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Dream About Jack O Lantern meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this mean? jesus in my dream... kinda wierd?

so the other night i had a dream about what i think might have been the apocalypse. i started out in my car driving. someone else was with me i think. there was like small like mushroom clouds or tornadoes (i couldnt tell which.. it was like a bunch of funnels coming from the sky)... well i was driving towards them. we got to a gas station and went to the bathroom and jesus was there but it was like he had been there with me the whole time. we went into like a corner and there was like a secret door. we looked at it (me and jesus) and i said something like "someone has already been here" like it was like a secret catacomb or something. we went in and it was like we were underground. i feel like me and jesus were on a mission or something. we went farther in. what seemed like rats or something attacked us. me and jesus died. as soon as me and jesus died it went to like a tibia screen (online game) and it was like a god account. i saw a big flood in the catacomb place thing where me and jesus were after everything cleared i woke up by myself in like a desert with a big tower in the distance. i was like next to a camp fire thing and then i started collecting jack o lanterns...i dont think that last part really had any significance. the dream didnt really scare me i was just wondering if anyone could tell me an explanation or if anyone has had a dream similiar to this.

Wow! I hope Jesus didn't eat the same mushrooms you did If He did His Dad is probably kickin' himself for creating the darn things! < humor non-humor> It sounds like you're worried about the future.(you're not alone) You may be wondering if religion (and governments ) can solve mankind's problems.I suggest that you don't take this as some personal revelation or that God is trying to reveal something to you. That doesn't happen much nowadays. I would suggest watching the (a) documentary on dreams. I apologize for not remembering the exact source, but it could be The Discovery Channel. We have Netflicks so we could find it again I think. I would suggest not just forgetting about it though. Next time someone asks you if religion or governments can solve man's problems listen to what they have to say But make sure they tell you what source they are getting their information from. What do you think the best source would be?

Example: What does it mean if I dreamt about Halloween?

A month ago, I had this dream about my parents and I decorating this 60's style motor home that I don't own in real life, with Jack-o-lantern garlands and stickers.

It was night time. Then after I helped my parents decorate it, I got in it with my parents. Then I watched a Corey Haim and Corey Feldman movie marathon by myself, which included The Goonies and the one where Feldman is the teenage wolf boy.

My parents were laughing and talking about Halloween by themselves in another corner of the motor home.

I wasn't dressed in a costume, but I was in a sweat shirt and sweat pants. I also ate buttered popcorn and had a carved pumpkin with a scary face that glowed from the candle. It was on the TV table. I was laughing at it and at Feldman and Haim.

I've never watched those movies in my real life either! I also saw and heard people decorate their cars the same way my parents and I did, while they whispered loudly about how excited they were that it was Halloween.

Towards the end of the dream, I even told my parents how excited I was to carve pumpkins into scary shapes and how I loved Halloween too. They did the same. It's funny how I don't cherish Halloween and all it has to offer in real life like I did in that dream.

Example: Does anybody know any old wives tales and if they are actually true?

Example: What do you think this poem means?


I would drive a pretty
long way to see something else
when seasons change. This year, trees
turn blue in the north. Elm leaves deepen
to indigo, aspen foliage becomes azure,
maples explode their cobalt into a fuschia
October sky. Bonfires flame in writhing
chartreuse banners, like windblown grass;
white pumpkins tumble over silvery fields.
As the lakes dream themselves glazed
with amethyst, violet frost feathers
my dawn windows. At evening, pale
jack-o’-lantern grins glow green.
Purple dust begins to fall.

By: F.J Bergmann

Help please! need help now! thanks!

~ Zoey <3

Example: Gave you ever dreamed a story you had written that day?

Example: A dream of a pumpkin chasing me on a stick?

Hey, i had this incredibly odd dream when i was about 9 or 10 where a pumpkin was on a giant popsicle stick (about 6ft) and it was chasing me around my house back and forth, the pumpkin was carved like a jack-o-lantern and i remember being scared lol, ive remembered this dream for about 7 years =S any ideas as to what it means?

Example: Modern horror punk bands?

are there any?

By modern I mean their last CD came out between 1990 and now.

Example: Christians, why do some of you celebrate Halloween when it dishonors God and honors satan and the demons, magic, witchcraft and the dead?

Example: Do you think Halloween is simply a harmless activity for children and good for the souls of the dead ?


Known for its witches, goblins, and other grotesque decorations and paraphernalia, Halloween—also called All Hallows’ Eve or the eve of All Saints’ Day—can be traced back to the ancient Celts of Britain and Ireland. On the full moon nearest November 1, they celebrated the festival of Samhain, meaning “Summer’s End.” They believed that during Samhain, the veil between the human and the supernatural worlds was parted and that spirits, both good and evil, roamed the earth. The souls of the dead were thought to return to their homes, and families would put out food and drink for their ghostly visitors in hopes of appeasing them. Thus, when children today, dressed as ghosts or witches, go from house to house threatening a mischievous trick unless they receive a treat, they unwittingly perpetuate the rituals of Samhain.

Example: How's my story so far? [Not long!]?

It's about a girl who lives in New York City, she's so tired of it! Then, when her uncle down in NC dies, they go to his funeral, and the girl decides she wants to stay in North Carolina, on her grandpas ranch. Here's what I have so far:
My eyes shot open because I knew what today was. Today was the first day of autumn! I immediately propped myself up and stretched my arms, visualizing extending my arms up to the sky. I looked out the window just beside my bed. I saw the smoke coming up from all the New York waste lines, I was immediately saddened. Luckily, I looked to the left of my window, opposite from the hideous smoke, and saw a lady walking her dog. Oh how I wished I had a dog of my own the walk up and down the side of the sidewalk with me. If only mother would let me. I had dreamed of a black and brown dachshund, which would sure catch my fancy. But mom always said dogs are nasty, smelly and disgusting. I had always begged to differ, but mother never cares about anyone’s opinion but her own. Perhaps if we weren’t stuck in such a tiny apartment, things would be different. I could probably have 5 dogs! Oh how I hated New York. No trees to watch change into shades of orange and red, no pumpkin patches or jack-o-lanterns to carve, no going to cut down your own Christmas tree. It was obvious, the holiday season is just dead in New York. The smell of my mom’s burnt breakfast sauntered into my nostrils, and I immediately knew one thing, mom had tried to cook.

Be nice! I JUST started 6th grade last week, literally. So I'm a young writer!

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