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Dream About Ipod meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does these two dreams mean?

Dream A:
Yesterday I had a dream I gave my friend my iPod to read something on it,. Then when we were in class and the teacher randomly disappears, he comes up next to me and picks my hand up and puts something in it, I looked up and said what is this (I read mouthing). Then I opened my hand up and two kisses were in my hand, I looked puzzled. Then he said don't I get something and taped his cheek. Then I said not here and my friend said what is he doing that for? And I wanted him to go so I gave him a fast kiss. he was my friend what does this mean?

Dream B:
My other dream, I was being chased by a crazy old white artist because I found he was a killer. I told the police and they came over his house and were questioning him and he ignored them and told me "you crazy b&$#%, your getting it" and he pulled out a gun. Then I started running, and he said don't be scared, and I ran so I ran to my neighbors house that was like 2 blocks away and ran in the house and was screaming I need help and call the police and the wife laughs and asks how I am. So I ran up to her daughters room and try to break out the window but it was to late because the door bell rang and the man was dressed like my dad. What do these two dreams mean?

teacher means there is a lesson to be taught
but u may have feeling for your friend that goes deeper than u expected but u want him to feel the same way. I don't know bout the iPod.

be careful with ur future movements towards your father u seem to be scared that he will find something out about u that was meant to be kept to urself but when an if ge finds out u will seek help but eventually become trapped and have to face the music.

That's my interpretation anyway
hope this helps

Example: Do you think dreams really mean something?

My boyfriend thinks that dreams happen because it's waht you really want and I don't think so, I think that they just happen for no good reason. So do you think that what happens in your dreams i.e. you kissing some other person than your b.f. or g.f. or anything else mean you really want that? Or are your dreams just there and you have no intimate connection with them?

Example: What does my dream mean?

In the dream, I had just finished a production, and my bag (or if you're American 'purse') went missing, so we decided it had been stolen along with my phone and iPod.
Then I walked out to leave school, but got into my Aunt's car and she wasn't in it. I drove to my Grandmother's house, and when I tried to break, I was in the passenger seat. It for some reason also had a steering wheel, and I couldn't get to the break.
The car crashed and then the dream ended.

I have no idea what this could mean, can someone help me please?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Hi, I had two dreams last night and they were very weird. Please tell me what each one meant.

Dream 1: I was running my hands through my hair, and pulled out a two inch wide chunk of hair. It seemed like the hair just fell out, I wasn't tugging or pulling it out. What does hair falling out mean?

Dream 2: There were little bubbles flying around my house, some said AMS in them and some said GMS, I touched the GMS bubble with my iPod touch and my iPod broke, and my dad got really mad. Next, my cousin got really hurt and I called 911, they said they will be by the store I live next to soon, so I ran outside to the store. After that, my whole family was in front of a rectangular lake, and there was another family, I think they were atheists or Presbyterians, something along those lines. One of their names was Natasha or Nataliya, can't remember, and it was Natasha or Nataliya day, so my mom went up to Natasha or Nataliya and kissed her on the forehead and said Happy Natasha or Nataliya day.

Tell me what they mean please! Thanks :)

Example: What does this dream mean? ITS BOUT MY CRUSH?

So last night i had a dream that me and my crush where in the Auditorium at school we were watching a movie. The movie was done. And the teachers were dismissing students. S0 my crush was about to get up to leave and i went leaned in and kissed him on the lips. So then we left. And my friend(he moved) came and i showed him my cracked iPod. So he went and showed it to his dad. So then my crush told me that he liked it when i kissed him. And then went out. (boyfriend and Girlfriend) Im only 12

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

I listen to my iPod when I go to sleep so you have to factor that in also.
I was listening to The Bird and the Worm by The Used(and it was playing in the background of my dream also)

I was looking around in this dark forest looking thing and I had nowhere to go. I was calling out this unknown name into the middle of nowhere.
"Michael!" I yelled over and over again, yet I know no Michael's.
Then, out of nowhere I hear this teenage boy yelling my name and I followed it, running for my life, or his.
I finally got to him and I saw this circle of people around him with their hands turning into claws as the looked at him onto the ground, quivering in his blood. I was scared for him, yet I didnt know him.
I shoved my way through the circle of people and then, everything exploded into a new demension, yet everything was the same.
I turned toward the circle of people and I got into this unknown crouching position like I was going to fight them off. Then, I think I growled and as a person stepped toward us, there eyes were blood red. Then, i attacked that person.

People have been informing me that it was a scene from Twilight or Breaking Dawn but I haven't watched/ seen that book/ movie. Please help me. I don't think that it was a scene from Twilight if it has happened to me for the last week and a half. Please help me.

Example: What could this dream mean?

