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Dream About Homesick meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream, I went on a class trip with my school. We were on a jungle expedition in these little buggies and we were supposed to be finding bones. There were a lot of bugs and dangerous situations but we got out of it with what we wanted and i had a tin cup full of $60? then i started talking with the girl who stole my ex from me and we got along well. does anyone have any ideas of if this means something?

dreams are complex they could be your subconscious trying to tell you something or your mind simply replaying events in your life, mixing them with other events(or movies, or books, etc.) and nearly impossible to fully and accurately translate even for professionals(since they don't know all the events in your life). for example jungles represent wildness and uncertainty TO THE AVERAGE PERSON but if you neglected to mention that you used to lived in south america, then the jungle would most likely be the amazon, which is associated with south america, indicating you were homesick. the reason objects are given symbols is because people going through similar events might have similar dreams. like say 200 people could have a dream about running from cops, and lets say all 200 stole something, or lied, or cheated but all felt guilty, then its safe to say that the next person who claims to have that dream also felt guilty for some reason.

you say you were on a jungle expedition meaning you feel you need more fun and excitement, since it was a class trip its likely that your feeling this boredom at school. bugs and dangerous situations are typical in this association with the jungle so they could mean nothing, bones represent personal strength, the fact that u look for them means your looking for something to make you feel stronger(or you associate youre self with an archeologist like Indiana Jones cause your in the jungle (P.S. i know that archeologist look up artifacts not bones, but its a common misconception that they do and you might have made this connection in your dreams) if that's the case then its part of the plot of your dream,like the bugs, and therefore means nothing, then you say you find $60 in a cup? that's all you, why 60? why a cup? idk that's you, i can tell you finding money in a dream means you want to find money in real life( you dont need to be a rocket scientist to make that connection lol) anyways numbers in a dream like 1 can mean you feel alone and 2 can represent a couple, but those are obvious numbers, now 60 can mean lots of things to you(maybe its been 2 months(about 60 days) since you broke up, or something less obvious?). now a cup can represent a craving, or wanting something badly(like a thirst for knowledge, i know it sounds corny but your mind works that way.)why its made of tin idk, i suppose a cup made of tin wouldn't break easily, so neither would your craving, idk. and last you speak to your ex's current girl. i guess in the bone situation you might have talked and liked her cause you want to be a stronger person, idk, i guess why you talked to her depends on how you started the conversation, like if you were like "hey b*tch, f*ck you" then clearly your intentions were not good. any ways my conclusion is that

You subconsciously want to take the risk(the jungle) to talk to the girl but are afraid(bugs and situations), you indeed would be stronger on the inside(you got got the bones) plus you know in the end it may pay off with a new friend(got along well+ u found some cash(ka-ching).

this is only my general view and like i said is possible its wrong, thats why i show you my thought process and give you the meaning of the symbols so if im wrong you can figure out what your dream meant. o and if he left you for her then F*CK HIM, theres plenty of fish in the sea

Example: What does this recurring dream mean?

A little background: My parents divorced when I was 10. Dad had a vasectomy and mom got pregnant again and I guess I blamed my half-sister on the divorce and we used to fight all the time. When I was 18 and joined the Navy I grew up quickly and on my first leave back I promised sis I wouldn't yell at her again. She is a super sweet kid and I feel crappy for the way I treated her and I know that if I had an older brother who treated me the way I treated her, I wouldn't have a thing to do with her, but she still looks at me like a rock star.

So here's the dream: I'm aboard ship about to finish duty and all I want to do is get back to quarters and get some sleep. But as soon as I think I'm finished and I start to quarters I remember something else I'm supposed to do and I do that. Then I head back to quarters and remember something else I have to do. This keeps going on again and again until I'm finally walking into quarters and I see sis on my bunk and I start screaming "GET OUT OF HERE!" She starts crying and I says I promised not to yell at her again. I keep screaming and tell her I don't care what I promised and tell her that I'm not getting in trouble because of her and for her to get out. That's when I wake up. I wake up furious and then I feel guilty and like a first class jerk. I've had this dream six or seven times in the past month or so and I feel like scum every time.

