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Dream About Injection meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Yesterday night i remember i had a dream that my dad died, idk how? In my dream i was in school and then my dad died and my grandma grandpa and someone else were in the principle's office and i was in tears? which is weird because me and my dad dont get along at all. we had a rough pass like he was hitting me and stuff. and i woke up with tears in my eyes.
Last night i had a dream that i shot someone and the bullet went through his body and shot someone behind him in the head. so it wass like a 2 in 1 shot. then people were shooting at me and i ran away and woke up. What do these dreams mean? and why am i dreaming this. Thanks for your answers in advance. x

A lot of people have the mistaken idea that dreaming of death foretells of a loved one dying.

First of all, dreams are a many things, but psychic they are not. Our dreams reflect what is going on inside our minds and hearts. They deal with (and sort out) things that we are currently experiencing or things that we have currently experienced.

Now having said that, we can take the information and symbolism found in our dreams to help us in the future. So, in that regard, they can provide warnings and admonitions. However, please don’t ever think they foretell bad omens or that dreaming of darkness is a prediction for upcoming darkness.

If you have had a dream which involved death, rest assured that you are far from alone. We’ve all had death dreams and, while troubling, we all know that they slink out of our lives just as fast as they slunk in.

Death dreams generally mean that you are anxious or worried. You may not fully realise how much anxiety you’re actually feeling. Many times, troubling dreams like this wave a flag for the individual and cause them to realise just how much stress they’ve been under. The dreamer can then realise that they need to pull back a little bit – enjoy life more rather than just anxiously trying to get from point A to point B!

Almost all dreams of dying can be traced back to an overworked, overly anxious individual very much in need of some time off!

whether you dream once of a shooting, or dozens of times across your life, each dream will be unforgettable. Aside from doing what you can to learn about their symbolic purpose, you can also use shooting dreams to develop a mental resistance to horrifying scenes

General Dream Meaning: Being shot

interestingly enough, a dream of being shot depends heavily on the equipment being used to do the shooting. If you dream of your picture, or mug shot being taken, it may indicate that you have to take responsibility for something that you have been trying to hide. If the camera is also broken, then you may be refusing to see something important.

Individuals that dream of being forcibly injected, or shot with needles may be an indicator that you are concerned about peer pressure. If you dream of being shot with a gun, or of shooting a stranger, it can easily mean that you are trying to get rid of some aspect of yourself, or that you do not like or accept some elements of your persona.

How Dream Symbol Getting Shot May Fit in Your Life

While dreaming of a shooting is often based in aggression and anger, you should not automatically think that these feelings are negative. Among other things, sometimes you really and truly need to get angry in order to change things that cause you, or others harm. In a sense, the presence of this kind of anger in a dream can indicate that you have unchanneled energy that can be redirected into some type of useful goal. That said, you should never let the presence of anger, or its release create a situation where you simply fritter your energies away on useless actions. Fortunately, if you dream of shooting something, you can interpret that as aligning with your goal.

A Sample Dream, Getting Shot Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are in a medical clinic, and awaiting to receive some kind of vaccination. You awaken from the dream feeling frightened and as if you lost something special.

Since this dream focuses on a medical injection, you can begin your dream interpretation by concluding the dream is about an opportunity to develop a new emotional or spiritual understanding.

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

Well, last night I had a dream where the guy that me and him have something kinda going on started hugging me all the time and we would hold hands but we weren't officially going out but he still said he loved me and was hugging me constantly, then i was in class and the school secretary from my old school came into the room and said i had to come down stairs and i was walking with her and she said i needed an operation, so most of my friends from street dancing were having operations as well and i lied on the bed and i got and injection in my foot and i went to sleep then i woke up and all my friends from street dancing had had there operations as well then we started doing a really cool dance and then i woke up:( i have no idea what this dream meant please help lol:L

Example: What does the dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was in my dad's house (my parents are separated) but my mom was there too. I got shot out of no where on my right arm and later on, my mother told me that if I don't die, these people would kill my whole family. So I decided to die painless and take a whole bunch of pills and go to sleep. But when I did that, I didn't fall asleep, I just got weaker and weaker and I could barely move or talk. But I was scared to die so i had this idea to just kill those people who threaten to kill my whole family. So when those people came over to see if i was dead, my whole family worked together to kill them and when they did, they called the ambulance and I was saved. They pumped my stomach and treated the bullet would and that's where it ended.

