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Dream About Human Voice meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Do dreams ever mean anything?

I know it is a silly question.
But can some dreams ever be signing anything, or representing anything?
I had a dream that me & this guy I liked kissed.
Could it mean anything? Hahaa.
Dumb question but oh well.

Job 33 (Amplified Bible) 14For God [does reveal His will; He] speaks not only once, but more than once, even though men do not regard it [including you, Job]. 15[One may hear God's voice] in a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men while slumbering upon the bed, 16Then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction [terrifying them with warnings], +++"Dreams is defined in Webster's Dictionary as a "sequence of sensations, images, thoughts, etc., passing through a sleeping person's mind" . Dreams have been a topic of study dating back to 4000 B.C. One may say that dreams have been around as long as the first civilization came to be and are just a normal part of human existence.

In our dreams, we can go anywhere, we can be anybody, and we can do anything. When we dream, we are like passengers on a moving train, unable to control our actions and choose surroundings. We let our mind take over. Sometimes, dreams can be understood in the the context of repressed thoughts. Dreaming serves as an outlet for those thoughts and impulses we repress during the day. When we go to sleep at night and slip into our dream state, we feel liberated and behave and act in a manner that we do not allow ourselves in our waking life.

Visions and ideas can come from your dreams. Authors, screenwriters and poets turn to their dreams for stories. Artists and musicians explore dreams for their inspiration. Dreams can help us find solutions to our daily problems and see things from a different perspective.

In this section, you will find a vast array of information on dreams, from its early beginnings, type of dreams, how to remember your dreams, babies and dreams, and much more. Hopefully, you will learn some interesting things about dreams.

The Importance Of Dreaming

Do you dream in order to sleep or do you sleep in order to dream? Although that question remains debatable, researchers agree that there is a purpose and importance to dreaming.

Research have showed that people who are deprived from entering the dream phase of sleep or the REM stage, exhibit symptoms of irritability and anxiety. In one dream study, volunteers are woken up right before they enter into the dream state. Then they are allowed to fall back to sleep. Again, right before they enter REM sleep, they are awaken. This continues on through the night. The volunteers sleep the same amount of time as they normally do. The next day, these volunteers go about their day and observed to be disoriented, depressed, crabby, and quick tempered. There is a general impairment in their daily functioning. Some eat more than usual. As this study continues on through several nights, subjects become more and more agitated. It is found that deprivation of REM sleep causes over-sensitivity, lack of concentration and memory loss.

This study shows the importance of dreaming and its role in your well-being and health. Some researchers believe that dreams help you to tackle stress. Dreaming is a necessity and helps to recharge the mind and revitalize the body.

The Mechanics of Dreaming

While you are dreaming, your body undergoes noticeable changes. Your adrenaline rises, your blood pressure increases, and you heart beats faster. Given this hyperactivity, it should be no surprise how someone with a weak heart can die in their sleep. Their heart may not be able to withstand the strain and the erratic changes that their body is going through.

Dreaming takes place during REM, which stands for Rapid Eye Movement. It is thus called, because your eyes move rapidly back and forth under the eyelids. REM sleep takes place in the fourth stage of sleep and accounts for 15-20% of your sleep time. From the point you fall asleep, it takes 30 to 90 minutes before you start dreaming. You cycle through the 4 stages of sleep and may enter the REM stage 4 to 7 times in one night. During REM, your blood pressure and heart rate fluctuate and increase. It sounds like your body is going through a lot, but in fact, it is quite the contrary. During REM, your bodies are completely immobile and your muscles remain completely relaxed. You may shift in your bed throughout the night, but when in REM, you are completely still. This is commonly known as "REM Paralysis".

In REM sleep, the mind is as active as it is during waking. However, chemically it is different. REM is controlled by the excitability level of the cholinergic neruons. Noradrenaline and seratonin are missing in the brain when in the dream state. These chemicals allow the brain to carry out task, solve problems and remember things. This is a reason why you find it so hard to remember your dreams Yourself
To see yourself in your dream, is a reflection of how you act and behave in your waking life.

Example: What did this dream mean?

I had this overcoming feeling to go outside of my house I get out of my garage and it is dark, I see a fire burning. I dance around it and then a rope descends from heaven with a light around it. I then see another light come from heaven. This time a man is in it and a genderless voice says cut the rope. I cut the rope and both of those lights disappear and a huge light bursts from the sky and I see a shape start to take form i am completely calm and the voice told me not to be afraid and then I woke up. I mean I was just napping but that dream was so vivid and real.

Example: What does it mean to dream about an animal with human parts & different animal parts?

I dreamed I was coming out of my back door with my dog on a leash when my neighbor found a dog & put it into her garage. The dog started a lot of barking when I walked down my sidewalk with my dog to the alley. My neighbor on the other side of my house had a missing dog from his garage & I asked him to look into my neighbor garage to see if the dog she found was his. When we looked the dog had a dog's body & legs but the face looked like a goat & a human face at the same time! It had the most startling, vivid blue eyes that seemed to be looking into my very soul! I was instantly afraid, however, my neighbor said no, the 'dog' was not his as it was too pretty. I did not think it was pretty but did not tell him that. The animal just kept staring at me & as I was backing away from it it kept advancing toward me. I backed away & got in back of my neighbor & had my hand on his shoulder that he kept brushing off & pushing me to hide behind him. He said you're afraid, huh? He just kept staring & half smiling all the time. Then the 'animal' went away & my neighbor picked me up with one arm underneath my legs & the other supporting my back & carried me away. While in his arms I felt very safe & secure. Right before I woke up a 'voice' told me the animal was an 'Ibex'.