So i was in this building and there was a massive swimming pool with a foam walkway to either side, my friend tk threatened to make it rock on the way across but he didn't, when we were done and was walking back across it to get to the stairs he rocked it and i fell in. i was really angry and felt like hitting him. i had my laptop in my bag.A video camera which i don't actually own in real life, digital camera and ipod in my hoodie but also i had an iphone 4 in my trouser pocket but i don't actually own an iphone in real life and also a watch that i don't own. when i got back to this shop i was checking it all and the iphone had partial water damage, the watch also had partial water damage, the video camera had partial water damage, the digital camera was fine, so was my ipod and so was my laptop.

What could this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Alright, so I'm sixteen years old, I have mild insomnia, and I haven't slept in three days. Last night, I did sleep however, and I had a weird dream, and I think it means something, I just can't put my finger on it.

So here goes: It starts with me riding in the back of a car with a girl. I didn't see her face, but I recognize her voice; she had a light skin tone and she wore black pants and a hollister shirt. She had long hair. In her hand she had the new iPod, and she had the new phone. We played around for a while and her phone dialed a random number. I hung up. Then, I reached into my pocket and called a man who was selling his 1983 Datsun 280z. He wanted $50000 for the car, I told him I only had $4,000 and he let me buy it. He told me the Satsun was fast, but not to speed in it, because he didn't want to see her wrecked. Next thing I knew, I was on hte highway, driving the Datsun. the girl was nowhere around, just me, a bunch of traffic and three other fast cars. We weren't racing, but we were driving fast. At the blink of the eye, I was on roller skates on the same expressway. Still were cars ther, but my friends were with me, and a girl I havent seen in a long time rolled by us, and everyone spoke. She took the next exit, and along with her, a random girl I don't really know. So it's just me and 3 of my friends on roller skates on the express way. As I slow down, I see that the highway runs out, and there's a fork in the road. I haven't ever been on this highway or seen this fork. I get up to the fork in the road, and a guy on rollerblades comes by. I ask him how close I am to Flint Southwestern, (My school) and he says something in a language I've never heard, then he disappears. I took the skates off and threw them over my shoulder, and started walking. I woke up before I found out which way i went. Does this mean anything? In the dream I saw my dream car, the new iPod I wanted, and I got lost. i never get lost...

So, what does the dream mean?

Example: What does my weird dream mean?

Okay, so here it goes.
In my dream, I was myself, maybe a bit older. Listening to music on my iPod and rambling on about something weird as I enter my grandma's house. A teenage version of my grandpa was sitting on the couch, as well as my cousin and her husband but they were anime characters. So I hug them all and start going on about nonsense once again. Then president Obama randomly appears and I turn into an extremely republican adult man. Obama starts trying to convince me to vote for him in the presidential election. He does this for an hour and finally gives up, because I'm not willing to change my mind. So then he starts sobbing, and he confesses his love to me and asks me to marry him. So then I run away screaming, and he turns into a cartoon character chasing me, his eyes turned to hearts and bulging out of his head and he's foaming at the mouth. So then I fall into a house made out of blocks which disrupts a monkey living inside of it, and the monkey proceeds to beat me in the face with a gigantic dildo. Then I start screaming, and Obama is trying to get into the block house so he can kiss me, and I start screaming even more. And then the dream ends. Well, kinda.
In the next dream, I wake up inside of the un-destroyed block house, still in the body of that adult man but thinking as myself and aware that I'm dreaming. I can't move whatsoever, and I start silently freaking out, and then out of nowhere the monkey appears again hitting me with blocks and beating me with the giant dildo again and I'm screaming. Then I black out.
Okay, so yeah, that's my weird dream for you, what the hell could it mean?
I'm just asking this out of boredom, really.
Oh and a bonus, what does it mean when you have a dream about facebook being a burrito, and the advertisements turning into cheese?

Example: What does my dream mean?


in the dream iwas with my mom and dad(whom ihavent seem in a while) and my little brother. we were on the bus. they were passing a beer around with 2 or 3 strangers . one of the guys were about to get off the bus. ihad the beer & my ipod in my hand. he went to take the beer and took my ipod too. iran off the bus after him to get it and he grabbed & squeezed my hand really hard and pushed me. iwent back on the bus crying & told everybody he stole my ipod. he was outside & was telling me he was gunna kill me . my dad ran off to get him. iwent to my little brother on the bus and asked him where our mom was & he told me she went after my dad. he texted her and she was saying she loves us, everythings gunna be okay, she'll see us later. she kept saying goodnight and sweet dreams. from the inside icould hear them fighting & the man was saying hes gunna kill us . iddnt see it in the dream but its implied that he killed my dad and my mom was dieing while she was texting us. the last message ddnt seem like it was from my mom & it said mommy will see you later she loves whoever is writing this and she'll gunna come and get you ; it seemed sarcastic and ithink the guy had wrote it but then iwoke up.


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