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Dream About House Sitting meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream about a bear in my house...what does it mean?

i live at my boyfriends house.
and last night i had a dream that a bear woke me up by nudging me.
it was annoying me so i got out of bed and told it leave my room
it then went into my boyfriends brothers room and he also kicked it out i followed it downstairs and opened the back door and told it to leave.i watched it to see if it did leave but it just sat on the pavement in front of my house.
i've had this dream several times before.
what does it mean?

Bear = outside force, peer or social pressure
house = protection, privacy

Projecting bear getting into your house may symbolize some sort of privacy invasion you may be feeling in reality. Since you live at your boy friend's house, that may point to some social pressure you have in reality. This bear can also reflect some high authority figure that you don't like or don't accept in some aspect of your life.

Since this is recurring dream, this bear may be symbol of fear, high authority figure and also some social pressure in your life.

Example: Dream Meaning?

Last night I dreampt that I went to my guy friends house and him and my brother were watching an high action movie while I was just sitting there reading, then the next day (still in dream) I gave this friend a fish bowl, that was nicely decorated and a goldfish in a plastic bag, what could this possible mean?

Example: Dream house?

in my math class we are designing our dream house. what are some really cool rooms i could put in it?

Example: What does it mean to dream about scary houses?

So I had a dream where I moved into a small house with my boyfriend, the house was very old and it looked abandoned. I got this feeling where something terrible was in the house, but I never saw it. At one point I knew we had to leave the house before that 'something' would take over us.
I had to get my boyfriend out of there without telling him what was going on, because if that 'something' heard me something terrible would happen. But my boyfriend wouldn't leave and I could sense that he was slipping away slowly. I didn't want to leave without him so I did everything in my power to convince him to go outside.
That 'something' felt like a situation, a memory, nothing you could feel or see. In my dream I found out that the family that used to live in that house had been murdered, I wasn't sure whether they were actually murdered inside the house though. However I felt really trapped, we needed to leave but he just wouldn't! No matter what I did or said, he just sat there, staring into an open space.

What could this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a house fire ?

Okay, so last night I had a dream that me, two of my friends, and their mom was sitting in the living room of a house that I didn't recognize. Then all of a sudden we smelled something and I got up and opened the door to the closest bedroom. There was a fire, but it was just a little one, so we started grabbing some valuable things. We had forgot something in the bedroom right beside of the fire so I opened the door. The flames in the room were so bad, that I had to just shut the door. Then, everything just disappeared. I looked around, and then it was my OWN home that was on fire. Me and my Dad rushed to get everyone out safely. The flames were huge, and coming out of every window. Then, all of a sudden, the fire just went out. Every little bit of it. And the funny thing is, everything in the house didn't burn. Because right after it went out, me and my dad went in and started getting the things that were okay. It was crazy and very realistic. So what does this mean ? If it even means anything at all. Please help me !

Example: Meaning of crazy dream? (Zombies, Ballet, Haunted House...)?

Okay, last night I had a reallllllly weird, but for some reason I think meaningful, dream.
It was also a really long dream, too.

Well, anyway, I was trapped in this haunted house with some of my friends, and there were these blue zombies...made of spaghetti...(I know, what the heck). The zombies had weird googly eyes and were everywhere, it was dark and I could barely see in front of me, so when you ran into a zombie it was freaky. I think we all got split up or something, but anyway, me and one of my guy friends found a room with no zombies, and a window, so we hid in there for a while. We started talking about stuff and I told him I used to be a figure skater for years but I quit because I was never good at any of the moves (which is true). Then for some reason or other, we started dancing a ballet duet, which was really cool, because I got all the moves right and danced perfectly, and I don't even know ballet! Then after that we sat down by the window which was covered in spray paint and graffiti and he ask me "Are we _____ now?" and I said yes. I don't remember what ____ was but it was some sort of phrase that i've heard from a song before. Then the scene sort of faded out into more zombie fighting, then we escaped the house.

Then after a while I had to go back in the house with a group of people on some sort of trolly, and I don't know why, but we stopped the trolly in this room and popped some pop corn when suddenly this little girl started changing into a zombie. Her mom was freaking out but the girl said "Don't be scared, mommy! I'm not like the other zombies. I wont hurt you..." and so the mom picked up the girl and hugged her, then the little girl bit the mom's shoulder and started tearing out her organs and stuff, then I woke up.

I'm not so sure what that mess was all about, but i'd like a little insight :) Thanks...

Example: What does my dream mean? I was sitting in my office...?

I was sitting in my office and working on my pc when my ex-boyfriend and his colleague came in. I said hello to both of them and I noticed that my ex was wearing a wedding ring and on one of the fingers of the other hand another big, strange, ring. He looked a little bit unusual, his hair was longer, we was wearing an unusual suit.. but he was absolutely adorable. I said to him that I've noticed his wedding ring and congradulate him wishing him all the best, and I hear his voice saying - the same to you. Then he take my laptop saying that he has to surf the net and look for some underwear as a present for his wife.
p.s. when we broke up, a few his things he left to my house and he hasn't taken it yet. I was thinking to call him and remind him for his staff. Please tell me is it ok to call him? I'm affraid that it will happen the same as in my dream. He, wedding ring... Thank you

Example: What does a dream about your childhood house mean?

Last night I had a dream where I went to visit my family and they were back living in my childhood home, which we haven't lived in since 1993 . When I went inside the house was completely different. My dad had tried to remodel it, but had done an awful job and there were bare brick walls with mortar, just left there unfinished. Many rooms were not where they used to be, like the kitchen was in a different place and so were the bedrooms etc. I went into the backyard where we used to have a swimming pool. At first I couldn't see it, but when I walked further into the backyard, I saw that it was not only still there, but the swimming pool was now brown and led out into a raging river and then into a large expanse of water that the backyard opened out into. I then saw a person I know, but I don't know her that well in real life and she was beside the pool crying. I met her in a different country only several times and she has never even been to my house and in the dream when she saw me she said it's good to see that someone is as upset as her. Even though I wasn't crying.

Example: Dreaming of haunted house...what does it mean?

I had a dream that I was traveling through an old semi-abandoned town and on the outskirts of town there was a huge, old, creepy, Victorian styled house. It was very dilapidated and had an ominous feeling about it...lots of events happened but the part that stuck in my mind was that I had to rescue some lost people I didn't know from the house because it had comatosed them somehow and they were just sitting inside the dark, empty house staring off into space. The house tried to change into a maze of doors and hallways to prevent me from escaping but I set fire to it with my Zippo and some old newspaper and I finally managed to get the people out safe and watch the house burn to the ground. It was a weird feeling. I don't remember seeing the people's faces or noticing their gender either.

Example: I have recurring dreams about different houses, always with hidden rooms. What does this mean?

I usually dream about different houses that I have purchased. Later, I usually discover rooms that I have not seen before the purchase. Kinda of like they are hidden. Usually they are bigger or have better qualities than the rest of the house.

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