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Dream About Insult meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

Firstly, sorry that this is really long.

I'm a 14 year old girl, and I love my school. I'm usually shy and nice to others and I haven't made any enemies at all so far, and last night I had this dream where I was completely different.

In this dream I was at school and I was with a friend, though I didn't see who it was, but I did see that the playground was wet, as if it had just finished raining.

Then some random blonde girl came along and hugged my friend, saying hi to her, and then she turned to me, gave me an irritated look and said something like "And I thought *I* was ugly, but *this*."

That must have made me angry, because I said something like "Listen here, b'tch! I know I'm ugly, so you don't have to f'cking tell me."

The blonde girl gave me that same look again, and then apparently I did something really weird; I started throwing random punches and kicks, yelling "hii-jah! hii-jah!" although I didn't hit this girl at all, because all the punches and kicks were right in front of her, and she was looking at me like I was insane.

At that moment, a 40-something year old teacher with blondish-grey hair, glasses and a long skirt appeared next to me and said "you, young lady, come with me to the headteacher's office. We do not tolerate this kind of thing at our school." or something like that, while at the same time she was dragging me across the playground by the sleeve of my blazer.

As she was dragging me across the playground I tried to explain: "No but- we were just having a play fight!" That was a complete and utter lie, because a: I didn't know this person and b: it was not a play fight. This teacher still didn't change her mind anyway.

Then the dream sort of skipped to later, when the playground was still wet, and me and a bunch of friends (again, I didn't see who they were because I couldn't see their faces) were searching all over the place trying to find this girl so that I could beat her up. The dream ended there.

It was very strange, because I would never go after someone just to beat them up. If someone insults me in real life I would usually just ignore them. And I would NEVER get in trouble with the head for "assaulting" another person. So, what does this dream mean? Am I going to get in a fight or something?

Your dream could mean a lot of different things. It doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get into a fight though. It could be that you are 14 and you're at that age where a lot of girls come out of their "shell" and like you said in you're dream you were someone completely different. You could be worried about becoming someone you don't want to be. It could also mean because some random girl hugged your friend and acted so coldly towards you, it could be that you feel competitive towards friendships, or that you're worried about having to become competitive over friendships. especially because the aggression between you and the blonde girl was so intense and detailed. You obviously don't want to hurt anyone, seeing as how even though you started swinging fists, not once did you touch the girl. Personally I think this dream represents some of the emotional struggles you may be worried about having to face. I remember when I was 14 I turned into someone I never thought I would ever become, and I became a monster. I didn't realize I had changed so drastically until a few years later I gave myself a wake up call. So honestly in my opinion I think your dream is just a warning, of who not to become. As an example. have you ever seen the movie Mean Girls? Lindsay Lohan plays Katy, and she becomes someone she never imagined possible. someone totally different than she was. just like you in your dream. I'm not saying thats going to happen to you, just be aware of the pressures that surround you and don't give into them. :) Hope I helped and good luck!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Its like part animal crossing part fairytale. Im 12 btw.
I get a job at tom nooks store (general store). An older man walks in and buys wallpaper and asks if i can play piano. I say yes (i really can). I walk to his house and his wife is 30 ish and theres a little bratty daughter. I play piano. Tge dad and kid leave but the wife stays- asks if i can play guitar (i cant but wish i could). I do, and sing too. I leave and get on the town bus- sit down with my bff kevin (we r friends but not superclose in real life). The mom and daughter r on thebus and they insult my performance.
Kevin and i find ourselves in a crowd in the town center (not animal crossing). The evil queen Ursula majestico says she is going to marry off all the singles. She calls out my mom who (inthe dream) has the same nme as me and then the name of a kid from my realschool (who i dont likelike). Me and kevin run to my dead fathers laboratory (not true in reality my dad is alive and a banker).
Its a big empty room. The queen finds us there. She turns into a dragon. Kevin pushes me off the balcony we were on.
Big blocks that are bigger than me surround me. They have letters on them. Kevin is fighting the dragon witha sword. I cant figure out what the blocks spell. Kevin yells that the blocks spell simple and kills the dragon
80 yrs later (still dreaming) we r old and married. "i still have my dragon remains" i say "me too" says kevin.
Sorry its so long but what does my dream mean? Thanx :D

Example: What does this dream mean?

