and just start peeing. Then I look at the floor and there's a hand that's not connected to anything. It's super freaky. Then I walk out of the bathroom and tell this janitor guy who's passing by what's in the bathroom. He just looks at me and says "Oh, that happens all the time." And then it ends. What does it mean? I'm super freaked out.

Example: Does anyone know what my dream means?

Last night I had a dream about my husband being in the hospital dying. I never found out what he was dying of, but there was nothing anyone could do for him. I left for a little bit to go get something and ran into some friends. Somehow we ended up in a haunted house (not one you would go into on Halloween, but a legit haunted house) and I lost track of time. We ended up running from something and ended up back at the hospital where I found my husband in the middle of the hall ten times worse then he was when I left. My friends just disappeared and I stood there watching my husband die on the floor in the hall. I was crying, but I didn't show any other compassion towards him, so he basically died alone.

I know it was a dream, but it has been really bothering me. Does anyone have any ideas on what this might mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a horrible dream last night, and I was wondering what it might mean.

Well, I dreamed that me and my mom came to a house with all our friends there. But the thing was that they all looked half-dead. They were seriously injured, but still alive. One had a serious injury to his stomach area, and it was all bloody and stuff. Another one, was a girl who in real life loves animals, but her dogs were acted possessed and were half bleeding and going crazy. She was hysterical.
And also in my dream I think we saw some spirits in the form of small children.
Me and my mom escaped and then we came to my real-life school, and we all joined my "sober" friends. But then the possessed janitor tried to drown us. Then I woke up.

This sounds really weird I know...

Also I was wondering about a dream I had a couple weeks ago. It was about that I had a baby and several times throughout the dream it had almost died, and I had risked my life trying to save it.

Example: Dream where I was molested by school janitor?

I dreamt last night that I was at work, at night, taking out the garbage. I went out to the dumpster and it was dark except for one street light. I put the trash in the dumpster and I saw a man who in real life was the school cook in my elementary school (I'm in college now) but in the dream he was a janitor. He was just sitting alongside the building and when he saw me I said hello to be friendly but then he started getting very close to me and started touching me but made it like it was a joke and I was furious but decided to wait and call 911. I called 911 and only heard music so I hung up and went back to work and told myself I would call later. I called again later the next day during the day because he sent me a romantic e-mail and I saw him across the street digging up dirt for contstruction. Again I get music, but I call back again and report him but nothing gets done.
Later in the dream I get accepted into the college of my choice but they say my high school grades were too low and I need to go back and do it again because my college credits weren't sufficent and I was so angry I was crying.
What does this dream mean?

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