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Dream About Hive meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

It was a weird dream about me and my friends were at my house and and were planning to have a movie marathon. One friend tells us that we should watch horror movies. So they decided to watch Texas chainsaw massacre 3D (2013 movie) and i told them not to watch it because its gore. But they didn't listened and i just covered my eyes. The place became a theatre the seats were facing at the front and the big screen is facing at our back so my friends are watching it from behind. Since i don't want to watch the movie from the beginning i just used my phone. Then the lights turned on and the place became a all white basement just like where batman hides all his weapons and stuffs. And were just sitting and someone tells us to leave because the place is infested with mutated bees. Just like the bees from the hunger games and were walking slowly to the exit and theres a lot of hives in there. And so we checked on where the bees come from. We saw an empty garage with white flies more like baby flies. And chased me. I went in to a house and it was dark and i saw an old lady with a baby. Then two bees came in and another old lady followed us. Then the lady hit the other lady with a baby with a plastic container and says "stupid b*tch" and I ran and she chased me then the place is in a department store and she caught me. And then I woke up.

Dreams don't mean anything...they are just involuntary visual
manifestations of a resting brain (mind) during our sleep periods.
If you apply meaning to your dreams you could end up going
down the wrong path in life by reading too much into them, thereby
subsequently and unfortunately being led astray by meaningless dreams.

There are those folks of course who wish to apply meanings to
dreams to fill some hollow void that exists in their being. For them,
they can always attach some kind of silly interpretation to just about
any sleep induced visualization one might have.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, i had this dream, that aliens took over our world and blocked out the sun, and all the kids had to stay in their classrooms, and everyone except me was enjoying it and having fun. then, i saw my mum and dad and my cat standing in one spot telling me to go over there, then i did, then we went home and continued life, except with no electricity..

it was really weird..and when i woke up it felt as if it were true, and i was really scared..
so, do any of you no what it meant? thnxx♥

Example: Dream meaning of having a bee hive on you're shirt and getting stings all over your arms not feeling it?

I had a dream where I was in bed and I had a hive of bees on my shirt between my blanket I was trying not to move so I wouldn't get sting but at the end I got up and walked downstairs to find my arms and shirt with blood stains all over my arms. So what does that mean?

Example: What does this wasp dream mean?

i normally do not remember my dreams but this one i did, this is the second time having this dream with in 2 months...
i am standing in front of a mirror and i pick a zit on my chin and like a small cocoon comes out like a squeeze of a popping zit there is no blood, but then some black wasp looks like it flew out of the hole. i tell myself that i must have not seen it fly to my face. my dad is standing right next to me petting my cat, and then another wasp comes out of the hole in my chin but i see it come out this time. i tell my dad that there is something inside of me coming out of my zit. he is still petting my cat and does not look up at me, then i try and squeeze the hole where the zit was and yet another wasp starts to come out but then tries to walk back in the hole. i use my finger nail to pin it's wing to the out side of the hole and yell at my dad to look at what is happening, but he is still petting my cat and is not looking up. so i drag the wasp out of my chin and as i am squeezing the wasp to death i see another wasp coming out of my chin. i yell at my dad saying that there are wasps coming out my my chin, but my dad is still petting my cat, and then i woke up feeling like there is something under my skin all over my back on the top of my head and even on my chest... that was a very uneasy feeling and do not like it very much.

Example: What does it mean to dream of bees attacking you?

last night i dreamed that i was playing outside and one of my friends began to taunt some bees and she threw a rock at the hive and a swarm of bees came after us i got away but my friend run towards me attracting the bees towards us so i try to get away from her but she corners me and i just remember crouching down covering my face and just hearing the swarm bees around me but they never sting me nor my friend . I would really like to know what it means because im extremely terrified of bees.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I saw a dream, I was in the kitchen of my home. I saw a honey comb kept on one chair. It was giving off a glowing shine. The honey was over pouring. It was golden. And next was kept a Natural Bee Hive. There weren't any bees around. The honey comb was extraordinary. The honey looked sweet, healthy and golden. The Bee Hive was kept on the next chair. I was preparing something. And I spilled a powder like thing on the honey comb. It was ruined. The powdery stuff looked kinda a light tan. And I think the powdery thing is Flour. Then I threw both the honey comb and Bee hive into the Trash Bin. Next, my mom came and asked where they were. I answered her saying that I spilled something (i can't really assure what it was that i spilled), and threw them into the dust bin. I cannot remember the next. What could this dream mean? I would like answers from Islamic Interpreters. Also I'm Muslim. Thank You in advance.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

hello yahoo!
okay a few nights ago i had this dream were i had hive (allergy kind) and then the night after that i had a dream where i was deathly allergic to cinimon! do they mean im going to become allergic to a food or something or do they mean ive got allergy on the brain please help!?!?!?
p.s. im not allergic to cinimon

Example: Dreaming of Bee hive meaning?

I dreamt of a beehive near my old house, it was huge and surrounded by a lot of bees!

Example: What does a dream about bees and behives mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was on a smallish field, possibly at the top of a hill. I was with some of my family/friends but cant remember who they were exactly, I just had that feeling in the dream that I knew them and ws close to them.
There were about 6 beehives and someone was carefully taking them apart and handing part of the hive to me (covered in bees and honey) and I was placing them down in 6 different sections of the field. Even though each beehive was being deconstructed the part of each beehive had to stay together in its part of the field.
I got a sting on my foot at the beginning of the dream as I wasn't sure what I was doing but I didn't mind. Everyone including me was happy and excited andweren'tt threatened by the bees but felt as if we had helped them.
What could this dream mean?

Example: Healing Dream What Doea It Mean?

Okay so I had a dream I was at this house and my mom, people from my church and some random faces were sitting around a table. Next to me sat this man . He was crippled and sitting in a wheel chair. Someone tells me that I should use my gift and heal him, it was either my mom or someone else. I didn't know what she was talking about but I decided I should try. I put my hand on his leg and head ans start praying really hard for him. I eventually hear my self speaking in Tongues or another language. When I atop praying I get back up and sit down. A few moments later everyonea looking at the man in shock, ao I turn to see hinlm. I see him stand up and start walking. I was so happy I startes to cry. I decided that I would help more people. Next thing I know is that I'm at a house and this man walks up to me saying he wants me to help his daughter, they were either sick or possessed. I go to the back like where there's a gazebo and like a pool and the girls are there actfing crazy. Well I start praying for them. When I'm done and the spirit or aicknes comes out of them, something goes in me. It was like Satan trying to atop me. Luckily my pastors there so he helps me take it out. then I Hear Gods voice telling me something but I can't remember what. I just want to know what this means. Additional info. Im fourteen. I try to be very religious. Ive received the Holy Ghost. I always pray, well a lot of times pray for the gift of healing and profetic visions. I haven't spoken in tongues yet but I have lots of testimonys. I can pray really hard for someone.

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