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Dream About Honey meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Christians: what does my dream mean?

I had a dream about my boyfriend of three months, Kyle. He's not a Christian, mind you. After we went to the movies, he brought me to his place in the woods, and threw me on his bed, stuck needles in my eye, some rotten milk up my no-no place, and put black lipstick on me. Then the next thing I remember was going to the bathroom in my dream, and that's when I woke up in a pool of urine and blood (I'm on my period). Does this hold any significance, like breaking up with my boyfriend?

honey, you have got to understand that dreams are spiritual. they are one way God talks to us. many dreams can often even be prophetic. ezekiel saw the end of the world in a dream. this is in the bible. so we have literal proof that dreams mean something if you are a true christian believer. i have many dreams given to me by God and i went out and bought a christian prophetic dream book. God speaks to us in symbols. from the dream you described, it sounds like your b/f is tied to a demonic nature. needles and black lipstick are symbols of evil. milk is a source of nourishment from God, but rotten milk would mean the opposite. even if he is the nicest guy in the world there may be some things about him that you dont know. i suggest praying, going to a pastor or apostle for Godly counsel. no man is worth losing your salvation for babygirl. i dont care how nice, good lookin, or sweet he is. seek God for the answer.

Example: Dream please help? i need to know what this mean honey?

I had ah dream ah giant dolphin was coming down ah hill with a lot of water in then the fish stop in let all the kids out of it weird right in then I had ah dream something was moving in my stomach but I wasn't pregnant in the dream I just felt ah movement at the bottom of my belly in knew something was there but my belly was flat

Example: What does a dream mean when honey bird sucks your blood?

i saw a sweet honey or mocking bird flying around and i said hiiii and had it land on my finger and then it sticks its beak in my thumb and starts sucking my blood so i pull it off and then my thumb keeps hurting for a while

Example: What does my dream mean? Scary?

Ok it started off at this place called WCA its a hangout place, i was with this guy jeff and we were just talking about him. then my mom came and picked me up i got in the car there was my little sister siting next to me my dad was in the set in front of me and my mom was driving she asked how was WCA and I said it was good we were driving and then the car in front of us moved out on to the side of the road and the was a kid he looked like he was 12 maybe. he just stood there my mom hit him with her car on accident and he feel over she said "oh my god is he ok". He then got back up and just stood there staring at me, and then my mom drove past him he looked away from are car, my mom then rolled down the window and said "you **** little basterd get the **** out of the way!" then he looked at are car and ran tords it and grabbed a match and set are car on fire i was screaming and said "he's setting are car on fire "! my mom ketp on driving and said " you have to run when we get to the police station" I said "WHAT!" and then i started screaming let me out now and my little sister was so scared my dad looked at the fire and said wow look at thoughs flames and i was screaming and she wouldnt stop driviing then i woke up? can you tell me what it means?

Example: What did my dream mean?

In my dream, there's this guy I know. He is trying to get to me to talk to me and jumping up and down and he REALLY wants to get to me but there's like a group of people between us blocking him from me and I'm on the other side of the group totally looking away and ignoring him.

What did it mean? What I don't get is why he didn't just push thru the ppl.

Example: Beehives - Dream Meaning?

What does this mean, to dream that the skin of my hands is becoming in a skin that seems like the honeycomb material. No wasp there no beehives there, no honey.
I dreamed this ones but it was very augly.

Example: What could these love dreams mean?

I had this dream about this guy that dumped me. We were really in love, and then I had sex with him, and then he dumped me. What could this mean?

Another dream I had was I was part of some secret agency hired to bring down a rogue agency. My old flame was part of that, and I was hired to kill him. I couldn't. But then he died from a bomb anyways. Also, in the dream, I was doing some kung fu stuff and did a back walkover ( I can't do one in real life, although I have been practicing). Some person complimented me on my kung fu and the back walkover. I don't get part. I'm especially interested about what people think about the back walkover and the kung fu stuff.

What could these two dreams mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of eating cheese and honey...?

I had a dream i was eating cheese and honey..What is the dream symbol meaning for that..?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream recently in which I found myself sitting inside a lecture hall in college. I wasn't alone, there were people I didn't recognize around me and the lights were out because a movie was playing. I was sitting in the middle of the hall, I wasn't really paying that much attention to the movie. I had my cellphone in my hand and I was browsing through it. Suddenly, a little girl next to me (about ten years old) starts talking to me and laughing with me. She also grabs my hand playfully. After the movie is over. The little girl introduces me to her mother, who also shares the same name as me. The little girl also shows me her baby sister. I help her carry her sister who is sleeping in the carrier. The little girl starts making silly noises to the baby and singing a lullaby. The mother goes walks in front of the little girl and I and opens the door to exit the lecture hall. I leave with the little girl as we are both carrying the baby girl. What does weird dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, so I recently dreamed about a guy I used to like. In the dream, I am sitting in the family room, relaxing and all of a sudden he pops out of nowhere. I got scared because strangers are not allowed in the house, and I told him to leave before my parents call 911. He then hides under the couch, sitting under there like it was big enough, and surprisingly he made it look big. I pull him out of there and shove him in the garage. He responds by turning his back to me and tells me to get on. I push him away, and then he tells me he has something to tell me. I go into the garage with him, I sit on the floor and he sits on my old rocking horse. He takes my hand and tells me he likes me, and said, "I'm going to tell Selina (his gf) that things aren't working out." then out of nowhere, he picks me up and cradles me in his arms, and carries me to my parents' bedroom and tucks me in. Then we hear my parents, and he hides under the bed. My parents enter and order me to go to school. When they leave, I go under the bed and see him sitting under the bed and making it look a lot bigger than it is. I pull him out of there and all of a sudden he turned his back against me and orders me to let him give me a piggyback ride to school. I obey because I don't like to see people mad, and while he carried me to school I realized I liked him, and wanted to kiss him. When we arrived on campus, we are in my PE class, and several of my class mates are already there, including this one girl Bailey (who I cannot stand). He accompanies me to get dressed in the locker room, and then all of a sudden I see him with this cup of Starbucks and he said that he'll catch me later. It takes me forever to get dressed for some reason, and Bailey said that "you'll never get him" and that he was messing with me. Then I see her and some other classmates talking about him and how he "always ditches" which is so weird because in real life he ditches Bio and he's not even in my PE class. Then when I'm done changing I see my PE classmates entering and telling me that I missed PE. I feel so humiliated because I never miss a class my whole life then I wake up and it was about 2 in the morning and for the rest of the night I couldn't sleep. What could this dream mean?

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