My class and I were going on a trip to some ice cream factory. Nobody sat by me on the bus, and all the other seats around me were packed. My boyfriend was in the far back, and couldn't move to sit next to me because someone sat down between him and the isle. So, he waved to me and mouthed, "I'll sit next to you when we stopped." I waved back and smiled, and then realized I felt self-concious, because I had a huge bowl of ice cream on my lap ((in the giant bowl I used yesterday to put ingredients in for the cookies)) and no one else did.
We were almost to the place when I heard someone really pretty across the isle talking about me. "Yeah, (my boyfriend)'s being called a worm now because his girlfriend is one."
I turned to the girl and asked her, "Really, has everyone been saying that about me?"
She replied with ease, right out to my face, "Yeah, of course they have. You're so ugly."
And then this adult man behind her started laughing and agreed. He then said, "Are you gonna eat all that ice cream by yourself, fatty?"
And then started some confidence battle thing...the only thing I had over him was that I had less acne than him. Otherwise, he pointed out that my eyebrows were weird, my nose was to long, my lips too thin, and my hair was too plain. The discussion finally ended when I pointed out his acne, and he sat back with a "hmph."
The bus ride ended, and we were at the ice cream factory place. I didn't get off the bus, but sat the ice cream on my lap, and my boyfriend came over and sat next to me, taking my hand. I felt happy again, but it still stung over what the girl and man had said...and I could just feel that my boyfriend heard the whole conversation. I excused myself to go inside the ice cream place and get two spoons to share the insane amount of ice cream I had.
Inside was a futuristic looking Dairy Queen, but it was insanely big. They were showing a projection of two movies on the history of ice cream in two different rooms, and I had to go off to the side to get some plastic spoons. However, even though I was on the side, a lot of people turned to look at me, and the lady behind the counter (who was watching over just the silverware or something) awkwardly looked away from me when I grabbed two spoons. I then near ran out, and could still feel them looking at me.
I made it back onto the bus, and my boyfriend was there, waiting for me silently and happily without talking to the pretty girl that had insulted me. I sat next to him again, grinning near stupidly. I put the two spoons in the bowl, but the ice cream was melting. Shane laughed lightly and put the ice cream aside, and then gently took my hands and pulled me closer. I thought I was going to kiss him for the first time, but then he made a face, that was like everyone else's in the ice cream factory, and of the girl, and of the man... I looked back at the ice cream on the seat beside us, and it was completely melted.
And then I woke up crying. :(

What on earth does this dream mean? And why the heck was it ice cream themed? o.O

Example: What does this dream means?

It was Valentine.I was in school,and then i got some letter.It wasn't a love letter.I mean it was,but i somehow knew that's joke.Than again,i got another letter.This one was full of insults.
My friend told me that the letter was sent by the twins from the next door class (they don't exist in reality,but it seems like i already knew them in the dream).The next scene,i'm in their apartment.I was really mad,and there was just one twin,i mean they were like two in one.I said ''Why?Why are you doing this?The first letter was kinda cute,but the last one...''...And she said something like ''Because you are idiot.You don't care about nothing,and nothings wrong with your life'',and then my eyes began to tear up,and her eyes also.Then we hug each other and we started to cry.I woke up with the tears on my face.So what does this dream means,i mean,i even don't know who the girl from the dreams is.

Example: Tell me what my dream meant?

It was about... Pokemon... Yes, I know, weird, but it was about Reshiram as my dragon. In the dream, I was the daughter of Ghetsis...(Ok, really weird, but let me tell the rest of it) and it skipped to this one scene where I was in a pool of my blood due to a severe beating Ghetsis did to me, and he was about to kill me when Reshiram broke into his building and was furious at Ghetsis for what he did to me, and was about to kill him, but then his dragon Zekrom appeared and blocked Reshiram's attack, and the two kept fighting and that was all I could remember...

