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Dream About Homeless Person meanings

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Example: Could this dream have meaning?

My memory of this dream is a bit jumbled, so bear with me.
Last night, I dreamed that I was on a train with my friend (who I used to date and still have feelings for, and we haven't been talking much or hanging out lately) to Florida. The train dropped us off by some dark-ish woods, and, knowing we had no where to go, we walked through them.
We saw this church right outside the woods, and it was extremely important that I'd found it, although I'm not sure why. My friend pointed it out to me and I felt extremely excited, I guess I was looking for something in this church. When we went inside, I saw a large silver cuff bracelet (the kind that takes up your entire forearm) and that was important to find too. It turns out the very important bracelet was $45, so we left.
After that, we were both wandering around, trying to find some food and a place to sleep. It was nighttime, probably around midnight, when we came across this homeless couple laying down on a fire escape. We asked them if they knew of a place we could sleep, and they said they would give us their tarp and sleep on the fire escape below us. My friend and I cuddled under the tarp and fell asleep, and then I woke up.
Do you think this dream means anything? I ask because I rarely ever remember my dreams, and this one was vivid and strange.

Well, I would normally call this one of my "random duck" dreams if it were me, because initially it seems like this dream has no meaning or plot.

However if you wanted to find any meaning, and there very well could be since you found this dream odd enough to ask a question about it. Id say the presence of your friend was not any kind of romantic message, the friend seems to play the guide/guardian character. Maybe that's the way your relationship might turn out (after the awkward we just broke up phase) just be sure to keep in touch and focus on being friends.

Now for finding the important place/item, I would say that in this instance your dream could be communicating something about your life that you need to accomplish. Maybe you've been procrastinating something, or maybe some kind of new project idea came up that you think you really should do? Maybe you need your friend's help?

As for the homeless couple, I'd say that they would represent some kind of unlikely help. Maybe you have/ or will get help from someone you didn't think would help you? That they are a couple might represent that more than one person might help you, maybe the couple is your parents or family? (unless you'd totally expect help from them?)

The true meaning of any dream will be within you. You might not be able to figure it out now, but maybe my random guesses, or a new perspective will give you the epiphany that leads to your dreams meaning. :) Hope that helps!

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

well, there was this little baby boy who was hurt and homeless outside. people didn't give him anything to eat and made fun of him. and then this person comes along with this robe black/white and maybe a little bit green. i think he had sorta here. but it made me thought of a priest. so the priest touch the little boy and this big/huge/energy powerful wind went right threw me. it was shorta bright when it hit me, dunno how to explain it but does it mean anything maybe?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok I just had this absolutely ridiculous dream, and I'm wondering if you think there's any underlying meaning to it.

In my dream I had just moved into a new apartment. It was a really sweet place and I was loving it. The first day I moved in, I bumped into this girl down in the laundry room. She was gorgeous, had this really sweet accent (I think she said she was from Ukraine). We hit it off instantly, and in the dream I was pretty much convinced that I found "the one." That same day, I was walking outside to get a sense of the area, and a dog came up to me. It was this medium sized grayish dog, and it was instantly incredibly affectionate. It didn't have any tags on it, and was so loving so I decided to keep it since at the time it didn't seem like it had just wandered from its owner's house. I wandered down to the car dealership, where my car was being fixed up. They fixed it up, and it was in perfect shape, ready to go. Here's where my dream took a turn...

On the way back from the dealership I stopped to get some coffee and do a little people watching. As I was sitting there, in front of the coffee shop, I met this dude who was homeless. He was limping severly, and he asked me if he could get a ride about 5 blocks down to this area near a bridge underpass. Normally I don't think I'd do this, but in my dream I said yes and let him hitch a ride. On the way driving there, he started pissing himself. I was like, "duuuude wtf," and as I was distracted by all the pissing, I crashed into a telephone pole. He hopped out and left the scene. He also left a POOL of piss in the seat. Like, the entire front foot area of both the passenger and driver seats was just filled to the brim.

Then the police get there, and I explained what happened. This seemed to go on for a looooong time, and eventually they told me that they would have to confiscate the car because the piss in it was evidence in the "crime." I thought it made no sense, but they insisted they had to take the car. So I walked home, pissed off, and slightly injured. I made it back to the Ukranian girl, who somehow magically was now my girlfriend, and I started to realize something. She started saying some of the absolute dumbest **** I've ever heard. For example, while we were talking she started eating an cigarette. EATING it. I was wondering why on Earth she was doing that, and she basically told me, "Oh, I learned from my grandmother that it was good to have a cigarette every once and a while." Over the next couple hours she started doing other ridiculous things, like putting forks in the microwave, and eating laundry detergent. I then basically realized that this girl was not this mysterious worldly european girl, but basicallly a semi-retarded person whose stupidity was masked by her accent and mannerisms.

