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Dream About Jackhammer meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: If you find you only love your husband like a brother, can it ever change?

once, we were in love,
now, over time it has become like a sibling relationship, we dont share a bed, we live relatively separate lives.
Is this the way it will always be? can it be possible to be 'in love' again? how can i ever 'fancy' him again?
are we flogging a dead horse now?

Yes, you can. Here's how:

1. Date him. You got together for a reason. You need to either find it again or find something new. But you won't find anything unless you make time to date each other. Do it every week without fail. No excuses. It has to take precedence over everything else short of medical emergencies.

2. Talk about sex. Look, you two used to like it, right? I'll bet you haven't spoken about sex in ages. I mean like what your fantasies are, your dreams and such. Tell him when you have a hot dream. Don't scare him but if involves another guy or a horse or a pile of cherries and jackhammer, tell him. Find some porn on the web and share it with him. Tell him what turns you on and maybe you'll reconnect.

3. Go out with your girlfriends. Nurture your interests outside the marriage to nurture the marriage itself. You need outside interests and space to blow off steam. And the potential competition might get him fired up. Make yourself pretty. Have fun being a little flirty even. Don't go all out and make him insane jealous or anything but let him get the idea that you are desirable and he might start to take more notice of you.

4. Blow up your TV. Seriously. It is completely worthless. It does nothing to foster your marriage. It is like a slow cancer eating away at your communication. I'll bet you two spend more time listening to the bloody tube than you do each other. Is that what you want? No, of course not. He wants to catch a game? Fine - go to the pub *together* and watch! You want to watch your show - hmmm, kinda stuck there, most guys won't watch what their girl wants unless she's wearing nothing but olive oil and some cling wrap... which couldn't hurt. But you have to make a choice: choose each other not some boring drivel on the telly.

5. Go to the gym. Pay attention to your body. Yeah, at our age it never really comes back - but if you start feeling better about how you look you will express it in other parts of your life.

6. Consider counseling. A good marriage or sex counselor can do wonders. They give you two time and space to explore the issues you each have within (and outside) the marriage. Well worth the time and money.

This works. Trust me, I know. Some of it may apply to you already - maybe you're both in great shape and have active social lives already. Good. If you can do only one of the above, do the first: date him. You can't fall in love with someone you don't know anymore...

Have fun and good luck!

Example: I got bit by a VAMPIRE in my dreams a few nights ago, can ANYONE tell what that means ?

And no I am not kidding either. A big vampire bit me a few nights
ago in my dream. I was almost awake when it happened, too. He
looked scary as heck. And when he bit me, it made a strange sound.
Like a jackhammer type noise. And I was shaking. Can you tell
me what that was please. Thank you.

Example: Eyes closed what does this mean?

i had the same dream 2 nights in a row.

i was with my girlfriend and rlly happy, and her dad needed help on the house.
i had to jackhammer either a wall or ground or sumthing, (gray concrete) but every time i started jackhammering, my eyes were like forced shut. i tried to keep them open but it hurt.

my eyes have been hurting lately too (im sick)

but this is keeping me from sleeping. my room is rlly bright too.


could just be showwing im a little intimidated by her dad. i met him a few weeks ago, weve been dating for 2 months tomorrow.

im 14... plz help

Example: Has anyone had dreams of astral projection after hearing the sound of chimes?

I some times have a very particular and peculiar experience. When I am in the state between waking and sleeping, I will on occasion hear the sound of chimes. If I focus on that sound, it gets louder. Very often this is followed by a rugged feeling of vibration, as if I am holding onto a jackhammer. I will often feel myself "leave my body" or get pulled into a dream in which I know I am dreaming. In the first case, my dream is very vivid- more so than usual- and filled with stunning vistas. I sometimes experience sleep paralysis upon waking from these dreams. Has anyone had a similar experience? Is there anyone in the field of dream research or neurology that may be able to shed some light? Thanks folks!

Example: How about "You Are" instead of "I Am"?

It's a little something I wrote years ago, enjoy.

