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Dream About Hose meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Psychological meaning behind dream..?

So I had this dream and I was sleeping over at my friends hose and she told me she had a cat. I love cats have have no fear f any animals. So anyways Im sleeping when suddenly something heavy jumped on my back, I thought it was her dog but it felt really odd. So this thing is on my back breathing and its wet. So I'm freaking out and I try to go to my friends room to wake her, but the thing wont let me..Its forcing me back in the the room and throughout the dream I try so hard to get to my friend but I never can...Then I wake up. Then go back to sleep and have the same dream, but when I woke up I felt really weak..Plz decode this if you can :)

This thing that jumped on you and you felt heavily may symbolize some sort of fear and burden in you.

At first, when you project being in a friend house, and tried to wake her up (in the dream), that is a symbolic way to say that you are seeking help, support about things that may have bothered you in reality.

This heavy thing that you felt fear in reality basically reflects thing you can't control and you may be feeling helpless in some way. That may point to some sort of peer pressure in you as well.

Example: What dose this crazy dream mean?

I was up at the lake by grandma's house when we turned on the news and we seen new york going Straight through h*ll. I remember seeing a wall of fire at new york like the sun was eating the earth or something don't remember. I remember seeing a building fly up in the air the falling back down on the ground smashing all of the building it was tower of something not sure. I was really scared thinking we were next but nothing happen to us it was over the next. I remember saying this is it this it and crying and worrying in a back room at my grandma's hose so i worried for nothing.

What dose this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?(a guy stuffed a hose up a girls vagina and turned it on) weird please read?

so i usually forget my dreams but i had this one a few months ago that pretty much scarred me for life. all i remember is seeeing this girl have a hose stuffed up he vagina then the guy turned it on and the water blew out her organs and all this blood was comming out of her private parts eyes ears mouth and pretty much everything. and she died and then the guy turned towards me and was going to do the same thing to me and i woke up at like 3 o'clock in the morning scared as hell and couldnt sleep the rest of the night. for people who think i made this up well i didnt and i just really want to know what this means. if it helps im 12(girl)

Example: What does my dream mean?

so last night i had a dream about butchered pigs and they were in a bag and the butchers were wearing white with like gas masks on and then they hosed the pigs down with water. what does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was on the third floor of my apartment looking out the window. I saw a group of people wearing red robes walking towards the intersection. When they reached the intersection they all sat down and seemed to be doing some sort of meditation. My window was slightly open and a hose was hanging out of it. The hose was on and created a large pool of water in front of my house. A pack of black dogs started to drink from this pool of water. The people meditating weren't phased by any of this and the dogs paid no interest to the people meditating. The dogs then jumped over the fence in front of my house and started trying to enter my house. One dog who was white with light brown spots managed to climb into my window. I killed it because i thought I was being attacked. The police showed up and were trying to figure out who killed the dog. I was just about to be exposed as the killer when the dream changed slightly. Now instead of dogs in front of my house jumping the gate and trying to enter, there were black bears. This made me and some other people in the house panic. We ran into the backyard and jumped into the neighbors yard. The yard was flooded - full of water. And a bear was entering the yard from the neighbors back door. The people with me started to fight the bears with wooden sticks with sharp points on the tip. They dream ended there.

Example: What is the meaning of these dreams?

In the first one, I was with a whale traveling through the ocean. We were being led by something (angel, Jesus, God, I'm not sure, but it seemed along those lines). There was a certain destination we had to go to, and we thought we had reached it, but it turned out to be nothing but a barge full of garbage falling into the ocean. Even the divine-like figure leading us was surprised, so we turned around and headed back wherever we came from.

Second dream (shortened): There were two shacks in the woods. A man, a little girl, and I were sitting at a picnic table in front of one. Suddenly, there was a voice coming from the edifice, the man and I told the little girl to run away. Then, we ran to the other shack, where there was...Well, I don't know what it was, but it looked human and couldn't go out in the sunlight (I don't think it was a vampire..)

