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Dream About Home Coming meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about coming home through the back door?

I've experienced a re-occurring situation in several dreams where I am walking home from outside and coming into my home through the back door. So why not the front door? The setting feels so real because I've seen a few of my neighbors outside while making my way up the stairs to the back door. Also when I experience this I tend to wake up one minute before my alarm. So if my alarm is set for 6:45 then my dream ends at 6:44. Can somebody help interpret this? TY

PS- I've read a little about astral projection and lucid dreaming so do you think that is what I could be experiencing?

Nothing to do with astral projection or lucid dreaming. This is a suggestion that your future success is by coming in via the 'back door' and the steps that lead up to it. What that means to you and how you achieve that may be in details you didn't include. Dreams are based on the words describing them, far more than the imagery.

Example: What does it means to dream maggots coming out a fruit?

Last night I dreamt I had three avocados all was a bit soft. I held one which was the smallest and it was ok to eat. But the two others had worms in them but one had soo many that when I held it up maggots drop to the floor in a bulk. I drop the whole thing and it smash to the floor which cause all the maggots to be creeping around. Someone (a man who I don't know) came and asked if I wanted help to clean it up and I told him don't worry bout it but he started to kill some but not all. This dream is really bugging me, cause it was soo many worms it crawled my blood. Could someone tell me what it means since I did google it but i'm seeing anything specific to what I dreamt. Thanks

Example: Dream Meaning - Intruder in Home?

Recurring dream (about 6 nights - almost back to back). The last one scared me so badly that I woke up screaming. I would also get up and put something heavy behind the front door and observe my comings and goings more.

The intruder(s) always came in through my front door. I would walk down the hall to find the front door unlocked. That's how I knew someone had been in the house. Sometimes he was inside or just outside. All of the lights were out and would not turn on. He never hurt me and I rarely saw him when he was inside. On my last dream, about 15 police cars finally came to my rescue, but the intruder(s) were not in the house. Before they came, I was thinking about staying in a hotel for awhile.

I did not want to move to another unit in the apartment. In one dream, I saw him grab someone and pull her back into the hall. That is when I ran out the apartment. Also, on the last dream, he/they took my computer, televisions,and stuff like that. I found myself talking in my sleep explaining to friends/family about what happened. I got up and checked every room in the house.

Example: I keep having a recurring dream about coming home and having an intruder in my house.What does it mean?

I've had the dream three times so far, and every time, somehow i just look at the intruder and know he's going to hurt/kill me and my family, and i can't do anything. In two of them i couldn't move/scream to warn my family. It was only the first dream that i was able to fight back in. When i wake up, the dream feels so real that i'm positive there really is an intruder in the house, and i shake uncontrollably and can't go back to sleep.What does the dream mean, and how can i make it stop?

Example: Dream meaning, running away from home..?

i had this dream last night that i ran away, and i ended up staying in this apartment-like room, but it was just one room, i was sitting at a table. then my sister picked me up in her car and drove me back home. she knew my mom would be upset, so she told me to go through our cellar and up the stairs to the inside of our house. i forgot, and realized i had forgotten when i made it to the front door. my mom looked like she'd been crying, and was mad that i supposedly stole some of her candles but i had no idea what she was talking about.

what's all this supposed to mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about your childhood home?

Lately every time i would dream it would take place at my childhood home. I would dream about death or gossip, and helping some one ,but it would take place there

Example: What does it mean to dream of my childhood home?

For several nights now, I have dreamed of the farm, and farmhouse, where I grew up. I am living there, with my husband (my 3rd) and all of our children. We are happy, and things are much like they were when I was a child. Everything is pretty much where it was, but some things are nicer. The dreams are similar and just keep coming. What could this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about homes around my house burning?

I dreamt that the houses around my old home had flash fires and were burning all around my home. What does that mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about your old home?

I dreamt about the apartments I used to live at. Almost every dream I have that's related to real life and not made up is at the apartments I used to live at even though I've been living at a house nearby for a year now and nothing has changed, I haven't switched schools or anything drastic. So I'm at my apartments with my best friend and we find this hidden forest in it. I've had other dreams of finding a forest in my apartment complex so I feel I have been here before. There's this pathway we've made that we walk down and finally we come to this huge building and it changes from daylight to utter darkness in seconds. We go in the building and it's a two-story building with a party in it. I find my other friends on the second floor and start talking to them. What does this mean? Why was there a futuristic glass building in the middle of a hidden forest only my friend and I knew about? Why was the forest even there?

Example: What does it mean to dream that i always come home in my country?

and we only just carrying are those that i have gold jewelry and silver necklace with pendant cross that i have given to my sister before and i reached the said my brother and sister in the vacant lot and the bed,as his mom sad because i do not ever carrying anything and my one yet that i have known mean i said to quit and in turn said she.quit what you mean please.

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