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Dream About Hot Dog Cart meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I need a good movie to watch! help me!?

Ok i need a good movie to watch. Can someone suggest one? preferably something out on dvd but not older than a 1995 release please. I love science fiction but no star wars crap. More like Contact, Frequency. I like comedies too, but hate anything Sandler! eww. Dramas are ok and i like a good thriller but hate horror and gore. the list below are list of movies i love to give you an idea of what i like. if you can help suggest a good movie that isn't on the list i will love you for a whole week. i really need to escape reality right now.

Mean Girls
the green mile
a walk to remember
the sixth sense
slumdog millionaire
scary movie (the first one)
the pianist
the jacket
men in black
independence day
the matrix
the lake house
The Silence of the Lambs
what lies benieth
the craft

Omg. Contact is one of my faves! :) And I think we have the same taste in movies. Here's my own list of movies ;)

21 Jump Street
American Beauty
Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
Red Dragon
Requiem For A Dream
Scot Pilgrim Vs. The World
Source Code
The Next Three Days
The Sixth Sense
Fight Club
Law Abiding Citizen
Forrest Gump
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
A Beautiful Mind
Almost Famous
Perfume: The Story of A murderer
The Tree of Life
Into the Wild

I have more but they're older than 1995! You should try watching them too. They're actually pretty great and I'm into oldies these time!

And I'll give you a copy of my own list of "Movies to download" (Haven't seen them yet so dunno if they're any good, some are super oldies tho.) You might wanna check them out.

*District 9
*Mystic River
*Gone Baby Gone
*L.A. Confidential
*Hotel Rwanda
*From dusk till dawn
*The descent
*The Iron giant
*Old boy
*Office space
*The Machinist
*Infernal affairs
*Happy gilmore
*The mask
*Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
*Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
*Sixteen Candles
*10 Things I hate about you
*Pan's Labyrinth
*Training Day
*The Searchers
*Die hard
*Full Metal Jacket
*Life is beautiful
*Leon: The Professional
*Monty Python and the Holy Grail
*Some like it hot
*Gone with the wind
*To kill a mockingbird
*Raging Bull
*Reservoir Dogs
*Stand by me
*Lawrence of Arabia
*American History X
*The Shining
*Spirited Away
*The Matrix
*City Lights
*Apocalypse Now
*City of God
*12 angry men
*Citizen Kane
*Once upon a time in the west
*Finding Neverland
*The Aviatorsome
*Mar Adentro
*In the name of the father
*Men of Honor
*The Kite Runner
*Little Children
*Paris, je t'aime
*Who Framed Roger Rabbit
*Back to the future
*The Beaver
*The kids are alright
*The ghost writer
*Bad Lieutenant
*Crazy heart
*The hurt Locker
*Up in the air
*A serious Man
*The white ribbon
*Everlasting Moments
*Goodbye Solo
*Silent Night
*You, the Living
*The Band's visit
*Chop shop
*The fall
*Shotgun Stories
*Synechdoche, New York
*My winnipeg
*Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
*Away From He
*Across the universe
*The great debaters
*Eastern Promises
*I'm not there
*Pan's labyrynth
*Children of men
*The lives of others
*Untitled 93
*Flags of our fathers
*Man Push Cart

Hope you like 'em :)

Example: Sexual dream?

i had a dream tat me and my mom were in this hotel, or some kind of room. my mom went to the restroom to take a shower, and then i started masterbating in front of the mirror. i started fingering myself

omgoodness this is soooo awkward lmao

and i remember it not hurting at all, and it usually does in real life...kinda...

ANYHOOS. the dream kinda switched to this market kinda place. and there wuz a guy w/ a cart, and i remember buying 2 dogs from him. i think they were chihuahuas. and then i went back to the guy and he asked me if i wanted to buy anything else. and there wuz this wierd pottery thing w/ some kind of root inside tat he kept on pestering me about to buy, so i asked him if i could try it, and it tasted like ginseng. so i asked him if it wuz ginseng, and he said no it wuzn't. then i told him i would buy it cuhz i thought my dad would like 2 eat it, and he said it wuz $100 dollars. I had the cash, but i couldn't use it cuhz i wuz on a trip, and i needed the money 4

Example: What do I need to know before franchising a business?

This would be my first time to franchise a business so what do I need to know before I decide which and what is to franchise?

Example: Why are so many mean ppl on YA? It's true that capitalism has failed, facts are facts. Just take a look ?

around you! In the market, check out ppl and their carts! You hardly see nice food, it's all hamburger helper and hot dogs, bologna ect. And look at all the old cars ppl drive and they live in poor housing. Where I live, only the rich have nice homes and new cars. They even build nice grocery stores for them. I went in to their store once, lobster steak nice people...I guess that's their dream! I want nice things too! It's not fair! It's time for us all to stand up for our selves, take back what's ours, our fair share of nice things - Is that too much to ask for? JUST SHARE! but you wont! - VOTE OBAMA! He will make you share and that is good for all! OBAMA!

Example: I have no sense of purpose?

When i sleep i dream of a perfect existence, this one girl who name keeps remainign the same in every dream, she is so perfect, like her personality is perfect towards mine, she is my soul mate and i felt so happy last night, i dreamed of her and i woke 3 times and fell asleep and continued the dream... I sleep on a couch at my grandmas house, i get woken up continuously at 4 am sharp because she can not ever sleep and has issues, yells at her dogs all day everyday. But like the 3-5 hours of sleep i get per night, i'm never happier. The more i think about it i feel like crying because my real life is so shitty, i work at a gorcery store, i push carts all day every day as a summer job, it kills me and i feel like a robot with no soul. I'm just a cog, to keep shoprite going. I'm almost 22, i go to college during th school year, i went for my first year last year, i met girls sure, but all were in the party scene, ( my room mate was in the party scene) so i was hit on a lot because i do recognize i am above average looking, i'm not conceded in anyway but recognize this, due to alll the compliments i've gotten despite my lack of self esteem. Anyhow the partty girls only want sex, i'm a virgin and don't want sex at all, i mean i had hot girls literally asking to have sex and i denied it.. I just want a relationship, but those girls i have no chance to talk to. I feel like love is just pure chance, i can't force it so wtf is the point :(

Example: How do you start your own business?

How do people start their own small businesses? What degree is required if any? In my dreams I would love to but I don't have a clue how this would work. Are they really unstable? Any info would be great!

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