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Dream About Ice Cream Sundae meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Last night I dreamed that I beheaded a huge sewer rat with a Wiffle bat. Can anyone tell me what that means?

Please, inject as much humor as you'd like.

And yes, I really dreamed this.

Well,the use of a Wiffle bat,rather than a sword or shotgun could possible represent your feelings of powerless and indimidation in your fear of large grotesque marsupials.

The finishing blow by decapitation, with a very light and dull instrument may represent your innate sense of self preservation...I usually escape danger somehow in my dreams,as well(reguardless of the liklelyhood of such)except that time I rolled out of my treehouse bunk bed on to a bunch of pinecones below...LOL
EDIT: I may go out and buy a bobblehead sewer rat with wiffle bat kit...Sounds like fun!

Poor fella...his very last thoughts were selfless,wishing that I would get "Best Answer"...then his lifeless body just rolled into the gutter... freezing and unaware pedestrians walking past the gory scene,not giving notice to his motionless body, in very cold and rainy dark of the night...how sad...

(((Rammie))))...LOL...Where have you been tonight?...Probably yakking on Yahoo messenger,with Vicki

Example: What does this dream mean? (EASY!)?

I dreamt I was at the mall with a bunch of people. Then we see this little place selling cakes, pies, brownies, sundaes,etc. I decided to buy chocolate ice cream. My friend was carrying money, and I see something about $5.80 .
then i leave by myself, and I was eating my ice cream still. Then i see this guy i loved (he used to love me but im not sre anymore) passing by. He didn't seem to look at me that much. He came back carrying a box of candy (sourpatches?) and i left. Then I see an old friend and we gave eachother a hug.

What does it mean?

Example: Help, What does this dream mean?

a few days ago I had a dream that I was at the mall with a bunch of friends. We saw a little mini place selling brownies, sundaes, ice cream and pie and stuff. I decided to buy chocolate ice cream. I saw my friend carrying money, Im pretty sure i heard something abut $5.80 . then i was eating my ice cream, and i saw this guy i really loved. he was walking with his mom . then i was following him until he went outside. i threw away the ice cream. then i was coming back and he was sort of following me, carrying a box of Sour Patches . Then i saw a friend and gave her a hug

what does it mean?

Example: 10 pointer: 50 things to do at a sleepover!?

i was thinking try skyping celebrities so if u want 15 points give me some celebrity phone numbers or some links to websites about sleepovers


Example: I dreamt that i was eating sundae with hair?

those two people in this dream im meeting for the first time in it. I was happy because i knew a guy who had a mcdonald's stand and i knew since i knew him he would give me what i want in the amount i wanted. so i asked for chocolate ice-cream, and i was pretty excited about it but the machine was broken, so i settled for a chocolate fudge. then he gave me the meal in a pack and introduced me to a girl whom i sat with in a room, and she was a hip girl who told me she had a bad habit or "thing" for junk food and showed me a pack of chips in her bag, but when i offered her some fudge, she told me no and that chocolate ice-cream was really bad for you. i was still happy to eat it, anyway, and was only wondering how she liked junk food and at the same time said that about chocolate ice-cream. so i ate it except that it had spread in my bag and when i put it back in its cup it was full of tiny pieces of my own hair, which was in the bag. and i couldn't finish it in the end. what does this mean?

Example: Whats your favorite lucid dream?

cant say this is my favorite, but i got the most out of this one,

the dreams starts off in in a building and i see this huge lion it had to be at least 10 ft tall 15 foot in length and there was this trainer keeping the lion in check, all of a sudden the lion attacks and eats the trainer, suddenly i become lucid and remembering what i've read from stephen laberge book "exploring the world of lucid dreaming"that confronting your fear in your dream is confronting a personality flaw you have in your mind, so i confronted this lion and it started to shrink and change into something unintimidating looked like a balloon animal suddenly it starts to run down a hallway so i gave chase it runs into a room then it tries to go through the wall to the other side but i grabbed what i think is its soul it turns into a bubble and i start to eat it as i was eating it i can hear a low growl, so i left the room and stood in the hallway, i was extrememly lucid at this point that i remembered to ask the questions "whats the meaning of the universe or life" forgot which i said but i got an answer a voice out of nowhere sounded almost like a whisper but it was very clear. it said something to this description "your body does not understand values or virtues and your sould does not understand values or virtues" choose which makes sense lol because i heard these words. When i woke up i felt ecstatic really felt like i was healed or transcended in a way.

Example: Girls and your dream weddings!?

Ok so I have two questions for you...
1)At what age did you start imagining/planning your dream wedding? (you know, I mean like when you were a little girl)

2)Whats your dream wedding? (all details plz like location, dress, colors, flowers, ect.)

Just Curious! Thanks!
P.S. is 13 too young to start dreaming!?

Example: Is sleep talking a window to the subconscious?

I have been dating a guy for almost 2 months now. The relationship is not serious yet. Last night I was pleasantly surprised to witness him sleep talking, in which he said "I love you" when I rolled over to snuggle up to him. I know he was sleeping because he mumbled something else only a few moments prior. What I would like to know is if this particular instance has any kind of subconscious meaning, other than being incredibly sweet?

Example: Dream made me depressed, please help.?

OK, so I am not one for having dreams that ever make sense. I woke up not too long ago but I had a strange dream that kind of baffled me, enough that I would make a topic asking help on what it could mean. Well first a little background on me, I used to go to church, however I since retired from it because I got sick of the hypocrisy there and fed up with the dogma.

My dream was about someone I never met, she was someone who apparently was maybe a part of the youth group or the youth leader? My dream wasn't very specific, however everyone seemed to like her. And in my dream I was head over heels for her, she didn't know about it however.

In my dream I just got out of church and was about to drive home when she stopped by to talk to me, she encouraged me to try have more faith in church and just to be stronger and that everything will be OK. I took it to heart, and was happy for her advice and that she cared enough to tell me this.

Skip forward in my dream and this same girl dies, she burns to death after she got in a wreck, a lot of other pointless stuff happens in my dream but in my dream I was wandering aimlessly after she died. I woke up not too long afterwards feeling really depressed, to the point where I could cry and I am not a very emotional person that I would ever feel this way unless someone close to me would actually died. However I can't explain why I still feel sad, I don't know this girl in my dream, she might not even be real, so why do I feel sad?

Example: If i could make ice cream sundaehow many girls would get that?

ice cream sundae (a ditching game).

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