You are my love, you are my life.
You are my love so true.
You are the woman that I love.
You are the color blue.
You are the sweetheart of my dreams.
You are my pride and joy.
You are a woman through and through.
You are no rich man's toy.
You are the apple of my eye.
You are the one I crave.
You are the one who tells to me,
You are my loving slave.
You are my cooing turtle dove.
You are my honey pie.
You are my breath of clean fresh air.
You are the deep blue sky.
You are the heart within my chest.
You are my spark of life.
You are the blood that flows through me.
You are my special wife.
You are the softness in my heart.
You are the kindness, too.
You are the only girl for me.
My darling, I love you.


1. Write log_b √(x^3 yz^6 ) as a sum of logarithms.

2.Solve log_2^x - log_2^6 = log_2^5 + 2log_2^3.

3. Solve 10^(x+2) - 10^x = 9900.

4. Solve 3^2x = 9(8ol1^x).

5. Solve 32x = 73x - 1. Round your answer to two decimal places.

6. Solve log_5(5x + 2) = 1.

7. Solve log(x + 3) + log(x - 2) = log(3x + 2).

8. If you invested money into an account that pays 9%/a compounded weekly, how many years would it take for your deposit to double.

9. A bacteria culture doubles every 20 minutes. How many hours will it take a culture of 60 bacteria to grow to a population of 8400?

10. The population of a town is increasing at a rate of 6.2% per year. The city council believes they will have to add another elementary school when the population reaches 100 000. If there are currently 76 000 people living in the town, how long do they have before the new school will be needed?

11. What is the hydrogen ion concentration of a glass of orange juice with a pH of 2.8?

12.How many times more intense is an earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale than one measuring 5.6?

13.What is the sound intensity of a jackhammer that is rated at 90 dB?

14. Sarah can yell at 50 dB. Ken says that he can yell one and a half times as loud as Sarah, which means he can yell at 75 dB. Is Ken correct? Explain.

15.A certain radioactive substance decays exponentially. The percent, P, of the substance left after t years is given by the formula P(t) = 100(1.04)-t. Determine the instantaneous rate of decay of the substance when it has reached its half life.

Example: I am depressed and i need some tips on how to cheer up not a hotline.?

sorry for all the typing but ive been extremely depressed lately and although suicide has been a thought i know i will never do such a thing to me, my friends,my family, and all others who care for me Ive dealt with depression in the past when my mom died a few years back of cancer when i was about 13 in the beginning of 8th grade i'm currently in 10th grade 15 going on 16 and ive noticed before i moved i was bullyed and my life was always crap but i didn't care and that was all that was wrong with it then and when i moved in 2005 it was getting better then either a few months later or a year its hard to remember my mom was diagnosed with cancer and i felt like **** things were getting better and then she died after that its been repeating in that order good=bad=good=bad.etc in fact recently i had found a girl whom i liked and she liked me i went to a high school football game and i was about to ask her out she wasn't feeling good and so i said ill ask Monday next day my dad had an accident at work small piece of metal from a jackhammer went into his eye he is now blind and 1/1000000 chance or just how my life and all who are close to me is meant I'm still trying to get with the same girl just don't want another thing to happen I'm extremely depressed when i think about her and i summed most of up missing few things ive put all this for people who ask for more info on what i am going through oh and its not karma ive never wronged anyone stolen ive been good my whole life and i think im the only one im my house who is so and i just think i have a curse on me ive never had any thing good happen to me that hasn't gone right back to **** i feel as though i am the only person who things such as this happens to if it helps i am extremely intelligent with an IQ of 139 any tips on how to cheer up? and like i said although i do have suicidal thoughts i have and will never go through with any of them. thank you for any who wish to help i would be greatly indebted to you. i apologize for all the typing if its any problem sorry i just never talk to anyone about things like this because will probably think im crazy.

Example: I need a long post for Facebook?

I really need a really longe essay that's really funny and just talks about random stuff. My friend dared me to do it. I already know how to bypass the 420 chachter but I need a really funny long essay thanks!

