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Dream About Infinity meanings

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Dreaming with Infinity may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of a house with many rooms?

I dream of this often, the same house, but... l have Never to my Knowledge visited this house. Yet in my dream, l always live there.

When you Dream of a house it normally means you have room to grow as a person.Also it means it time for change.Like decorating and renewing our beautiful home.Your soul will settle,And be at peace with yourself and with me by your side.We love each other for all infinity Sweetheart.Our love will never falter or fail.I love you so much babe.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night where I dreamed of a symbol with the letter y inside a circle and all corners of the y was touching the sides of the circle. Does this symbol have a meaning?

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok so in my dream me and a bunch of people were in a forest preserve and their was this box thing with a window in it where they were growing trees and their was lights that kept going on and off and their was a giant rock inside it with three faces on it. The faces were of guys and one of the guys were looking down and the other two were looking straight ahead then all of the sudden this guy came walking up to the glass where i was standing but he was on the other side of the glass and i couldnt go in the box. so in my dream i said, "hi david" and its weird because i have a friend named scott who iv known for a few months and i just found out his real name is david but the guy in my dream didnt look at all like my friend and he always lost his lighter and in my dream he said that as soon as he got in town lost his lighter. then this guy named ryan came up and asked "so how much money do u ow her know" and i said "he ows me 90 dollars" and i just really have no idea what it means

Example: What does this dream mean...?

What does this dream mean...?
I only had this dream twice in entire life,but i wanna interpet it.Me(at 6 years old) and some childhood friend(usually a girl named maddie).
Theres this mineshaft(the one with rails like a train track) that is only on the walls going down like a tunnnel(except goin' down).On the said tracks are mattresses that we bounce on,jungle gyms,typical kid stuff.We keep goin' downwards,bouncing around joyfulluy.But then we reach an area that's in shadow.Maddie goes in first,then screams,then theres this maniacal laugh,clown-like(i saw or heard the clown,i can't explain it).I'm not scared of real-life clowns,but the nightmarish,tv traumatic ones.I somehow bounce into safety,trying to reach back to her.Actually I don't bounce back safely, fall down off the tacks,going down until infinity,then infinity ends(i can't explain it).Then theres some consoling person who is some friend of my parents when i was very young(i can't remember exactly).We wait,mady appears,trmbl

Example: What can snakes mean in a dream?

I often have dreams about snakes. Can this mean anything?

Example: What does this day dream mean?

OK, I was looking at a dresser drawer and it popped out and went into a infinity kinda like you see it go frame by frame (one dressor drawer ontop of another going infinetly into the ground and got smaller and smaller) also there was a mirror facing against me and I belive it was an alternate realm with creatures and stuff in there. Also, the room turned into liquid sphere and you could see all that was taking place. The mirror was a door outside of the sphere.

Example: What does this dream mean?

This girl i have been seeing for a about a month now means a lot to me. We've been talking for about 2 months. Last night i had a dream and we were looking back at texts to figure out when exactly we started talking. In my dream however the date was in 2008. What does this mean

Example: I had a snake dream, what does it mean?

in my dream it was two snakes i think, curled up in a way that they're making the infinity sign, and each snake is biting the other snakes tail. what does this dream mean?

Example: What does this repeated dream mean?

All of my life I've had this same dream. The only thing I can remember about most of my childhood is this dream. Its just white ongoing sand. Not a desert or anything, but endless sand. It so full of texture and grainy. It also seems cold. Can anyone interpret this?

Example: What does recurring numbers mean in a dream?

I was sleeping last night, and the whole night it was like "8888888" the whole time. That's the only number I can remember, but I know there were more numbers. What's that mean?

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