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Dream About Husband meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream about your ex husband?

I've been divorced for almost a year now. Me & my ex husband, we're some what still cool with each other. We have moments where we bump into each other at a friends place or in public some where. We've also had serious conversation moments. . . . Moments where me and him just take off and its just me and him talking one on one. . . . all he ever says to me is, "Your an amazing girl. . . . If I could go back and be a better husband, I would. . . . I DO love you and I DO miss you so much. . . . " Last week he even facebooked me and said, "I DO miss you & I think if we were to ever get back together, I'd love you the way I did when we first fell in love" Idk what thats suppose to mean coming from him.

Anyways! Last night I had a dream that me and my ex husband stopped talking completely because he got a girl pregnant and he was getting re-married. . . . I couldn't do anything BUT cry my eyes out in the dream. . . . I cried and screamed until I couldn't scream anymore. . . . . I woke up dazed and confused because it felt so real. . . . I've been sad ever since the dream. . . . Idk what the dreams suppose to mean. . . . Maybe it means me and him need to compromise? We're either together or were not anymore and we definitely can't stay friends.

Opinions? Answers? Please and thank you.

Dreams are ways of your subconscious to deal with things. You want to scream and yell and kick is butt from the sounds of it and your frustrating from the fact you are divorced and he is throwing the bull crap, I miss you, I still love you crap.
I am not friends with my ex, I have not spoken to him in almost a year because he started the same crap, I changed my number, blocked him on social networking sites and the only time I hear about him is when my mother brings him up.
I don't believe people should stay friends after divorce unless they have kids. And I had a dream where I pitched my Ex off a cliff because he started the I miss you crap so you are not alone.

Example: What is the meaning of the dream my husband had?

In his dream, there were 2 girl ghost/spirits in the backyard by the door. He went and opened the sliding door but stayed in the house. He felt angry/scared. He yelled "What do you guys want?" The girls asked "Where is Angel?" My husband was shocked and scared and mad. He didnt respond. And he woke up.

FYI: I had an ectopic pregnancy in May 2007 which resulted in the removal of my baby at 5 weeks. We named our baby Angel. We are currently trying to get pregnant again.
Who are the girls? And why are they asking "where is Angel?"
Thanks to anyone who can give us an answer.

Example: Meaning of death dreams of husband?

My husband and I have been together for 6 years now, only married for one and a half. Ever since we've gotten married, I've had about 5 dreams of him dead. Every time they're very realistic, and quite scary.
Whats going on? We get along very well, rarely a small fight here and there, and every time I've had one of these dreams, there have been no fighting that day between us. Any help in figuring this out would be great. I'm very curious.

Example: Meaning of DREAM: husband dies but I refused to see him dead..?

I dreamed that my husband died but I never saw him.. I only knew..
Well first I remember that a day before I found out he died that we were in bed and I told him of you ever die I think I'll die with u... And when I found out he was dead I keep remembering that... I would cry so much and hope he would not be dead..

Then later I was like at a beach with my family and I kept looking for him and I would tell my mom that maybe it was him and point at a guy.. I just kept looking to see if I saw him.. Then my step dad told me'' there he is dead u need to understand that.. I told him no... And he said go look at his coffin so u can see he is and he is never coming back I kept crying saying no mo no...

Example: What does my husbands dream mean?

okay well me and my husband were sleeping all of a sudden he started to shake real fast and was yelling my name so i wake up and it looked as if he couldn't breath his eyes kept opening and closing i was scared so i shook him so he would wake up. Everything seemed so real thought i was scared out of my socks i then asked him what had happened to him and he said " if i tell you i want you to believe me" so i said yes and he said he had dream "death" was right on top of him it was as if he wanted to take him. so i ask why couldnt you breath and he said that he "death" was on top of him and he was so heavy he just couldnt. My question is was this a dream and if it was what does it mean im scared for him please help THANKS

Example: What Does it mean when you dream about husband cheating ?

I dreamed this morning that i walked in on my husband having sex w. My friend . I beat her *** out my house but then suddenly she turned into a dog ? After that the dog appears into a different girl . Then he left with her walking . What does this mean ? The dream felt so real and painful.

Example: What does it mean when you dream your husband cheats on you?

I used to havedreams that my husband cheated on me with his ex almost everynight. He really did cheat on me with her when we were dating but we worked through it and have been better than ever. But these dreams still won't leave me alone. My mom suggested it was because I became obssessed with her after I found out by stalking her fb looking at pictures and just sitting there hating her wanting to beat the **** out of her. I haven't done that in a year so why do these dreams keep coming randomly even when I go to bed content with my husband?

Example: What does a dream about my husband dying mean?

last night I dreamed my husband fell down a flight of stairs at work and died. Soon after my husband died my father and granfather died. Everyone was grieving for different people and not helping one another. I was having to tell my 2 yr old about his dad dying. It was horrible. I was so upset that I was sobbing in my sleep and my husband had to wake me up, my pillow was drenched with tears. I couldn't bring myself to let him put of my sight or touch the entire night. What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean dreaming of my husband having an illicit affair?

i sometimes dream of my husband flirting with others.. sometimes i dream of him having an affair with a friend of mine.. I feel jealous in my dreams...I admit I don't love him anymore in real

Example: What does it mean to dream that your husband is a centaur?

This may be a bit much but I just can't find any answers! I had a dream that my husband was a centaur and we made love! What in the world does this mean? I have never had a dream of a centaur in my life! Help please!

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