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Dream About Insidious Man meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do dreams mean/ resemble ?

last night i had a dream my friends and i were playing hide and seek in his house , and when he oppened the closet the demon from the movie insidious popped out and took my friend then i woke up, in the movie the demon is like a giant beast with horns that is suppose to represent the devil , should i be worried about my self or friend because i had this dream ? or am i just over reacting

No, Dave, there is no reason to worry about your friend. Your dream is influenced by the horror movie images in your memory.

Although we could push these images to find some symbolic meaning, the dream is most likely nothing more than a scary dream, playing with the monster-in-the-closet cliche. More importantly, dreams are always about the dreamer. So on the symbolic level, your friend in the dream represents some part of yourself, and the boogie-man in the closet represents your own fear. There is no actual threat to either of you.

Example: Do you think people nowadays are too obsessed with technology?

I mean, it's coming to the point where they spend more time texting or playing video games, watching TV, or surfing the internet than spending time with their family and friends and just playing outside or enjoying nature. If you do think that people nowadays are too obsessed with technology, than what do you think we could do to try encourage more quiet family time like people used to do in the old days?

Example: Help what does this dream mean ?

So i had 2 dreams both of which i was sleeping in my dream and in the first one i was in my room sleeping and i wake up to a man choking me and then in reality i wake up gasping for air and then in the second dream im sleeping once again and i wake up again in my room but this time i sit up and i look i the bathroom mirror and the same man is there sitting next to me and i turn to look but she not sitting next to me , he only is when i look in the mirror. WHAT DOES THIS DREAM MEAN ?!

Example: Movies like Insidious?

I mean with the same "jump" value. My partner and I love the first half of Insidious, the music and unexpected jumps were great, the one scene where (SPOILER) the mans mother is telling about her dream, and she looks at her son and the demon is behind him scared us so good!

I don't want slow movies with some special effects and a good "story" i want something that is going to frighten me! I don't care if that just with jumps and music.

I don't want old movies like friday 13th or nightmare on elm street or things like My Bloody Valentine.
Let me in was good, but still not the sorta thing I'm looking for...

Any ideas?

Example: Insidious: why did the woman want to posses him in the first place?

was it to kill everyone or something else? will she kill his family? what will happen to josh in the further?

Example: What is the movie insidious about/storyline?

Want to know the whole story about insidious to be honest too scared t watch it due to comments but want to know storyline to the end?

Example: What happens in Insidious the movie?

The movie that just came out- I need everything that happened, the spoilers too!

Example: Does this nightmare mean anything?

it started at my grandma's house but it was my room at my house and me and my cousins were watching a horror movie the title was blurry but on the cover was a creepy figure that looked like the thing with the red face off insidious and when we put into the DVD player we got teleported somehow into the movie which started as me and my cousin walking home and we met these three kids who came to my grandma's house then the dream changed and i ended up in a courtroom with three business men, the three men had red faces and long snake like tongues and started mumbling weird words then turned into regular humans and walked off then i somehow got back to my grandma's house and i was sitting with all my cousins, and i had to go ask my grandma for contact solution for some reason and she started talking how her and my grandpa did it in my room and gave me a white balloon full of contact solution...weird right? does it mean anything cuz the business man thing is creepy

Example: Does my nightmare mean anything?

Ok so I watched the movie insidious all by myself about a week ago and I had a HORRIBLE nightmare. Me and my brother where in that house in the movie playing in one of the rooms and that demon from in the movie comes out of the closet pushes me out of the room locking the door. I rush back to the door trying to open it and all I can hear is my brother screaming my name, yelling for me to help him. After that this strange man takes me to see his bones and all u see is the scratch marks and hand prints engraved in them... I woke myself up crying my brothers name asking why he didn't take me instead... Ever since then I have been going to bed at late hours from fear of re dreaming that nightmare... Am I just being paranoid or does it mean something?

Example: Why is insidious scary?

Is it like scary looking people with ugly creepy faces like in grudge. Or scary supernatural things. Tell me a little about it. I heard its like a boy who is taken over by an old lady.

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