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Dream About Jaguars meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream that you killed a coyote and it tunrs out to be a human?

i dream that a jaguar warned me that the coyote would try and kill me as well.

Hmm... a coyote and a jaguar, just focus on the coyote which means ''problem''. There will be a situation that will give you a problem, and it will require you to focus and solve it ASAP.

It serves as a forewarn.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a jaguar?

Last night I had a dream that there was this big black jaguar outside of my house. It seemed to be following me, staring at me and more or less preying on me. I told my mom that it was outside, so when she opened the door just a crack, the jaguar was apparently waiting there and stuck his giant paw in the small opening and starting clawing at anything and growling very loudly. My mom shut the door and I asked her if I should call the police and she said it wouldn't be a good idea to get the police involved. I tried calling anyway and I was sitting on the phone waiting for an operator to pick up. No one was answering and I felt hopeless. Please explain to me what this means!

Example: What does it mean dreaming of a black jaguar running towards me with a teddy bear in it's mouth?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a black jaguar?

Ah okay so I've had a dream about a black jaguar when i was about 7 and woke up really scared. I've been dreaming about it again for the pass two days and its scared me I've woken up with my heart racing. in the dream it really hasn't done anything but come near me or follow me I've tried running away from it but it seemed impossible..i don't know does it mean anything or is it just a silly dream? according to family dreaming about animals is "The Devil" playing tricks with a persons mind.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a giant jaguar?

Not to mention it was HUGE and it chased me everywhere until I decided to chase it with a blade then it just vanished into thin air.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a black jaguar or a black panther?

I've had a dream today of a black jaguar just walking around, doing nothing wrong just walking around.. I also fell back asleep then had another dream about someone freestying my tattoo and he was outlining a black jaguar b/c he says that symbolizes that everything was going so good in your life then it all got ruined once the black jaguar came around... that's just a dream.. maybe the black jaguar is the devil? I've lost 2 people that meant the most to me in the same year 2011... if you have any advice or anything, let me know? Thanks!

Example: What does seeing a black jaguar/panther in my dream mean?

About 4 years ago, i lived in a house next to a creek and I couldn't tell if this was a dream or not because it seemed so realistic. Our family didn't live near mountains or where jaguars would call home so this could be proof that this was a dream but I'm not sure. And i felt everything that I felt in my dream (like thorn bushes scraping my arms and fear). So in my "dream" i was out with my family in the backyard having, like a picnic, when I was walking around in my creek. I was about to the end where the creek stops, goes through a tunnel and goes into a different section of the creek when a big black jaguar/panther jumped into the creek about 6-10 feet away. I was frightened but it didn't look at me at first. It took a drink and then looked straight into my eyes. They were a golden color like a solid block of gold but I got too scared and ran back to my family. When I got to them, I told them what happened but non of them believed me. When I went back to show them nothing was there and nobody had seen it or heard from it. Like it was only seen by me. I have no history of hallucinations or daydreaming. When we went back inside I went to bed and I kept having sleeping problems for the next few nights but I can't recall those dreams. This is my only dream or memory that i can remember clear as day. If any of you could tell me what this means, I would be very greatful. Also, my school mascot at that time was a jaguar, so do you think this might have anything to do with this dream? Thank you.

Example: What does a black panther or jaguar mean in a dream. It was caged when I saw it in my dream.?

Example: What does it mean when their are black jaguars/panthers in your dreams?

The past two nights I have had black panthers/jaguars in my dreams
And everytime they don't hurt me even when they have the chance to?
Except last night
One attempted to attack me and my friends but we were in a car and it just bounced off the car.
Then I woke up.
Then the night before last night they were talking to me and even when I stood right in front of them for some reason they couldn't hurt me/the people I was with(with my family in this dream).
And then I woke up.
What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when a jaguar is hurting someone you care about and you are fighting it off in your dream?

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