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Dream About Jam meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could my dream mean?

Okay, so for about a year, iv'e been absolutely crazy about this girl. She recently moved 1000 miles away, and sometimes i still have strong feelings for her, but most of the time they're just hidden behind a barrier i built. Anyhow, the other night i had a dream that I was leaning in a door jam, looking into a living room. The room was fairly dim lit, but i could see everything. This girl was there, and there was also a child, about 5 years old. He ran to her, and she crouched down to pick him up. She then held the child, who was a boy. I remember smiling in the dream. It may mean nothing, but if anyone has any idea what it could mean, if it does mean something, id appreciate an answer.Thank you.

Im sure it means you really care for her and it makes you happy when shes happy even though you can't reach her physically. The door could also symbolize the "barrier you built". It could also mean thats shes found happiness where she is, I know that sounds crazy since you have no idea how she is but there are many amazing things about dreams that we don't know how or why things happen in our dreams. I wish i could give you advice, but i'm just like you. I also built a barrier on a girl whom i had 12 dreams about AND I am in no contact with her anymore. Good luck my friend

Example: What do these dreams mean?

In the dream, I walk into my local rifle range and find my dad beating one of my friends to death with a claw hammer, so I shoot him in the head.

The other one is similar but more complicated. My dad is chasing me through my house, I don't know why, but I know he's going to kill me if he gets me. I go to my room, jam the door shut, and get my rifle (which I don't have) out of the safe. My dad eventually breaks the door down, and I level the rifle at him. He laughs and dares me to do it, and comes forward. I think he has a knife at this point, so i shoot him in the abdomen, but he doesn't die. We scramble for the knife and the gun as i struggle to reload, but eventually close the bolt and put one through his head, the same round grazing the top of my skull as it exits.
I go downstairs, leaving the rifle, and call the police, and then as a second thought I call a friend, the same one as from the first dream. He arrives and is barely there a minute, when my dad come down the stairs with my rifle, not dead, and kills my friend. Just then the police arrive.

Example: I had a dream where i had coral jammed into my arm. what does it mean?

i had a dream where i got bit by a lab-rat-nessy monster that looked like my dog and had later found coral in the shape of thick,spiky poker-chips that where yellow and orange in my arm. I pulled then out causing the nurse in my dream to pass out. my arm hurt in my dream cause i was laying on it, but a coral thing was jammed in. whats the meaning of it? i can't stop thinking about it.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream the other night that a man I new broke into my house and grabbed me ( I had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing m black jam-ma top with my matching underwear) he told me not to scream and was very violent I just remember thinking he is so strong I cant over power him. Next thing I new he was raping me. I remember next being on the bed he was over top of me and I was trying to close my eyes but he kept screaming for me to look at him and he had some writing on his chest. I know this person he would never hurt anyone I don't think he is sweet and gentle so what does this dream mean?

Example: Cmon this dream has to mean something?

The only parts I remember is that I am on the back of a pickup truck and some guy that's bigger and taller than me starts picking up the front of the truck, pushing it up and down and I don't falter. He then gives up and I jump down, run, look in the trash can for a beer bottle. I break it and jam the bottle into the guy's jugular vein. I turn around and there's a line of cops with german shepherds sitting next to their owner. I can't see their face but their body language tells me they're on my side.

This is a cool dream!

But I think it's from watching a lot of X-files lol.

What does it all mean?

Example: What does this dream mean. i had a dream i hung out with eddie vedder the singer for pearl jam?

what does this dream mean. i had a dream i hung out with eddie vedder the singer for pearl jam. We became friends and i was hanging out at his house. I was frustrated tho because i couldnt get a picture with him because we were busy. There was anouther problem too but i dont remember what it was.

Example: Everytime I dream about me in a gunfight, in the dream my gun always jams or won't fire. What does this mean?

And when I want to shoot somebody I always miss. Does this mean anything?

Example: In Pearl Jam's Betterman, what does the line "she dreams in color, she dreams in red" mean?

especially the dreams in red part. Is it just an expression?

Example: Meaning of dreams?

why do we dream about someone ?, is it a sign to tell us what to do ?, do you think dreams comes true ?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had this dream last night and its the first time ive had it. it sarted with my tooth falling out adn me trying to shove it back in and as i was doin that another one fell and another one and another and i was sitting there trying to jam my teeth back into my gums any ideas?

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