The male friend of mine was instantly turned to the man-creature's will. He was under a trance and both began chasing me as the sun went down. Back in the first shack, I saw them coming and knew I was going to die if I didn't do something, so I said aloud, "Help me be me. Help me be who I am." And a hose-like thing appeared in my hands and I sprayed the two of them with something that turned them back to normal.

Okay, what does this all mean, IF it means anything at all, that is. I think some dreams are purposeful and others may be random...What about these two? Any good interpreters out there?

Example: What Do These Dreams Mean? 10 pts.?

I had a dream i moved away and as we unpacked I realized and got worried about the fact i would have to go to a new school and make new friends and not see the person I like no more. (we both like eachother but we cant date) I called him and told him the news... I dont remember his exact responses but he sounded calm about it. I standing in the street all of a sudden infront of his house (it looked like the back though b/c there was a high deck) I saw him with a hose watering a small half grown tree and talking on the phone w/ me. (i wasnt on the phone at the time but i was watching him).

Now my friend said he had a dream with me in it. He said he was flying w/ an umbrella (like Mary poppins kinda lol ) and he flew over my house and saw me on the roof. He tried to reach for me and I just looked up and said "Hi mr.cat" (random i know) and he flew to new york after that.

What doe these dreams mean? I'm not sure if his means anything... lol but i dont know about mine though... I think the tree might be significant. 10 points for the best answer. thanks.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night, i was dreamed that i was getting chased by this monster. (the dream took place at my house downstairs in my living room) It was very weird because every time it would reset itself back to it's position where it came out of. The lighting in my dream was very dark and gloomy. I was in the position where i was afraid, yet trying to to kill this monster. I found 2 ways i can kill this monster, one was when the monster was trying to attack me, i found door, like a basement door that had a knife... Another way was to make this really tall heavy bookshelf to come and fall down on it. After it was dead, my dad came out with a hose and started spraying what looks like mud on the carpet. It looks like he was making a portal. I fell in the portal and when i got to the bottom, there was a family telling me that i've reached heaven, i was releaved.. but then they said, "No! it's hell" and they lit on fire, all of them... everything turned red... after that, i found myself watching horror movies on the life time channel ( still in the dream) but it was halloween horror movies. (by the way, it's september 14, not even october yet) Then the doorbell rang. I saw there was a lot of kids dressed up with there halloween costumes saying "Trick or treat" but they were getting upset because i didnt have any candy. Landon the most popular girl at my school was in the middle of the crowd. I was so jealous because she was going out with my crush's twin which was also cute. My mom woke me up saying "Your having a bad dream". i instantly fell back to sleep but didnt dream anything. I asked her later in the day what made her say i was having a bad dream, she said that i was whining. (what i usually do when i get frusterated with someone or something-- or when im really moody) HELP? i really dont know what this means...

Example: What does my dream mean?

A few weeks ago, I had a dream about the apocalyps (2012) that a lava tsunami was on its way. Last night, I dreamt of an early apocalyps (December 11th 2012, I think) and there were small openings on the ground with lava bubbling right outside my house through my neighborhood. In my dream we (my family) were able to stop it with water from our hose and my family was happy that the apocalyps was over, but I had a feeling something else was going to happen. I felt sad and scared in my dream.
When I dream like this, I wake up reliefed it was only a dream. And sometimes feel like crying.
I'm 15 (almost 16) and don't know why I've recently had two dreams of the 2012 apocalyps with hot burning lava.

Example: Dream meaning?

A guy I use to deal with and I were about to go in a very large swimming pool that belongs to an ex co worker of mine that no longer speaks to me. The pool was dirty with black stuff floating on top, i could not identify what it was. She was telling us not to go in the pool because it is dirty and at the same time she was saying this , she was filtering out the water with a hose or something like that. Maybe this dream has a meaning to it, maybe not. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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