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Dream About Holy Water meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream today about my grandmother that passed away in November of 2011.
The setting was me sitting on a couch in her living room. I was on the same couch with my grandfather and a cousin (who are still living.) My cousin looked over at me and said "a baby died where you are sitting" I looked at her like why the heck are you talking about?!? I know that a baby has never died in this house! After feeling weirded out by her I got up and sat on anither couch in the same room. Then I looked over and in disbelief, my grandmother was right next to me. With my mouth wide open I said " but I know you died in this house" then she touched my face softly and just smiled. She also pushed my jaw up because it was open from being so surprised she was there. It also felt as though she put holy water on me with her fingers in the shape of a cross. Then I woke up.

I have been upset this entire day trying to figure out what this meant. It did not scare me however it made me feel sad and odd. Has anyone experienced this before?

A cross, you say? Do you know whether your grandma was christian? Because the cross was where Jesus died to pay our sins.. also if she poured holy water on you, that could represent baptism. Usually a pastor would say something and then kinda put us under the water for a sec and rise. Baptism represents the new life we live for Christ... so yeah your dream seems to have to with christianity... if you are christian you should pray about it:) it might be a message God's trying to tell you!

Example: I dreamt of my grandmother that died blessing me with holy water on my mouth. What does my dream mean?

Example: The meaning of a dream?

I had this strange dream a few nights ago. I can't let it go, its really bothering me.
I think I was in a room. it was like a dark fog, I could see images of people moving. They were moving around as if they didn't know I was there. Then unknowingly at the time one of them noticed me and came over to me as if it was going to move pass me as the others had. But it/he jumped out of the haze screaming at me... It scared me out of my sleep. My eyes were open wide the rest of the night. I usually don't dwell on my dreams unless they bother me like this one.

Example: Heavenly dream, what does it mean!?

Ok im 16 and i havent had this dream since i was 8 or around there, and i recently had it again. I dont even think im in it, but the dream is that there is this huuuuuuge empty golden sand desert. And theres this church in it, it looks like an altered version of a church i used to go to. The dream is just kind of like a slow camera looking at it. Everything is like the nice black material, the architecture is just amazing with still holy water. But thats it, theres no people, but i swear its my heaven, i cant even explain it very well, its like if i died i would want to just become that environment and not be anyone or anything. The site of it being empty makes it so much better, i dont recall any chairs either though,but its just amazing... But what im here for is that its been repeating... Am i going to die?!?!

Example: Why did I became a Hero as soon as I moved out of "US Waters"? What does this Dream mean?

I am riding a small boat in US Waters. I am alone on it and some other boats with many people on them are chasing me. They are shouting and abusing me and throwing things whatever they get their hands on to heat me. I am scared and trying hard to cross "US Waters" With great difficulty I cross "US Waters" and came in "Oman Waters" As soon as I entered in "Oman Waters" I took a deep breath thinking that now I am completely out of danger. Many of the boats and people who were chasing me gave up the chase and they don't enter in "Oman Waters" to attack me. However few boats with people on them enter "Oman Waters" to chase me and I realized that still I am not safe because these people will try to kill me for sure. However to my surprise their attitude towards me is completely changed. Now they are shouting at me and throwing things at me as if I am a "Great Hero" and as if I did some big adventure.

Remember here that US is attacking and killing innocent people all over the World for last several decades, They kill children. They urinate on the dead human bodies. Therefore my mind perceives US and it's people as "Wild Attacking Barbarians". And any danger or cruelty or attack on me is perceived by my mind as US Attack and any bad surrounding or situation is perceived as "US Waters".

Example: 2 Strange recurring dreams, what do they mean?

I've been having two strange dreams that I've had for 2 years now...

1) I'm sitting on a beach around sunset and I hear music. I notice it's coming from the water and I dive under and hear something like a church organ. I keep swimming and it gets louder and louder and I notice a giant underwater cathedral. I keep swimming until i'm at the front doors, which are huge, as is the cathedral. I try and open the door and this is when I wake up.

2) I'm in a jungle village late at night in a restaurant with a friend. We are finishing our food and ask to pay the check. The people living there direct us to the back of the restaurant to pay our tabs and guide us down a long hall. Suddenly one of them pulls a gun out and shoots my friend. I open a door which leads out the back into the jungle and make a run for it. They are yelling in spanish and firing at me. I keep running after I think I've lost them and climb up a big tree to sleep. I wake up the next morning and I'm somehow on the side of a dirt road and people are walking past me, and there's blood all over me. I lived in Belize for three months early this year and maybe this has something to do with it?


Example: Dreamt about being possesed what could this mean? help if you will please?

So, last night i had a dream that i was traveling somewhere with my cousin because something horrible was happening in the world, and i saw this holy water, and i opened and it spilt on me and it started hurting and it felt like the devil was coming out of me and itryed calling out my step dads name to help me and i could not get myself to speak and it felt like i was being posessed and i started praying to God and it started to go away and i was on the floor..what could this mean?

Example: Dream meaning? please?

Iam a Muslim and I dreamt that someone is saying read these ((words)) holy verses of our holy book Koran , and blow it on water and feed water to your son.
What could this mean?

Example: What does dreaming of Holy Water means?

I dreamed that I woke up to a world of chaos,demons everywhere.I woke up in my grandmothers house in a room with the light on,buy when I looked outside the room I was in,it was dark as midnight.As I got out the bed I noticed I had holy water .So I began to walk into the darkness,a light suddenly appeared in my hand.

Example: I keep dreaming of holy water burning me and..?

in church i hold some dudes hand and the priest walks over throwing holy water.. it burns me.. i also dream of a ghost a woman who dosent attack me at first but eventualy does, what does this mean?if anything at all. all the people who want to give a silly response not intrested..

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