Yes, this is really weird. But what does it mean and why was I dreaming it?

Also, I DO NOT have abusive parents.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night, I dreamt I was walking in my backyard, with grey skies above me that lightly dressed me with drizzles of rain. As I was walking, I noticed this creature that resembled an eel was lying on the grass. It started me, because I thought it was a snake so I tried to back away from it slowly. The creature than stood tall on it's belly like a cobra and revealed razor sharp teeth. I tried to run away, but the gray-eel like python trailed me, evading through the gas and leap up and latch onto my back! I tried pulling it off, but it's teeth caused it to latch on. I remember being terrified, screaming for help but no one helping me.

Somehow, I managed to pry it's teeth off of me and threw the hideous creature on the grass. I tried running away but once again, it latched on to me. Once again, I felt terrified but realized that this creature will only latch on what's closest to it that's moving. I spotted my neighbor's dog, Winston, a yorkie and pulled the creature off and threw it at him and as Winston started to move, the creature latched on to him and his body flipped around in attempt to rid him of the eel.

I ran instead of the house, feeling sorrowful for Winston, but grateful that I was safe. In my home, then got bit by a spider twice, causing my leg to turn numb...

So what could this all mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

It was storming with a blizzard outside and I had to go to the store before it closed. I saw a bus ahead of me going on route and I tried to catch up to ask if I can get a ride, but too late...

I walked and walked then a car was passing me, slowed down, and looked like he was going to pick me up but when he saw who I was he sped on. I threw a middle finger at him and said "Karma!" lol. I was crossing the street and a car was in the wrong lane, I yelled at him to switch lanes. Then I crossed the street to get to the store but it was dark, I was too late! I was disappointed, started walking home, and saw another young guy...looked like he was late too.

He turned out to be a doctor who was looking for someone to help and I needed help, I was so happy to find him.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I'm having trouble with understanding my dreams. The most recent one that I had was that something happened (I don't really know what it was) and me and someone else (I don't know who this is, though) were chasing my maths teacher all around town. We took a different route to try and catch him. We got to a bridge, and we got out, and started yelling insults at him as he drove past. The chick that was with me all of the sudden jumped off the bridge. I got really pissed, got in the car and drove to my teacher's house. I got out, went inside and started trying to beat the crap out of his fiance, but I couldn't. So I started hitting him and as hard as I tried to hit him, they all just looked at me like I was nuts.

What does this mean? I've had another dream sirt od like this where I was sneaking into his house... What is my subconcious trying to tell me!?

Example: What do you think this dream means?

For the past 6 months I have been dreaming almost constant of a man that I had never met. I could make out his complexion, his broad shoulders, his touch and the color of his eyes. I could feel his touch and the feeling of overwhelming love in my heart. We are always in a dark candlelit room and he is holding me in his arms.

Well 3 weeks ago I met this man. I know without a doubt that it is him. We hit it off great and it seemed so perfect and we are two of a kind. The flaw was the fact that he has a girlfriend. We never went farther than hanging out with one another. Now that the class we were both taking is over he walked away and I don't know if I will ever see him again.

I refuse to think that months of dreaming lead up to talking a little bit and then the man not being in my life anymore. What do you think about this? What could this dream mean? What would you do?

Example: Dream meaning white and black mouse?

now, some of you may or may not believe in angels...but I ask that you respect my opinions

before I went to bed (this was my first attempt) I asked archangel Michael to send me any messages through my dreams. The next morning, I couldn't remember half of my dream,but what I did suddenly remember was how I had two brown small pouches and I knew that there was one mouse and one brownish/blackish mouse in these two small pouches. I opened the first one and found a white mouse that crawled on to my left hand. I opened the other brown pouch..searching for the brown/blackish mouse but it was nowhere to be found and I had a feeling that it was dead in the pouch and didn't "make it".. what does this dream mean? can anyone interpret this white/black mouse symbolism?

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