I made a lot of mistakes growing up and I treated those who cared about me the most pretty bad, and there's a lot I'm not proud of, and the way I treated sis is at the top of the list. Why do I have this dream and what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about being lost?

I was at field trip with my teacher but my two friends wanted to mess around so i followed them,we went to a train that had murky green water,so we went back but i saw my teacher.My friends were terrified,so we tried to hide in the train while they left.My mean teacher knew we were hiding but she didn't care.But then the train started to move fast as a cheetah,we were scared and nervous.i felt tense but i saw someone.She had pretty red hair and dark brown eyes,it was rihanna!She was sad that her boyfriend broke up with her,so i tried to cheer her up while my tears of homesick came dripping down.She stopped the bus when i told her that i needed to go home i went out but then my friends were still there.I went back and told them it's over but i went over to rihanna to thank her and then i asked her for her phone number.Then i woke up. :(

Example: I keep having these dreams that im moving to new york..?

what does this mean? theyre good dreams but then they end by me realizing that i was never there and then im all p!ssed off...

i used to live in new york until i moved to the country and im really homesick

Example: Any ideas as to the meaning of this dream?

just serious answers please, if their not going to be serious, at least make them fun to read :)
Okay heres the dream, its a rather long one ...
I was working at my job as a mechanic, and this person and his wife came in and asked me to do something for them, I did, they paid me and left. A few days later, I was helping someone alongside the road, and the couple stopped by this time, to see if there was anything that they could get me that might help me help this person out a little easier, I was almost finished and said no thanks, finished what I was doing, and sent the person on their way without collecting any money (it was a quick simple fix from my point of view in the dream), turned around and the couple was still there only now holding their twin baby daughters. They introduced me to them, and then asked if I needed a ride back to my shop, which I did, they gave, and while dropping me off at the shop he asked if I could do some more work on his car that weekend (this is where

Example: What does my dream maybe mean?

I don't really remember every detail and some of the parts I do, I can't explain. But I do remember being in this weird, slum town. Real poor neighborhood sort of a place, and all the homes were sort of run-down and old victorian-style. I walked up to this house with some guy, I dont remember who or what he looked like, but we went into this BIG victorian home. It was burned, charred, singed, etc. The only house like it. We walked though about three floors of this huge place and each floor higher we went, the less damaged the house got. FInally, on like the fifth or sixth floor, everything was beautiful inside. The furnishings were really fancy and expensive, too. Then I walked through a door and I was right back outside, but this time in a run-down carnival.

Weird, I know. Is there any interpretation for it? Thanks.

Example: Very weird,crazy dreams, what do they mean?

I am going to try to recant my dreams I had this morning after I woke up 9 am after going to sleep at 5 am. It was weird, I woke straight up after only 4 hours of sleep. So then I went back to bed, because I was still tired.
The first dream I had was one where I go down the hall of our "dorms to the bathroom, I go in there and a guy that I thought was weird in High School was there, didn't think much of it. Then I left the bathroom, and saw some blond headed guy going into my room, so I rush in there to see what he was doing in my room, I go in there and find no one. I start questioning whether I actually saw him or not, everything goes black, and I got the sense that I am falling endlessly (during which I cried out for God to help me). I "fall" awake in my bed. I forget the next part after I fall back asleep, but I dream I wake up to a room inspection.
This is when my dream really starts to get weird.
I dream that I am no longer in a college dorm, like I actually am, but instead in

Example: Dreams about my father dying what does this mean?

In the past 5 months I've had several dreams about my father dying. I've also had dreams about my mother dying. They normally die suddenly from an illness, heart attack, stroke ect... I live far away from them so I also get a call from one of them telling me the other has died. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream means?

I was with my family member that I haven't seen for 13 years. Only the women were there, I was the only guy. We have found a place for rent near Sacramento for $3200. A very big and beautiful place with lots of room, surrounded by woods. Then we open one gate and there is an old gray wolf looking at us. We were not frightened. I almost didn't want to wake up, it felt so good. What does that mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok, I came back from the UK after teaching there for six months about a year ago. Ever since I've come back I've had dream quite frequently about being there...hanging out with friends, being in my classroom, etc.? What does it mean? Is it a sign to go back or something more?

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