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Dream About Jade meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that i was drunk, swimming in a lake with my brother. I had a red lollipop in my mouth. We kept pushing each other underwater and i felt like i was drowning. I had my best friend pick me up. As we were driving down the road, we came across an anaconda laying over the road, blocking it. She decided she would drive over it. We saw the anaconda's head, it was eating a deer. It wrapped its body around the tires of the car and dragged us through town. It was very long, probably half a mile. While it was pulling us, I was waving my fist in victory out of the window to all of the people that were watching. It finally dropped us off at a very old victorian looking house. The house was white and it was my house. I walk inside, its my birthday party. All of my relatives are there. One of my uncles tries to tell me a story, and I feel sick so I start walking away to go throw up. My mom and grandpa get mad at me for interrupting his story and make me stay and listen to the whole thing before leaving. I go to the bathroom. It has a giant shower in it. The shower is all white and circular, and it has a toilet in the floor, just a toilet seat over a hole in the ground. It also has a dial on the wall. It is for a heating and vibrating floor. I turn it on. I get in the water and take the red lollipop out of my mouth. I start throwing up. It is a very thick paste, its white, pink, and red. as it comes up I cant breathe very well. It is even in my nose. I finally get all of it out and get dressed and return to my party. All of my old coworkers are there. I havent even gotten ready, my hair is still wet. All i want is a guy that i was seeing while i worked at the place that i used to work. he also worked there. i start looking for him. He is outside throwing a football in the street with a few other people. He is about 7 years younger. His facial hair has been shaved off. He is wearing a baby blue baseball cap, sweatshirt, and khaki shorts. I am embarrassed by how i look, so i go back inside to get ready. the party has died down a lot. There are people in rooms. Some are hooking up. I think the guy i was looking for is hooking up with someone in a room. I kick down the door. A fat man is in the room with very large lips. He is staring into a mirror at himself, he is drunk and cant breathe well. He keeps wheezing. i walk into another room and find the boy on a bed. He will not speak to me. He grabs my arm and tries to get me to lay down with him. I refuse. (I am angry with him because in real life, he stopped talking to me out of nowhere. I have been wondering for months why he has done this.) I dont want to lay with him until i get an explanation. I am crying. He is angry with me, he will not speak. He keeps smiling at me, like he is mocking me. He gets up and i have to chase him around the house. I find him on a couch. I sit next to him, he is on my right side, my best friend is on the left. I keep asking him why he stopped talking to me. He acts like i did something bad to him. My best friend vouches for me and tells him that i really cared about him. He tells me to look on twitter and i will find the answers. I go on one of my friends accounts, she has a video about me. She says that I am jaded in the video, she talks about how my name is badass and fits me. My phone dies. I tell the boy that he makes no sense. I keep grabbing his face, hoping he will realize that i'm serious. He is still smiling at me, mocking me. I hear someone laugh at me. I look over where my best friend was sitting. instead, another one of my friends is next to me. (In real life, this friend told me to be careful of this guy.) She thinks im stupid. I see lights outside. I go outside and the police are there. I go to close the door because it is open. There are many doors to close where the front door is. Probably about four screen doors and the actual front door. I am scrambling to close them all, because i am scared. the doorknob is on the right side of one door, the left side on the next, and alternate. I look up, a policeman is running towards me. My dream ends.

I have an answer, but Yahoo! won't allow me to post because it's too many characters. So I'll post a quick summary and if you want to know more, please email me at r.n853@yahoo and I'll send you the full explanation.


So here's what I get from your dream and I hope it helps. You are coming to face the consequences of your out of control behavior and the impact it's had on your life. This may be the first time you've searched inward for answers and you are coming to terms not only with the impact of your behavior, but who you really are.

Example: What does this dream mean..?

The dream was that I was in an open field, with several ruined ruined, small grey buildings in the distance. It was quite sunny and relaxing, although suddenly it became cloudy and darker, as if it was about to rain. Then a bird fell out of nowhere and landed dead at my feet.

Got any idea what it means? I think the bird was a Raven or something, because I remember seeing it as black and about the size of one.

Example: What does this Dream mean?

I Dreamt that I was walking through a field with a man I fancy and he was looking for postage stamps growing in the field. Every now and then he picked a pack of stamps and then got me to pick a book of stamps...then we cuddled...