After this the dog came back to me, and it started pissing every time it would hug me. It was uncontrollable. Later on, I ran into the homeless guy, who for some reason was dressed up in a suit at this house party, and was apologetic about what happened. I gave him the hardest stare down I could, and basically didn't even think about talking to him because I was on the edge of just beating the **** out of this guy.

Then I woke up. What on Earth could that dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this odd dream. I was moving into this new place, but the new place was a rooftop and it was pouring down rain and dark and kinda had this feeling like it was suppose to be happy but you knew something was going to happen. Back to the dream- I was up on the rooftop and I had a baby in my arms (may I remind you its still dark and pouring down rain) I was standing there and then I finally realized the rain and I looked in my arms and the baby was gone. then a homeless man who looked really dirty and wore trash as clothes came nonchalantly from behind a vent thing that stuck out on the roof. he was pushing a cart that was filled with junk but in the front of it laid the baby and I saw her and yelled, "Wait, don't take that. That's my baby." the man looked confused and I said, " Her name is Amber. that's my baby." and i started crying and pleading for the baby. the man started to slowly keep going and then the baby spoke and said, "yes, yes. that's my mom. give me back to her." and then she pleaded and yelled, "Mommy." and she seemed more frantic and wasn't crying. i wasn't at all phased when she talked. i just kept trying to convince the man that she was mine. but then the dream ended. ever since the name Amber has been stuck in my head. does anyone know what this means?

also i am only 16 and I am NOT having sex what-so-ever so i cant be pregnant ..so someone please explain!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've been having the same dream where I've been strapped to a medical table in a dark room and I hear a door open and shut. Then footsteps echoing through the room. I look up and see a dimmed medical lamp then look over and see the dark figure of a person. They are holding a syringe full of some liquid which they place on the table. The person pulls the medical lamp over me and it flashes. Everything goes to dark, but red numbers start flowing upward. It always starts 1,1,2,2,3,3 then random numbers and I eventually wake up. When I wake up I feel a little angry, and sometimes wake in a cold sweat and a headache.

I have pretty good health, a decent sex life, and life over all...so yeah...

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that i was in my friends car and she was driving and we were going down this main road which had smaller streets coming off it and it was at night time. Anyway we turned to go round a corner and there was this man stood there blocking our way and he looked like a homeless mime, he was holding up a sign but i didn't know what it said and he was dead creepy and smiling. So everyone in the car freaked out and my friend who is driving swerves the car around and my head like went out the window and my hair touched him so i freaked out more. So we started driving down the main road again and every time we turned a corner a different freaky person would be there and we'd have to go back. What the hell does that mean?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I have had extremely long dreams and every time it's a continuation of the same thing. This ordinary guy broke into a huge prison facility in a fascist country to help his dad and some others escape. He gets caught, and can only pull off an escape himself and ends up not being able to save his family. After like 7 weeks of traveling the country (which seems to be the united states, and I saw every minute of it, even going to the bathroom, yawning, and blinking) he was walking through a rich neighborhood when he met a little girl about 10 years of age. She convinced him to play a little game so he did. She invites him to a dinner party her parents are holding and meets her older sister (his age, but I dot know what that is. I assume my age- 15) the family allows him to stay for a few weeks, assuming he is homeless- and he eventually explains his story to the girl. She decided to help him and they prepare to set out again. At this point I assumed he was gathering a group of people to help him break his dad out. The the last dream I had ended with them sneaking out of the house. This dream has been going on for two months. Usually, they last a week or two. The guy looks like Leonardo Dicaprio around the time he made the titanic movie, the girl looks like me except she has brown hair.

My last extensive dream was around November. It lasted around two weeks and I dreamed I was a student at Hogwarts! A very fun dream and somehow I felt like I had control of everything I was doing- not watching a movie like most of them.

Example: How do i get info on a dream of being homeless?

my mom had a dream, that she was homeless and she has to know what it means

Example: Dreaming of giving money to a homeless person - what does it mean?

In the dream I'm walking down a street when I spot a homeless elderly woman. I keep walking past her but then I stop because I feel sorry for her and I hand her some money. Then I walk away thinking that I'm glad to have been able to help her at least somehow. What could this dream mean?

Example: What does is mean when a non-violent person has morbid dreams in which he kills others?

What does it mean when my boyfriend constantly has dreams about
murder/deadly assault usually with the form of some sort of blades?
For example, last week he told me he had a dream that a homeless
person was biting his foot, and he stabbed the man in the back twice
with a knife. Last night he had a dream where his best friend was
being stabbed in the shoulder, and to save him, he took a blade the
shape of a semi-circle with large teeth on the knife and severed the
man's throat who was stabbing his best friend, and actually beheaded
the man. He is a normal person, non-violent for the most part, so
what does this mean that he constantly has murderous dreams?

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