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Dream About Jalapeno meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Will eating spicy food at midnight cause nightmares?

Because I keep eating stuffed Jalapenos late at night and I keep dreaming of Juan Valdez in the mountains screaming his donkey's name. And it just horrible because the mountains are on fire and he can't find his donkey.

What do you think?

You just gave me my first laugh of the morning. Juan drops to knees..."Where is my donkey?!" I think the donkey left Juan to burn. I do not mean to make fun but...that is funny.


Example: How do I tell my parents I want to do therapist sessions.?

Lately I have been having these dreams. Not dreams, nightmares. The first one just arts out with me in a desert in some foreign country, and there is nothing around. I'm all alone and standing underneath the blazing hot sun. Everything is peaceful. There is so signs of life for miles around with the exception of tumbleweed. I am paralyzed and cant move, but really there is no reason for me to, and i have no problem. but then, eveything changes. Then I hear this earth shattering boom and the sound of metal tearing flesh, followed by gasps, sort of like the sound someone really scared would make. My limbs are freed and I can move again. The boom shook the entire landscape, and it got me really scared. I turned around and ran over to a man dressed for combat was lying on the ground. His face was scratched up and bleeding, and so were his hands. He had a gun lying a few feet away. There was also w bleeding wound like a gunshot on his thigh, and one on his torso just a bit below the armpit sort of near the ribs. The face is scared, and the man lying before me is a family member I have that served in the marines. His hat has come off and I sit there, holding him, sobbing as I see the light leave his eyes, watch him die. These nightmares have been happening every other night or every two nights or so. My uncle doesn't serve in the marines anymore, and I don't know where these dreams are coming from. He is safely at home, going to school to become an accountant. Even though he lives 3000 miles away in Washington state. I miss him a lot, but there is no reasons for these dreams. They have been haunting me, and every time they happen I wake up crying and sweating in the middle of the night. I want to talk to someone about this, and I want to see a therapist, not my parents about it. How do I tell them I want to see a professional without going into detail about my dream, because I am kinda embarrassed and don't want to make a big deal or have my siblings laugh at me because there is no reason for me to be scared since he isn't in the service anymore! I don't want anyone but a therapist to find out and maybe tell me what it means. How do I tell my parents I want therapy?

Example: Can you tell me what this dream means?

I had a dream some Buddhist monk was trying to stick a Jalapeno in my buttocks, while 2 mormon missionarys and a jehovah witness sang "shebop" in the background. we were all onstage performing for the first jewish pope, named barrack O bush. Suddenly glen beck ran out riding a childs trike screaming the sky is falling while nancy pelosi and sarah palin danced the can can closely behind him. what could all this mean aside from another wet dream

Example: Does every single dream have a meaning?

Are dreams simply our minds working things out while we sleep, or do some have more meaning? Can we tell the future? Do we conduct spiritual affairs in our sleep? Is a visitor in a dream really a visitor, or just a dream about someone or something? If you have a dream that something is grabbing you, is it really grabbing you, or did you just get sweaty in your silky pajamas or eat too many jalapenos with dinner?

Example: Can someone tell me what my dream meant? First of all it was all mixed up and normally I can figure them out?

this one is weird. I am at home and my best friend and one of my ex-co workers show up at my house and bring me chinese food. I dont like so I dont eat it. Then the ex co worker (who was fired about 6 months ago) asks me and my best friend to cater her wedding because she is getting married next October. She says that she is pregnant and will have the baby before the wedding. so, my best friend and I set up a whole bunch of tables and put white table cloths on them and place a small bowl full of ice and in that bowl we put 4-5 Kool Pops as center pieces. and then I never see the wedding but I see my excoworker wearing a black and red wedding dress and she is still pregnant. Then I am on the bus with my best friend talking to some lady from mexico who is saying bad things about my 20 yr old nephew (who in reality is an angel) and at the same time she is trying to get me to buy jalapeno stuffed sausage that she made and is selling to raise money to put her kids private school?

Example: HELP! i need someone to write me a poen?

can someone send me a sonnet in shakesperean form on something random?

Example: What does it mean when i have a dream about a tornado?

i had a dream last night, it was kinda strange because it had happened in real life but it was way before i was born. in 1965 there was a huge tornado outbreak through out several states in the midwest and went on for like 11hours and alot of ppl died. it was called the palm sunday tornado outbreak. and in my dream i remember seeing me and my family sitting around the tv telling us that it was happening again. and then before i woke up me my aunt jessica and grandma where driving across the high level bridge in downtown toledo. and on the other side we saw a huge tornado the size of a 2 football feilds head straight toward us. then i woke up. the reason i know alot about this day is becus ever since i was little my grandparents have taken me up there . and one time someone brought a book about that day becus it hit manitou beach

Example: I had a dream there was jalapenos stuck in the kitchen sink drain?

and i was unplugging them with the toilet plunger,it was weird and this is at my house where i rent a room at and it was the landlords sink i remember feeling worried and panicky what does this mean?

Example: What's this dream mean?

So, I'm being hung on a cross with electrical wires attatched to it...that get's thrown in the water...There's people all around watching.

Example: What does it mean when i keep dreaming about the devil?

for like a week now ive been having nightmares about the devil. i'd say i sort of lost my faith for a while, but now i am starting to believe again. so what can this all mean?

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