Example: Dream meaning help? anyone?

I had 3 dreams last night.
First one was i was in my friends room ,sitting by her bedroom window and someone was tring to break in, i couldnt really see the person though.
2nd dream there was a glass wall and someone one was trying to break in. I didnt know where i was,never been there before and i was trying to cover up the glass wall so the burgalar couldnt see me.but there was a little piece i didnt cover and they could see me.
3rd dream this is the dream where glass broke. I was at my dads house and there was this litttle girl (whom ive never seen before in my life) banging at the window by my front door. She eventually got tired and gave up.so she went and stood just in my front yard complaining to this older man (whom i never seen before in my life either) .she complained that she wanted to go. The older man was sitting in a black jeep or hummer amd told her to do it and she didnt. I assume he was her father. The girl looked like she was 8 -12yrs old. So i went to put my alarm on in the house and then i heard a glass break.when i went to the front door the father had punched his hand through the window.
Doesnt it mean something that i have these 3 dreams all in one night and they all are about the same thing?what does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

it was really weird? i don't understand it. here's how it goes.

i was at my aunties wedding, even though she's already married she got married again. the wedding was based outside, and there was a long table and all my family were sitting at it. me and my cousin, who is 8 got up to look for my mum. we found her in a big bathroom, and she was sat in there with Justin Bieber, she was rubbing over his back with a flannel because he had a reaction to the food. my mum told me and my cousin to stay there whilst she went to get another flannel, so we did. then Justin asked if me and my cousin wanted to visit his house but i said that i had to ask my mum first. but then the dream suddenly changed to a huge field, my mum, cousin and justin all disappeared. and i was randomly riding a horse around the field? i don't get it, it felt so weird.

Example: Reoccurring dream meaning?

I have this dream, it's not perfectly the same every time, the scene will be different, like one night it'll take place at my brother's wedding and the next it'll take place at home. What is always the same is who I'm with. I'm married, my wife is named Elle, and we have twin daughters, Holly and Jade. Though I can't tell you what they look like. My job is the same, "Elle's" job is always the same.
Is there a meaning? Or what?

Example: What does this dream mean?

There was a field of corn.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I just had dreamt my father was secretly rich and he just decided to split the cash (millions) with me. My friend was with me in the dream and knew but didn't tell me until the end when we were walking by the secret stash and she was sneaking a little in her pockets. I was thinking about how the money would benefit me, my education, and my soon to be child in real life, but I didn't want to grab any even though my father (who is just now more involved in my life) gave handed it to me. Is this strange? I know it doesn't mean I'm going to hit the lotto or anything. lol just need some clarification.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream about a pitbull that kept biting my hand. he was like chewing it and it hurt like hell. I was screaming so loud and no one helped me. I saw some of my family members there but they didn't help me or seem to flinch a little. I don't exactly remember what this dream was but it was like some competition and i was in an empty field it had no grass it was just dirt and dry and i saw something like one of those football goals there (lol i don't know). What could this mean? This dream has kept me up all night

Example: What does my reaper dream mean?

my first dream where i encountered the reaper, i was in my bed sleeping and i woke up in the dream(didnt wake up in real life) to see a dark hooded very awesome looking reaper standing over me. for no apparent reason i was extremely scared and felt comforted by hiding under my covers. i peeked several times and each time i looked at the reaper i got more scared. eventually waking up from the fear i was able to sleep peacefully for the rest of the night. (not sure why i was scared because i have always loved the idea of the reaper and would gladly be one if possible) anyway now for the second dream.

In this dream i was running through back yards that were across the street from my home heading towards the end of the street. ok so at first i was like ok im chasing something, all the gates that seperated the yards were tall wooden gates, i was busting through each one differently some with kicks and some with my shoulder(i was running while doing this it felt like i was chasing something).. as i got through the second to last gate i saw a reaper and it looked to be running from me it passed right through the last gate like a ghost would do and i pushed the last gate and it fell down and sat at a 45 degree angle. i ran over the gate and caught up with the reaper at the side walk before it reached the street. then all in one motion i jumped on its back holding its shoulder and pulled out a dagger of somesort and cut its throat. it disappeared in a black mist like it had died and the last thing i remember after that was putting my dagger away and looked back at the destroyed fences i ran through.

i am not sure what to think of all this...

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