Also, in the dream, my cousin, Maria, was there, but i never saw her (Maria committed suicide when she was twelve years old. this is true). She was a ghost in the dream and someone had told me that she asked for a glass of water and I heard her voice in the background asking for it. Another time, someone said that Maria said something (i forgot what she said), and since I knew she was passed away, I didn't believe her. So I said, "oh yeah, where's Maria?". And they said she was right behind us. I turned there and said sadly, "Oh, Maria"

This was all in the same dream...but i feel like it telling me all these different things.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was part of a Russian army and I was put into a group with me and other 16 year old girls. I was brought up to join the army. Then, when we went to Paris, I fell in love with a french guy. But I was still in the army, so I couldn't stay. His family was moving, so it would be the last time I would see him. I decided to sneak out of the army. My friends helped me escape, but we had to go through the boys bunks. A boy found me sneaking out and tried to inject me with something, but I dug my nails into his skin and kicked him in the stomach. I eventually escaped, met my love at the airport, and ran off with him and his family. Can anyone tell me what this means, I remember it really vividly it's weird... and it has nothing to do with my actual life.

Example: What does this Dream Mean?

now i am only 16 years old and all of my grandparents and parents and cousins and siblings and friends are all alive.

so i had a dream last night that i was old and i was in a hospital. i was getting a lethal injection so that i would pass away without pain from whatever i was diagnosed with or something.

well atleast i had a choice. the doctors and nurses were engcouraging it for some reason saying it would be the best. i thought it would be the best too and i thought about if there is something after death i might see my family and friends (in the dream where my family and friends were dead of old age) again. but i was also scared to take the risk because i wanted to live as much as possible and once i die , there is a good chance of not experiencing anything like life and nothing but non-existence

i just kept thinking about that in the dream and i woke up

Example: Meaning of a dream (strange dream)?

last night i had this dream about a small white rat running away i wanted to capture it but he got away next day i saw him again (rat got a little bigger) and i managed to capture him funny thing is i kept it as a pet gave it food water and all that stuff months passed and the rat was starting to look more like a human (was standing on two legs!) it even started to talk but he started to act like a total asshole,mean but strangely at the end of the dream i felt bad because i ended killing the rat instead of talking to him get him to understand him to change him in the end i took him to a hospital gave him an injection and told him ive always liked you no matter what as a friend so then when i woke up i had this feeling a guilty bad feeling
can someone please tell me what this means specifically (i know this was a pretty strange dream)

Example: WEIRDEST READ: What did my dream mean ?

OK right into it.
My dream:
I was In a mental hospital and Dressed in a medical 'Onesie' of sorts but it was REALLY tight and I had to walk hunched over as it was so tight it hurt to stand up straight.

Two doctors came to a window of my classroom looking cell I was in and told me I needed 'This' Injection, I refused and asked "If it will help me grow, IF IT WILL ENHANCE ME". Then I started to become enraged with anger at the doctors (As I knew I had this amazing power the doctors were afraid of) and started to crack the wall by pushing against the window border.
The doctors got very scared and THEN weirdly I fell back and collapsed into helplessness. (I couldn't stand/walk/ talk properly or even hold myself up).
His arm stretched (Like a cartoon character) through the physical windows and injected me with this needle.

I was then calm/depressed. They both walked me to the canteen of the building where there were allot of other patients. I felt outcasted and didn't want to even look at any of them so I went to the toilet in the corner room of the canteen.

Now this is the weirdest part.

I started to urinate in this toilet But then my penis turned a REALLY deep purple and I was urinating deep purple colored urine that was an extreme struggle to get out. The toilet started to overflow with this purple urine of mine and I tried to clean it up but didn't care much I was just scared.
Another patient then barged into the toilet and I was then suddenly Very short'... he stood in the corner and I watched him in fear of what he was going to do.

That's it.
What did all that mean :S...

Example: What does this dream means?

i dreamt i accepted an injection from a dirty needle

Example: What does this dream mean?

In the dream, I was wrestling an animal that looks like a bear with caribou's antler and fish's tail on the bed. Later, police came in and capture it to a hospital and decide to euthanasia the animal. However, upon the injection, it turns into a dog, and I decided to keep it.

Example: What does my dream mean.?

I had a dream last week where my family was hiking and we all got bite by a rattlesnake, and idk if we died, then after that the same night another dream where this car came by and did a driveby at my house and shot into it and sped off? im not a supersticious freak or anything just wondering

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