Example: What does this kind of dream mean?

Ok sometimes i have these most scariest dreams of myself.
ok like it would be like im awake and everythin is normal even my dogs are in the exact same spot just before i went to sleep.But then i try moving...i cant. i try speaking/screaming...nothing comes out. Only i can bat my eyes. And it takes about 7 trys of trying to wake up.
Sometimes in the dreams to i can hear weird noises. like someone is coming but i never stay in that dream long enough to know who.
could anyone maybe tell me what it all means?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

My mom,cousins,and aunts all say they dream me pregnent what does that mean?

Example: Tell Me What My Odd Dream Means?

Ok. The dream starts out as me outside eating under a tree, when a fox comes into sight. I chase the fox, finally catch it. It loves me. It snuggles me and nuzzles against me and soon begins to follow me around.

Then I hear the fox can talk to me, taking on the voice of a male.. And it says that it is a human. Then... While it is still a fox, I have sex with it!
The fox soon turns into a human, runs away from me just because he wants me to chase him, and then I catch him again and we get married.

Any clues on what it means?!

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

Last night I had this weird, crazy dream. My dad and I were going to this lady's house with all her relatives. When we got there, I noticed her house was like a light avocado green color, with darker green vines wraped all around it. We didn't go inside for some strange reason, though. Then, my dad makes me stay inside this giant dark blue-green van that he drove me in to that lady's house. Suddenly, he starts burning my leg with his big fat marijuana joint. It's funny, because he's never been abusive, and he doesn't smoke marijuana. Then this other transparent hand near my other leg holds a marijuana joint just as big as my dad's, and it too, starts burning my leg with it. Suddenly I realize that The lady my dad and I were supposed to visit stares at us with a huge tray of food in her backyard, just glaring atus, but saying nothing. Weird. Then for some reason, I decide to run away for a while. When I came back to her house, Megan Fox is there, and all these old, ugly men start staring at her while she's wearing nothing but a white blanket while she's doing a photo shoot. Then I feel sad because of that scene, so I run away again. When I come back, I find myself in my bathroom of my house on the toilet while I'm watching Megan Fox on my bathroom tv doing the same photo shoot. Then I also see her wearing just the white blanket on a magazine cover. I also hear a reporter's voice in the background saaying that she is just wearing a white blanket in her photo shoot, ha! Then I look down, and I see that I'm also holding a newspaper, weird. Then I look to my let, and I see a transparent dude sitting on another toilet while also reading a newspaper and watching the same channel I'm watching! I honestly don't have a tv in my bathroom. Please tell me why I had this crazy dream, and also please tell me what it really means. Please don't laugh at me, becasue I really need your advice on this dream. Thanks.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i have this dream alot it might not be the same dream but it's the same theme. i'm in some kind of store sometimes a grocery store sometimes a store like sams club and there are things chasing me (clowns zombies etc) and i jump on top of the aisles to get away (i somehow have powers but there always limited like when i want to fly i have to get momentum and sometimes i can only fly like a foot off the ground and have to climb with my hands if i want to get higher) sometimes i try to escape out of the store but i can't and there's usually like frankenstein trying to stop me or the doors shut

Example: What do these dreams mean?

the past week i've been having a dream. more of a reoccurring nightmare. i'm at my great grandmother's grave. i see my mother and sister crouching over it and i'm a bout 50 feet away them watching. then i see a man in the distance he is slowly walking towards me but every couple seconds he teleports a god 15 or 20 feet in between steps. he finally comes up to me inches from my face. he had a cruel smile on his face.

he grabbed me by the hair and threw me at a wall a few feet away. throughout the nightmare i was switching from first person to third person views. as i hit the wall i went to third person to see the wall break from his throwing me. then his mouth unhinged itself and a black slimy tentacle looking thing came out of his mouth. he shoved it into my mouth all the way to my intestines. i could feel the excruciating pain. i screamed. when i looked up, my vision blurry from the pain i saw my father,mother,sister,cousins,aunts, all kinds of family member. but they were half decayed and laughing hysterically as if me being in pain was the funniest thing they had ever seen. then the tentacle started to slowly expand. i felts my organs rupture, i felt the blood in my heart being squeezed out like a sponge, blood coming from my ears and my eyes as my head got bigger. when i finally died in my dream i wake up. but i never wake up violently. i just open my eyes as if i had gently blinked my eyes.

the other dream is as follows: i find myself some distance from a huge battle. a battle between angels and demons. there are no humans to found. the battle is massive it looked like close to a million on each side. then all of a sudden i was in the far past and i was looking at humans against angels. an epic battle with hundreds of thousands. a voice in my head began to say, :the humans will have to choose a side. there are 3. the side of angels, the side of demons, or the side of humans. each side provides protection for themselves but the human side provides ultimate freedom. however, they must battle the gods of heaven and hell. the battles past and future. what will you decide?" then i wake up.

what could these dreams possibly mean? I've been a lucid dreamer since as long as i can remember. these were the most vivid dreams I've ever had but i couldn't control any aspect of them and that frightens me.

Example: What Does this Dream Mean?! THANKS!?

Can somebody please tell me what this dream means?
"there was a funeral, and for some reason i think it took place in louisianna, idk why. But there was an open casket, and a soldier inside of it, im thinking it was during war times or something, and people are walking around and sobbing and then among all the voices, there came one from the casket saying my name and then after a few moments "Help" and then another voice whispered "Charles"

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