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Dream About Hot Tub meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night where a bunch of my friends and I were in this castle. There was a mean prince, eighteen or so years old, who was very handsome. He was sending us all to the dungeon, but I walked up (in this dream I was older, maybe sixteen-ish) and leaned into him, sort of flirting-like (I never flirt!). He softened instantly and invited myself and another girl into a hot-tub with him, so we went and I was in my one-piece that doesn't look at all good on me, but I had a white tank top with laced bottom on over it. I said, "I don't look good in my bathing suit..." But he thought the lacey white tank top was my bathing suit and he said, "No, darling, you look beautiful." So I got into the hot-tub, and sat down. He slid from where he sat beside the other girl (who was very beautiful, very slim, and very jealous) to beside me.
Then we were transported to my backyard, with a bunch of people I don't even know, and he really liked me and the girl was jealous. So she somehow banished me from the yard, and I was never to see the guy again.

It was an interesting dream... but what could it mean?
Most of the time my dreams relate to real life somehow, but last night it didn't... or did it?

Dreams are sometimes how we fulfil our desires that we have when we're awake. So maybe you want to be the girl the mean popular gorgeous guys want and make the mean popular gorgeous girls jealous?

Maybe your insecure about your body and want to be told your beautiful?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a semi-short dream. Basically it was me and my cousin. We used to be super, super, close when he lived here. But, his Dad passed, so his Mom decided to pick up and move to Cali. She's brain washing them, so we don't get to talk to him very much. I try and talk to him and its just not the same anymore. Its awkward and he doesn't seem interested, whatsoever, and that hurts.

My dream; we were in a hot tub with my Mom, she was showing us something, I can't remember. I do remember that he was leaning his elbow on my shoulder as we were looking at this thing. Then, all I remember is he was shooting a gun at me and laughing. But, so was I. I would go under water and I could hear the bullet zipping past me. I then woke up. It was very short, and that's all I remember.

So, what does this mean? Anything at all?
Thanks everyone(:

Example: What does this dream mean?

I always see people ask these questions and i never read them so i figured i would ask and see what kinds of answers i may get. I rarely ever dream so when i had this one i didn't know whether to be scared or what. Alright so this is how to starts, I was at my house that is pretty knew we have lived here a year and i was on the main floor with all of my family and we were getting ready to go out to eat but no one could find my dad so my mom asked me to go downstairs and look for him. When i did i checked the main part then one room and then the next. In this room there are two window wells and i have no idea how but one of the floors or the window well was on a hinge and opened. It was insane to me. When i first looked down there i saw a REALLY nice room and since there were steps going down there i decided to check it out. I walked through that room and saw two more. They all were crazy nice and all had flat screens. I don't know why but that really stood out to me. So after i explored these three rooms i went up and got my grandpa and he went down there with me. When i showed him we ended up finding stairs. When we went down there it was just like the basement we have but way bigger and way nicer. There was a pool table ping pong and foos ball. There was also a room all by itself with a hot tub and a sauna. And what was weird was there were two tubes sitting high and they said Mom and Dad. And i can't remember how but i figured out that they were to burn their parents. I guessed that it was the person who lived there before us who made this. But all i could think when i figured that out all i could think was that this guy was a psychopath. And there was this one think that totally was weird. On the very bottom floor there was a door like a walk out basement and there was like a whole nother neighborhood that i have never seen before and i wanted to go out side soooooo bad but when i went to two people came to the door and knocked and i don't know why but my grandpa freaked out and we ran upstairs really fast and i never got to look at the outside. And then when we were upstairs we all left to eat Italian food and my dad was there but other than that he wasn't in the dream and all he said was why don't u get some shrimp. So i got five different kinds of shrimp. And it seemed sooooooo real! I forgot to mention but somewhere in the dream i texted one of my friends to say come check out my house and he never did but when i woke up i had to check my phone to see if i really texted him. I didn't of course. So please i know that this is very long but please i would appreciate if you would read it and tell me. It was insanely real and i have NO idea what it could mean at all.

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

In one dream I lost four teeth, a front, an incisor and a couple of back ones. My mother (dead for 4 years) was yelling at me about the way I brush.

A little later I dreamed that I lived in a mansion or something. There were a bunch of strangers as well as people I know all enjoying my hot tub etc. and other confused things and I was searching all over for my mother.

Note: I dream almost nightly about my dead parents.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i dreamed i was pregnant in a hot tub which i really am 34 weeks pregnant and every pregnant person knows not to go in a hot tub.but i finally relized this in my dream and jumped out.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I was in a bathroom with a giant tub. This really obese guy was there watching the tub fill with water. He was dumping out bottles of shampoo and soap and laughing. I realized that this shampoos belonged to my dead husband, Sirius. I was terribly upset that the fat guy was dumping them out and I said "It smells like him! You can't get rid of them!" Then I was suddenly somewhere else. I went downstairs and into a room made entirely of green marble and the wardrobe to Narnia was in the center of the room. I went through the wardrobe into a white room and there was a hot air balloon. I got in it and it flew up through a hole in the ceiling. I was flying over a city and I realized I was afraid of heights so I told the guy to put the balloon down. He did and I ran away. I went to Remus and he told me he sold Sirius's guitar and I was really angry and sad. But at the same time, I loved Remus. So it was very confusing because I missed Sirius but loved Remus...

Example: I have recurring dreams about many sinks and hot tubs. ?

I have dreams a few times per week where my kitchen has 19 sinks placed here and there and my bathroom has one shower and 3 or 4 bath tubs. In the backyard there is a small dirty pool and 4 or 5 hot tubs.
This is always a house I'm looking to buy or a house a member of my family lives in. If the house belongs to my family, they are not there and I seem to be house-sitting.

What do these mean?

Example: Meaning of two naked chicks in a hot tub dream?

It sounds better then it was. I was sitting in a hot tub and two naked women jumped in and pretty much held a conversation with me. (the dream had some touching in it) anyway then they said nice meeting you and left. What do you make of it?

Example: I was in a hot tub...?

i had a dream that i was in a hot tub, and everyone i knew was walking by and i kept asking them if they wanted to join me, but they said they were too busy. what does this mean?

Example: Hot Tub Reviews?

OK So we are thinking of getting a hot tub and these two are in our price range. Hot Spring Jetsetter or 2 @ Home Dream. Any suggestions on which is better or better ones in this price range?

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