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Dream About Jacuzzi meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a strange dream of a man who seduces and kills many women, in this episode he seduces a kind of old lady but he can't kill her because her family is over. Then her son repeats that he is good looking over and over so he hits him, then the man and the woman are in a jacuzzi with giant corkscrew pasta and blood. Then the man's wife discovers him and it seems to end. Total rubbish remains of my imagination, or a message?

I think it was just rubbish. Unless you've had it more then once. If that's the case then there's something that's bothering you or you've been exposed to a situation like that? Did you watch something similar to it? Sometimes I have dreams of stuff I watched on t.v.

Example: What does having a dream with a jacuzzi, fish, dolphin, lion, sea turtle, and swimming in the ocean mean?

I was at a beach house with family and went on a walk. I bumped into a female friend from high school who wanted to see my older sister. When we arrived back at the house, we were walking past a very large jacuzzi when all of a sudden you can see something dark coming out of the jets filling the water. I walked to the edge and saw it was tiny fish coming out and they immediately began getting bigger and bigger. I have a fear of fish, so I panicked and fell into the water. It took me a few tries before getting totally out. When I turned to look back at the water, there was a big dolphin and on the other side standing was my father beside him was a majestic looking lion. They were just staring at me. The lion began to move so I looked around and saw the ocean. I thought to myself "my only chance to get away is to jump in the ocean and swim. It won't follow me there". I ran toward the ocean and the tide begin receding. I ran faster and dove into the water as soon as I did it moved further back. Then a huge sea turtle surfaced close to where I was. I thought "I'm going to follow it because it knows where the water is deep". When I started following it, two more big sea turtles surfaced and they were surrounding me swimming with me. The entire time this happened the lion walking along the beach parallel to me staring. I felt peaceful and had no fear.

Example: What does my fish dream means.. pLEASE ANYBODY!?

i would like to kno PLEASE wat does my dream about fish mean,

i some how appeared on this island and ended up next to a really nice decorated pond but it looked like a jacuzzi and wen i was sittin on the edge of this pond/jacuzzi thing all of a sudden like 6 or 7 fish appeared. but the thing about these fish were they were really small {small enough to fit all of them in a medium sized fish tank} AND they were clear... iCuld see right thru them... it looked like they were made of plastic.
but moving on.. so wen they appeared all of a sudden i had a fish net (the ones you buy for a fish tank) and i was trying to catch it and iDid end up catching the biggest one in the lil group and like 2 really small ones. but then iWas afraid to look at them but wen iDid go to lukk at em i hurriedly placed them bakk in the water but for some reason one of the small ones was still swimming in the net like it didnt want to get out...
so i jus dropped the net in the pond and went back in to ma room and on ma bed as a pile of ma clothes but you can see tht there was 3 insects/bugs on ma clothes. one was really big about the size of a porkchop and it looked like a island bug. another one was a beetle and the other one iDont remember...
soo of course that freaked me out and iWent into ma den to get away from the thought of wat i saw.. but wen iwent in ma den somehow iHad the bed blanket wrapped around me (yes the same blanket that was under the pile of clothes) nd wen i went in the den Ma FRIEND (who has been tkn care of me the last 8 mnths while ive ben in skool) was sittin in the chair wrapped in this pink comforter (as if she was hiding from me) and then iwent over to the side of her chair and waited for her to peek thru the cover and then ismiled. iGuess because iKnew then that she was the one to put the bugs on ma clothes...
but the sad thing is.. in real life she HATES bugs...
and then iWoke up

so PLEASE if anybody kno wat this dream culd POSSIBLY mean.. PLEASE let me kno, thank you soooo much

Example: What does it mean to dream of the grim reaper?

I had a dream i was in the bathroom cutting my daughter's hair and the scissors started floating in mid-air by themself and were hovering over in the jacuzzi. i went 2 grab the scissors but couldnt and fell in the tub. i thought i was being haunted and named names of people i knew who died, hoping they'd appear if i said their name. none did. then i thought of death and said it out loud. the grim reaper then appeared and put 3 bony fingers up. i asked what it meant and he didnt answer. then i started guessing. 3 days? nothing. 3 weeks? he motioned and just stared at me. next thing i know, the scene changes and my daughter and i are in front of our house on a cloudy day. out of nowhere, people we didnt know appeared in cars. the first car almost hit my daughter but swerved. the second i was in the car with my child and these people. we crashed but were unharmed. the last car, i was by myself with these people and crashed, but again was unharmed. please help me understand what this means because if the dream is true, i have until may 14, 2013 to figure out what will happen.

Example: Poll: What would it mean if you always dreamed you were trying to make a huge bubble bath, but the bubbles...?

always disappeared, what would it mean?

BQ: If you always dreamed you were in a jacuzzi bubble bath with way more bubbles you can handle, what would that mean?

Example: I keep freezing in my dreams, what does this mean?

Please read this!
i keep on having dreams that im sleeping then i cant move or talk or shout and im just stuck in the bed then i cant wake up from my dream then my arm a legs go all weird then i wake after ages then if go back to sleep again it happens again but for longer this time. but if i move then it don't happened again.

