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Dream About Hone meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

Ok. so i had a dream last night and it was weird because i can litterlly play it like a video and remember every single detail. so it went like this...

My cousin came over and a little later i he left the house. then i saw a note on a counter and it said "dear work

I lost my way coming from hone to work... i litterly saw a car going the wrong way from a freeway to a high way then smashing into another car. Then i saw a police officer with a green helmet and a long gun on top of a building shooting its gun. then i saw the crash again. so i just new it was about my cousin. So then i went back to the note and it was in the day. so i saw my dad running into the kitchen and running to the door, for a second i thought that was my cousin but when he opened the door there was a mailman and my dad offered him some salad wich randomly appeared in his hands. also when he opened the door it became night. i also though i saw my cousin a little bit on the lower side of my street and his hair was all messed up and he had a grumpy look on his face. he was wearing a leather jacket. then he started shaking his head and making this werird noise. the end

i woke up very scared. does that mean anything?

Nope. Dreams are the result of your brain processing information. Strange dreams can be caused by a number of things, including stress, illness (high fever especially) and what you had to eat.

When work is especially demanding I sometimes have dreams about working, and usually, it involves not being able to finish my work for the day for all sorts of odd reasons and interruptions. One time, I dreamed that two union officials were preparing me for a court case because I was being sued by Homer Simpson.

Example: I had a dream of a girl who has a really short neck, talking to someone at a reception desk. What does it mean?

@Jasmine That's soo not fair though! If that's true I'll never find her anyway. Maybe it means something else because I'm quite sure the girl that I aim honing in on isn't that person; I've had erotic dreams before and I don't ever remember that sort of stuff ever happening. Although I was a on a boat once in Spain and got blazed by some girls, and then 10 years later I had a dream of being with a nice girl on a boat where I think she actually liked me for real.

Example: What does this recurring dream mean?

A little background: My parents divorced when I was 10. Dad had a vasectomy and mom got pregnant again and I guess I blamed my half-sister on the divorce and we used to fight all the time. When I was 18 and joined the Navy I grew up quickly and on my first leave back I promised sis I wouldn't yell at her again. She is a super sweet kid and I feel crappy for the way I treated her and I know that if I had an older brother who treated me the way I treated her, I wouldn't have a thing to do with her, but she still looks at me like a rock star.

So here's the dream: I'm aboard ship about to finish duty and all I want to do is get back to quarters and get some sleep. But as soon as I think I'm finished and I start to quarters I remember something else I'm supposed to do and I do that. Then I head back to quarters and remember something else I have to do. This keeps going on again and again until I'm finally walking into quarters and I see sis on my bunk and I start screaming "GET OUT OF HERE!" She starts crying and I says I promised not to yell at her again. I keep screaming and tell her I don't care what I promised and tell her that I'm not getting in trouble because of her and for her to get out. That's when I wake up. I wake up furious and then I feel guilty and like a first class jerk. I've had this dream six or seven times in the past month or so and I feel like scum every time.

I made a lot of mistakes growing up and I treated those who cared about me the most pretty bad, and there's a lot I'm not proud of, and the way I treated sis is at the top of the list. Why do I have this dream and what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about your crush?

Specifically.. I've had a few vivid dreams lately about a crush of mine and they've been on my mind a lot..
1st dream:
I think I was at my house from childhood and he was riding his bike and came to the side door I was at from the backyard. I saw him coming and I could hear and see it raining when I opened the door.

2nd dream:
In this one he was actually shorter than me by a few inches and we were at the mall like we were once (I kissed him that day..)
Anyway in the dream we were walking around and were near some stairs/a carousel that is at the mall and I was holding onto his arm and I put something or he took something out of his pocket and was holding it in his hand. Might've been jawbreakers. (Which I put one in his mouth in person once)

3rd dream:
I live at a new house now and in the dream we had a shed in the front yard/side yard. Well in the dream my crush was moving in or staying in the shed for the night or something? He was pretty insistent and my parents were fine with it..

Example: What could my dream about a weird creature mean ?

when i dream i never get scared or wake up sweaty but last night i had a dream that felt like that,
it was in my house so isee this aunt and i killed her and suddenly all what i can see is this creature looking at me, he was tall brown and looked like a demon with tall hones and suddenly i somehow zoomed at him and he was looking at me like he was trying to tell me that he is coming soon , then i suddenly see myself feeding a cat some milk and then he approaches me (the deamon) and kept looking like he was happy about something and then out of nowhere i hear my voice telling me its too late then i wake up.
there was something about this dream that made so real
did anybody experienced something like this, please im trying to understand what my unconscious is trying to tell me

Example: To dream of others being tortured - meaning?

