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Dream About Human Flesh meanings

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Example: Dream symbolism/meaning?

So, I usually don't remember my dreams, but the other night I had this crazy weird dream. One of the things I remember from it is walking down a gravel road and looking to the side where there were some trees and there were two female heads (with faces, hair, everything) growing out of the ground. I remember thinking they were growing out of the ground like mushrooms.

What could this symbolize, if anything? I'm just curious as to what you guys think. c:

Your dream sounds eerily similar to suicide forest in Japan in real life; in this park in Japan, you can find human remains, desmbered body parts, etc. lying throughout the forest from suicide victims (such a chilling place). The fact that you saw two heads with flesh on it in the forests may suggest that you have some guilt in real life for not helping two people with similar problems that you could have solved, and due to the consequences of not helping these two individuals they ended up in a terrible situation. Not neccasarily death. The fact that both were female may indicate that this situation involved feminine matters. The fact that you though they were like Mushrooms, indicates you see these people rebounded from a failure in the past, perhaps inflicted by yourself. If the faces are rotting, then it is a sign that they will plot a terrible revenge against you. If the faces are fresh and clean, they will forgive you for whatever you may have caused.

Example: What did this dream mean?

I had this overcoming feeling to go outside of my house I get out of my garage and it is dark, I see a fire burning. I dance around it and then a rope descends from heaven with a light around it. I then see another light come from heaven. This time a man is in it and a genderless voice says cut the rope. I cut the rope and both of those lights disappear and a huge light bursts from the sky and I see a shape start to take form i am completely calm and the voice told me not to be afraid and then I woke up. I mean I was just napping but that dream was so vivid and real.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Okay heres a list of weird dreams I had and I was wondering what they mean.

1. Punky Brewster getting a pet turtle.
2. I got the nook color.
3. I had a sleep over with Laverne and Shirley.
4. I had a sleep over with Mary Ann and Ginger from Gilligan's island
5. A lesbian dream about Lucy. Yes, THAT Lucy. The one who's husband sings babaloo.
6. I was playing with my aunt's cat.
7. I went back to the 80's (I was never in the 80's by the way. I was born in 1997)

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

So I had a dream where a bipolar girl was on a video chat website, like chatroulette, and she met a strange guy. The guy made her laugh, cry, and he scared her. When she was laughing, he pulled out a gun & said in the creepiest way possible, 'Veronica, look over here!' & She started crying. Then he shot himself. I don't know anyone named Veronica. Do you have any idea what this dream means?

Example: Help! what does my dreams mean..?

my friend Has been having a very strange, re-accruing dream. Anyone like to guess what it means?
Me as a kid is living in my Pa's house(not alive anymore) with my mum and dad, just us three. And every night something bad happens. Example - the house is set on fire, the house gets robbed and one night someone through Vase's at the house and mum and dad just stood there and watched.
That's pretty much all I remember, would be interesting to hear your ideas...

Example: What does this dream mean?

i keep having dreams that are like, if you've seen it the film 24 days later.
i've had tonnes of dreams where, i'll be with a friend, or with a random group, and i remember one i was walking around a redundant car park, and like i'll be so petrified but i dont know what of. and i'll be running, and people will be chasing me trying to eat me. and i remember getting to the top of the carpark, and it was either getting my *** eaten or jumping, i jumped, and like, it was weird i thought i'd of woken up as i hit the floor. but i didnt. i hit the floor, and in the dream felt nothing, then a few seconds later woke up. (well thats how it felt)
another time, i ran into an underground car park again lol just a coincedence i dont have a fear of car parks. and i jump into this car with my best mate and drive through the car park, and up these stairs, runningover hundreds of these, flesh eating human beings. bouncing off me bumper and everything, then i find myself, out of the car in an airport. and everything seems okay.then we're walking towards an aeroplane, and im following the pilot, and some guy runs from infront of him to just shake his hand, then i walked past the pilot and this guy, and i see his back, is missing. fully exposing his ribs, blood guts gore the lot, so i just run into the aeroplane, all of a sudden all these flesh eating fuckers reappear again, and theres these people begging me for help but im just running. and i lock myself in the cockpit and can look through the little hole, and see these 'zombies' or whateveryou want to call them, just trying to get to me. and in this dream they do, and they eat me and i just woke up.
ah and another scary one, was when im walking through a hospital, and i walk past this screen and can see someones shadow, and they just. explode. and im running, and then this guy comes and finds me and takes me to this like, science place. and theres a group of people and this guy is like, your safe in this room. so theres about 15 of us in a metal room. and a woman whispers to me, 'his eyes, hes not one of us, hes going to change' and then he comes back in, and he just like, explodes, well all this blood goes everywhere but hes still there in one piece, and he has wings. and hes just looking at people and they're falling to the ground, and just *******, they start eating themselves. and in the dream i remember thinking, the only way i can survive is to eat myself, and im just watching people eat themselves. they're really disturbing and they're really worrying me now.

please someone reply, just one reply is good. i know thats alot to read through but thank you in advance if you can give me any sense about these few dreams of many! first serious answer will get that 'best answer' thing :)

Example: What does it mean to dream of an afghan dog?

I had a dream that as I was walking past 4 girls leaving a car of loud music that had no roof, they parked the car and still had the music playing and roof open. As I turn the corner of the street block i enter a dark alley and see a stray dog approaching me. The most beautiful Afghan dog with long thick smooth flat iron salon fresh strawberry colored hair. It apprached me barking then happily licked me. Its like we instantly made friends within that one second.

What does this mean?

Example: I have a recurring dream about eating human flesh?

In the dream, there's always a torso roasted kind of like a goose, and although the people and setting change each time, somebody always gives me a slice of the ribs. The bones themselves are crumbly and decayed and you're supposed to eat them too, and the flesh is a sickly yellow colour. When I eat it, it's greasy and stringy and horrible and then I voluntarily throw up numerous (at least 4) times.
What could this dream mean? o-e

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was attacked by nine snakes. I know there's a lot of meanings for being attacked by snakes, but is there a meaning for a certain number of them? Please and thank you

Example: What does my dream mean.?

So i like this guy and he just so happens to be my husband in the dream. We have this blonde hair daughter. But in real life his hair is brown not black and mine is black. And my hair was blonde as well in the dream. But anyways we are in a apocalypse from these human bloody flesh eaters. We find shelter in this rocky concrete building. We hide for a bit and then these villagers find us and tell us to leave with them from the place to goin to agated castle. We start running and my child and I are running in this large area of rocks. My crush is defending killing the undead and im found and cane and started killing the too. But then my crush is at the gate waiting for me to come, calling my to come. I ran as fast as I could and I make it to him. I give him my child, but she seems lifeless and i climb up onto the rock. Then we eneter the gated castle with the villagers.that's theend. He's 18 or going to be 18. And im almost 15. Everybody loves him in school. He's a Casanova. But he is very shy and adorable when he talks to girls. I dont talk to him im very shy but i see him walk the halls. Help

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