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Dream About Hunting Dog meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about a baby bear?

I dreamed that there was a baby black bear inside our house, and he was chasing us. Me and my husband tried to hide but the bear kept finding us. I really cant remember how it ended?

A dream about a baby bear means you're lucky you didn't have a dream about momma bear charging out at 35 miles per hour right behind him ears back, mouth open. Happened to me once while I was out hog hunting, the dogs and what my friend called a warning shot stopped her (it wasn't a warning shot, it was a missed shot, lol, he's got terrible aim and adrenalin doesn't help).

Example: Hunting dogs in a family with a newborn?

My husband is a big hunting fan, and he has been begging me to let him get a hunting dog! I allowed him to get Esther, our pomeranian, on the 23rd of April for my daughter Remy's birthday. But, obviously a pomeranian isn't a hunting dog. Now I would let him but the only problem is that we have a newborn. Haddley was born on April 13th, so this would be the only reason. However, the dog would be going to a training camp for most of the summer, so it wouldn't be much of a hazard to Haddie. Of course my husband has my other daughters, Bella and Remy, all excited about ANOTHER puppy... thoughts?

Example: What does it mean to dream about dogs?

I have had multiple dreams about dogs recently. There is a lot of variation in the behavior and kind of dogs involved. One dream I had was about a big grey dog that would always look for me and follow me and almost hunt me down. I was always distracted in my dream because I was always trying to avoid this dog that I was unable to complete my normal tasks and it made me really scared of it. Another dream I had was one where my friend and I went and each got an adorable little yorkshire terrier puppy. He was tiny and cute, and very nice and calm and made me really happy in the dream. In that dream I had a hard time taking care of him, even though he was not a handful. Last night I had a dream about two dogs and a skunk that acted like a dog. In the beginning of the dream this fat, large, mean beagle was attacking me whenever I tried to fall asleep. It would jump up on me in my bed or try to get under the covers and bite my feet whenever it could, and when it would manage to jump up on me it would scratch me really hard and made me miserable. Then later on in the dream I was playing with a cute little bison frisee puppy and I was putting a cute little pink bow on it, but then this man came in with this weird skunk that was like a dog and it was on a leash, and he released the skunk dog thing, and it came up and scared the cute puppy away and sprayed everything. It was really weird.

Whats bothering me is that I feel like these dog dreams mean something and I just cannot figure out what...

Example: Hunting?...

Im want to get into hunting but i don't know what type of hunting to do which is most fun.And also what is the most fun animal to work with is it birds of prey,ferrets or dogs.please answer.

Example: What does my dream actually mean?

Hi there guys! I'm kinda having a bit of trouble with my dream, I kinda remember half of it right now at the moment, because the first part was really hard for me to remember. So this is what happened

I was in my old middle school, back in the states, it was on a high afternoon, which was very vivid. The colors were very vivid, almost like I was literally in my school right now, this was all somehow in 1st person POV but at some points it went to 3rd Person POV. So what was happening was I have a crush on one Patrick who's on my bus, that I secretly think he is cute. . So what me and him did, was there was no one around us and we were walking through the courtyard of our school, I was holding his waist, but somehow Patrick doesn't notice that I am holding hear or doesn't even see mee, but I can see and feel him. Then after we walked through the corrider in a straight path. Some of these bullies started coming towards Patrick and all of a sudden they shouted at us, and Patrick started defending me and himself as well. But I hate bullies and fighting so what I did was I tried to " break up " the fight by shouting at them, but they somehow told me to " get out of here ". And at the same time Patrick was still fighting with them but not noticing me. Which was weird still. Then after that I woke up and went to school, normally and I couldn't stop to think of this dream constantly which made me get distracted so badly lol xD.

So anyways, what does this dream mean, I spent all my time at school thinking about it but nothing comes straight to me? May someone try interpreting this for me? That would be very nice! Thanks!

Example: What do these dreams mean?