This is another dream i had.
i had a Jacuzzi in my bed room and my mum was next to me ironing some clothes and sunk in the jacuzzi and got stuck i and the same thing happened i wouldn't talk or move but i don't think i was drowning thought i cant remember


Example: What does this dream mean?

I am in a really large (often very beautiful) house with intricate corridors and confusing / interesting layout that is easy to get lost in. Normally am with people I know and love, enjoying a holiday or trying to find something i/e a building/room/club etc. There is very often a swimming pool with jacuzzis, water slides etc (I love water) and this house is so beautiful and interesting it is like nothing in real life - it is my dream house (literally) and all my loved ones are in it and we are all having an amazing time. Though often slightly unfulfilled because of whatever it is I am looking for / lost. What could this dream mean? I hope I have explained myself properly :S

Example: What do you think my dream means?

I had a dream last night about a disaster in my town (not sure what kind maybe earthquake, war, Tsunami, etc. Not sure. But it was one hell of a mess and people were dying, screaming and fleeing... I don't remember what happened really only that a person carried me and ran and we went to this very peaceful, quiet place (it was a little dark but so peaceful) he carried me and walked through some waters in a cave (I think) and I really don't know how it felt, but it was so pleasant and peaceful. It was kinda like a place with natural springs like natural jacuzzis on top of a volcano and some lakes with very clear waters and I really can't explain everything I saw and felt in words.

Example: **Dream of Spa meaning and more?

I had a dream couple of nights ago of myself visiting a spa at passing north london where there were green grass, suburbs and very nice sunny day. Open area too. I must have been on a bus and ive reached the spa and settled in.

After so many treatments and jacuzzi session later, i pretty enjoyed my time and i wanted to have a shower and i must have been a bit disappointed because of the cubicle showers were kinda shoulder height lower so it meant i could see other women as well. Luckily there were only about 2 women who were on there way out. I see 2 men who were maintenance workers, fixing the pipes and waters. I was a bit reluctant to have my shower but nevertheless i had my swimsuit on so it wasn't a big deal so i carried on. one of the men had to leave to get something i think was a tool whilst the other guy, who was noticing me. I'm slightly shy when it comes to men, so i was coy. He made 2 steps forward to see me closer and i was hurrying myself to get out of the shower room but got caught up with this guy. Normally, i do like dark featured guys and he was dark, with green/hazel eyes. He had mid long hair and looked to be in this 30's and he had stubble facial hair. To me, i thought he was handsome in his own way.

Anyhoo, we were talking briefly but trying not to engage too much as the feeling of passion and heated romance were flushing in. But i was worried if that guy were only interested in sex rather than a bit more. However, i had a feeling that this guy is a little a bit more than that. He asked me what were my plans and i said like have dinner or to sleep. He looked at me with a slight smile with his eyes gazing at my eyes and believe it or not i couldn't resist him. The guy's co worker came back with his tool so they both had to go back. I said to him, i'll see him around...

My heart was beating my hands were shivering and i was smiling like ive never before. It felt like as if ive known him before. But thought it might just be a passing acquaintance, nothing to be excited about but there was a knock on my hotel door. i opened and it was him and i was speechless. He entered, holding my body against his and we ended up kissing and well you know it...one hot steamy passionate love making session! Probably the best session i had all day!

After all that i remember myself dreaming of my departing my way home on a bus, that was going so fast and i request to stop so i came off and what i see in front of me was a park with my leather jacket and my bag near the tree and i was confused but i saw the same guy again and we kissed again. then i woke up.

What the hell was that dream about?

Example: Need help interpreting this really weird dream! do you know what any of it could mean?

okay so i was at some club with a guy. i remember colorful lights like pink and blue, and upbeat music, and a lot of people were there. i've never seen the guy before in my life. he was having me try some drinks he was ordering, and there was this pink drink he had me take a sip of and i was like "i like that one, get that one" and i got really drunk, and then i remember being in his car with him or something, and not wanting to go home with him. and i had him stop at a starbucks saying i needed something to drink or something, but really i wanted to get out to call my mom. but he came out with me. and i was texting her, but then there was no service. and then we didn't go to starbucks, we went into a mall, and my mom and brother and my grandma were inside. and i said something to my mom when he wasnt listening like "i dont want to go home with him." but then i walked over to where the elevators were and he was there and was like "give me a kiss" and i did, i dont even know what our relationship was. then we left i guess. and then we were at this swimming pool and my cousins were there. and i remember him wanting to get into this jacuzzi that was really shallow, and it was all swampy like it had moss in it and weird stuff. and i also remember something about not wanting my cousin to go out with him after me. it's soo weird. and then i remember us walking back towards his car and the police were taking it apart. and there was something else about how if he wanted to let us leave or something, we'd all have to sleep with him. and i was like "thats fine, lets just do it guys" or something like that. thats pretty much all i remember. i dont remember sleeping with him or going back to his place or anything else. it doesnt make any sense, but does anyone know what any pieces of this dream could mean? i have weird images in my head from it and its one of the weirdest dreams ive ever had.

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