Example: How do I finally get over it?

Theres a girl I've been in love with for years now, and I always thought she liked me back. I never turely excepted it until last year, and after just the thought of her got me overwhelmed with love. I honestly thought she was who I was meant to be with.

Unfortunately when I finally did ask her out, she told me she had a boyfriend but seemed happy I made a move. I then went out of my way to talk to her for awhile, hoping that would show I'm still interested and maybe give me a chance if she became single. After a few months I started to get discouraged, and gave that up thinking that my one chance to hit it off with her was gone.

In the summer I started to get over her, it was like the feelings started going away on their own. And I caught myself a few times getting small crushes on different girls. But when I would think I was truely over her I would see her, and all the feelings of affection I had left would hit me hard. Then I would think "I love her. I always have and always will"

Me and this girl haven't talked in a while. Once a few weeks ago she acted like she wanted me to talk to her but I didn't, and I still catch her stareing at me occcasionally. Part of me wants to think maybe I still have a chance if she becomes single again, and she'll remember how interested I appeared to be months ago. Then I think no she won't. Shes still with the same guy, and I heard that she loves him. Two friends of mine are chasing her like I was for awhile, and this girl saw me flirting with some girl not to long ago. So I'm thinking my chances to be with her are long gone. And that maybe everything happened like it did so I wouldn't be so nervous when it comes to girls, before I made I move on this girl my heart would pound like a jackhammer when I wanted to talk to a girl.

The other night was one of those days I felt like I was finally over her. Then that night when trying to go to sleep, two images of her pop in my head on their own, and I dreamed about her before waking up. One of images was of her but older, and the another she looked like she was pregnant. I thought what if it was a vision of the future, and I still had a chance. Then I thought about everything mentioned above and am still sure that things arn't meant to work out.

Does anyone know I can completely get over her. Shes my first love, and I would really like to put this behind me. Please help.

Example: How can I get past this fear on mine (about girls and panic attacks?

Before last year I didn't want to go out with girls. The reason why was because I didn't have a drivers liscense, and thought it would be embarassing to have my parents drive me on dates. Used to my heart would pound like a jackhammer when I wanted to talk to one, but now I'm able to flirt without getting nervous and when asking one out I get a little nervous but not to the point it's overwhelming.

Recently after asking a girl out, I felt great, but when I sat down to eat I had a panic attack, and it wouldn't go away for hours. Part of me thinks maybe the reason I was so nervous because I was unsure about whether me and this girl would hit it off. I remember asking out this girl I was really in love with being barely nervous at all, and I guess it was because I was sure that things would have worked. I know the worst possible outcome would be me and a girl never going out again, or me and her breaking up after awhile. But yet I still catch myself getting really nervous like this.

After that I started struggling with panic attacks when eating in public. It happened only a couple of times, and I think I got those under control now and can deal with panic attacks the right way. But I still think i'll suffer one if I ask out a girl and get her number. I remember about a month ago I called a resturant that this cutie that was working at so I could ask her out. I asked to speak with her, and the person I talked to said to call back later. I planned on calling back but I ended up getting so nervous I was kneeling on the ground swareing to myself that I won't call back because my nervousness was so overwhelming. It seems like if I make an obligation involving a girl that I want to be my girlfriend, I get really nervous like this. I even had a dream recently where I feeling anxiety involving girls. I got a girls number from a friend, and started sending texts to her. In my dream I started feeling anxious, and when I woke up I felt the same.

In my lifetime I've never had a girlfriend. The closest thing I have to one is just a few girls I know from school and a few other places that I flirt with that flirt back when I see them. Could the root of this be me never getting a girlfriend when I was younger? I know that little kids get lots of casual releationships that only last a few days if even that. Despite liking a few girls, and a few girls liking me I never did, could that be the possible reason behind this? I really don't want to have to see a shrink about this, and hope to keep this secret from family/friends. Is there any way to overcome this?

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