This has happened twice to me in the past couple of months, and it is beginning to scare me.
In the first dream, I was Jewish, and so were some of my friends. We were at a church (one where I had recently attended a lock-in), but it was like a mass hiding for Jews. The main area was dark. Once we were settled into our rooms, we were told to search around for our hiding places if the Nazis ever came. My good friend and I headed into the bathroom (which was like the ones at our school), where we searched frantically for a hiding place. We climbed up on the counter, pulled a mirror out like a medicine cabinet, and hid behind there. The thing was, we were too big to fit back there, so the mirror didn't swing shut completely. We waited there to see if anyone would find us, just as a test. When we initially entered, there were other girls in there. However, when we were hiding, some boys entered and began using the mirror we were hiding behind. They didn't see us, even though we were hanging halfway out. Then the Nazis came, and I woke up.
The second dream occurred a few weeks after this one. This time, the Nazis were marching my friends and myself into a giant auditorium, where I found another friend and ran to her. I was crying and I was scared. I can't remember what happened next, but all of a sudden I was watching a fishing boat with tons of food on it, and the two fishermen were freaking out because some sort of animal-- a whale, I think-- was knocking the boat around. The food fell off and all of a sudden, I was on the boat. The owner of the boat came out and told me that I was safe with them, and then left. The boat was suddenly a cement loading dock, and the owner went up a set of stairs. I followed him to a very fancy restaurant or lounge, where people looked at me like I was filth. I left the lounge and then woke up.
NOTE: Both of these dreams occurred in modern-day settings, with electricity and modern clothes and everything. What do they mean?

Example: What does a rabbit mean in a dream?

the situation was odd.. i hunt these types of things, and in the dream, my dog (i just got him a couple weeks ago) was chasin a small white rabbit and i was encouragin him to get it. he finally got it and brought it to my feet dead. i picked it up, and thought it was a cute rabbit, since it was so small, and oddly it wasnt completely dead, and it kinda got back up as i touched it, and wasnt mean or anything.. then i woke up. i fear that this dream means kid.. they say rabbits mean fertility and death means birth but it came back to life anyway... so, what could that mean in both myths and subconscious meanings?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was at the beach with my friends when a sea serpant emerged from the waters. it was like the loch ness exept with an almost human head... it stared at me and next thing i knew, it was raping me. suddenly, the serpant changed into my friend rhys.. he stopped raping me and called me a whore. i ran to my truck and drove for awhile. i stopped and a man with a hat came to my window and threatened to kill me. i panicked at first but then realised there was nothing i could do so i surrendered and he shot me. i fell into a peaceful death sort of thing and then awoke from the dead and went to kill the man who shot me. i found him and tied him to a pole and shot him many times. he was dying slowly when suddenly he changed in my pet dog bella. i thought bella was dangerous so i kept shooting her even though my brothers were next to me, crying, telling me to stop. then i woke up... im so confused, this dream keeps coming back into my thoughts, whats it trying to tell me!?

Example: Dreaming meaning - strip clubs, stripping and birthdays?

Hi everyone! So I just had a dream that it was my birthday and I just wanted to have a party with balloons and hot dogs, and a scavenger hunt lol. The birthday that I had planned was kind of like a kids party. But all my friends wanted to go to a strip club. so we all ended up at a strip club and all my friends except for me did a bunch of hard core drugs. What could that mean?

I also had a dream a week ago where I was stripping for an arena of people in some kind of strip contest. But in that dream I was loving it. I don't know why I keep having these dreams about stripping?!

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

Now, keep in mind that I have strange dreams like this often and that I have had dreams about my ex-boyfriends before (most of them being that we were still together). And that my ex-boyfriend who was in this dream broke up with me 4 months ago, I still like him and that we’re still friends but not as close as I would like to be.
It was snowing and I was standing in the park, looking at the side street leading to my old school. I saw someone who was walking their dog walk by me. For some reason I stayed still, trying to be as silent as possible, and watched, even though some part of me wanted to call out to them and ask what was going on. But I had no idea who it was in the first place.
The scene changed.
I was running through a revised version of my school (the layout was like a mall and the halls were empty) and all of a sudden I reached my class.
I walked in and saw my classmates, among them was my ex-boyfriend-who I still have feelings for-my best friend who happens to be in that class, a boy who I had a crush on previously and some other people from my original class.
My teacher was up front telling us about a scavenger hunt/mission thing we were about to go on. I don’t remember everything but I was teasing my ex-boyfriend and then I was off running around the school.
The next scene was had my ex and I standing on the ledge of a water fountain and talking.
I asked about something going wrong in the mission. He said that everything would be alright as long as our strategy worked. He then leaned in towards me and I didn’t get scared and back away like I had before.
I thought, “Well, I know were not dating anymore, and this is probably a dream, so I might as well enjoy it while it lasts” and we kissed. At first I didn’t do anything, but after a few seconds I kissed him back. We stood there for a few minutes, kissing while everybody moved around us.
The scene changed and then I was standing in the middle of a ball, there were princesses everywhere (I’ve no idea why but they were like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty…etc) and my classmates were there as well.
The princess Snow White was talking to the crowed and I saw my ex talking or flirting (I can’t remember which one) to another girl. I got real jealous. Then everything was spinning and people were running around screaming.
Then I woke up.

Any helpful answers? Please and Thank you!

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