So last night, I had a dream that I took a long coach ride to this place that was meant to be great and people worked there to earn a good living and life was meant to be fab. But there were loads of people there who had superpowers, and they had to be 'trained' and their powers honed by very abusive torture. Like rows of them would sit still whilst being whipped with barbed wire over and over, and much more abusive torture. There were also people wrapped up in kind of fleshy cocoons for long periods of time. It was really creepy. So yeah I went and once you went there was no escape, and the discipline was very brutal even for doing something menially wrong. But before I came I managed to convince my 11 year old little sister (she exists in real life) to come with me due to the prospects of a better life. Somehow she arrived later than me and when she did I had seen the horrors of this place and begged her to leave and go home as I could not bare to see anything happen to her. Numerous times I begged and pleaded for her to leave and run away and go home but she wouldn't believe me that such atrocities occurred as she hadn't seen them and she though I was being silly and playing a game. I was distraught and it was at this point that I was telling myself in the dream to stop thinking and it will go away, when I woke up at 5:30am with my heart racing. It was awful! When I finally fell back asleep I dreamt that I was with my younger cousins (aged 8 and 5) and we had a hotel room/apartment and was out for the day somewhere, but when we got back to the hotel it was a warzone with people lying injured etc and apparently there had been an attack from large dinosaur-like creatures.
It was an awful dream and I don't often have nightmares,
What could this all mean!?

Example: What does it mean when i Dream of a future day?

I had a few of these dreams pop up in my life a couple years back..

I dreamed of a particaular day. in that dream i went through a normal day, going to school, having lucnh, and coming home.

then i woke up ~it was all just a dream

then one day that particualr day came, and i was shocked that Everything went according to the exact events of the dream?

Example: Do These Dreams Mean Anything?

Every few months or so I always have a dream (I'm 15 Years old at this point) that I'm in a random location (Such as in a train station, any nearby city, or even at my own street) that I get kidnapped or knocked out and taken away. This has been happening since I was 6 years old. I'm either murdered in the end or I wake up in fear of being kidnapped. I don't understand If somethings trying to tell me something or what... I wouldn't be in fear if I haven't been having a lot of Déjà vu moments that occur from my dreams (At least 1 per day). Does anyone know if my dreams mean anything or anything within relevance? I will also post additional details if requested.

If you want to have a conversation to help my problem, my email is Chedorismaster@yahoo

Example: Pls. what does this dream meant?

In true life, I don't talk much to girls or even have a girl friend.

I was in a dream where I saw this lady naked and she has grey hair among the hairs in her private part which makes me more Focus looking at her.

Along the line we hold each other and started kissing each other and people where looking at us and they say we are made for each other.

Please I want to know what this dream signifies.

Thank You.


Example: Do you believe dreams mean something more?

Like. Sometimes, not all of the time. Some dreams are just silly and meaningless. Others are frightening. But some are just so coincidental it's weird. Like, for example. After my mom passed away, I was very depressed and kinda out of it for a while. But one night, I had a dream. And my mom was in it. I hadn't really had ANY dreams since she died, much less ones including her. But, we were driving along in our car and all I could remember is how beautiful she looked, how vibrant and healthy. It was amazing. She was so magnificent, it was so. I don't know. Euphoric maybe? Before she passed, she hadn't really been looking her best to say the least. She was losing weight rapidly; she had a pill addiction. She also suffered from severe anemia and stomach ulcers. Still, her death was no where near expected. Anyways, we were driving and she was saying. I have a surprise for you. I said. Momma, momma your dead. I wish I could have saved you. But. Your dead. How are you here? And she said to me. I'm sorry I had to leave you shaye. But God said I could come down from heaven and spend a day with you. But honey, I have a surprise. We drove back to my childhood hone but it was different. It was now a two story house, but instead of like a normal two story, it was like the same house duplicated& stacked on top of another one. It had always been mom& mines dream to live in a two story again. Then, in the front yard, there was a big rv parked, shiny and expensive looking. That was another of her dreams, to own an rv. I said. Mom. How do we have all this money to have all of these things. She said. I work at the rv place in Madison. This was another thing she told me before she died, that she wanted to work at the rv place. There were more things to that dream, but when I woke up, I felt so happy. Then I started to feel sad. It wasn't real, and more importantly, it couldn't last forever. I eventually ended up crying. I then saw on the calendar that it had been exactly a month.

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