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Dream About Hit meanings

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I had a dream when I was very young and here's what had happened, I was standing ontop of a broken old house that was a dark brown color and there was this big tree by the back of the house and it was bare, the sky was cloudy and the sky was a color of light gray. I was standing and looking around, all around there were no houses but there was concrete on the ground then I suddenly jumped from the room and literally dived for the concrete but right before I hit the concrete I woke up with my heart racing and breathing quickly.The dream was blurry too.

I know it might sound weird but this dream is the one of many that I can remeber the most detail about from when I was young. All I want to know is what this dream probably meant.

I know you probably won't like me saying this, but YOU are the best "interpreter" of your own dreams. I don 't know you, so it's hard to try to interpret the innermost workings of your own unconscious...but I will try...

It is possible that the rickety house and barren tree represent your life- or at least how you felt about your life (at the time you first started having this dream)?..maybe you felt that things that made you feel safe and secure were falling apart or deteriorating...and it made you feel helpless and sad? Is it possible that you were living with circumstances in your home life that were oppressive? Were you struggling with issues that were affecting you in a very negative way? Ones that you felt helpless to control or deal with effectively? (For example: violence in your home, a divorce, or sexual abuse, family conflict, or death or loss of someone close to you? Or something else?) Your jumping from the roof of this house could represent your need to escape these circumstances, and your feelings of having no other way out. (It doesn't necessarily mean that you wanted to kill yourself...just that you needed to escape the feelings you were dealing with). The fact that you had this dream repeatedly since you were young tells me that it's possible that whatever the conflict or problem was, you still haven't resolved it, even if the situation no longer physically exists, you still have unresolved feelings or issues that stem from it. You may be able to effectively "block out" these things during your waking hours, but, the memories are locked away inside your unconscious mind, and at night while you sleep, they find their way ("fight their way") to your conscious mind...this is because the issue, whatever it may be, is still causing you problems today. You might consider talking to someone about it...if any of this rings true. Sometimes talking about things that haunt us is extremely difficult to do..but in doing so, we become healed. Good luck to you.

Example: What could a reoccurring HIT & RUN in my dreams mean?

Almost every other night, i'll be having a normal cool dream...and towards the end (the only part you remember ha) i'll be driving either by myself or with a friend and i'll rear end someone in front of us and there car will go flying like last night, i hit the back of a car so hard it pushed it off a cliff and my first reaction in the dreams are to immediately drive way. I know that is terrible to hit & run but every time i dream about it, i do the same thing and right after i turn around to drive away im in such shock that i got in a car accident i can barely steer or drive (kinda like when you go to scream in a dream and you cant)
Does anyone have any clue what this could meannn!?!

Example: What does a hit and run dream mean?

I had a dream last night that i was driving a local road 5 mins away from me.
traffic had stopped at a red light and it was 2 lanes of traffic
for some reason i mounted the pavement and cut the corner which has a pavement/side walk
there were no pedestrians around
the road is now a B road (country lane with grass and trees)
I'm driving my work van which is a 1.3 diesel van - very slow but gets me from A to B
i think one of the guys in front of me when i was cutting the corner must of got pissed off.
he was driving an e46 (2001-2006) ? grey BMW m3
he overtook me with easy whilst holding a drift
he then continued to overtake other cars and drift sideways
i sped up so i could still see all the action
after he's passed 4 or 5 cars i see his car lose control and spin violently onto the grass before shooting up
i talk to my passenger and ' i knew this would happen and laugh"
Police arrive immediately on the scene and question everyone
by this time i feel guilty as I might of helped start this drivers' showboating
police give us news that one person in the bmw has fatal injuries
at this point i feel as i need to get away from the police.
somehow my dad has arrived and the passenger in my van who i think must of been my brother

now he is the scary bit;
i ' think ' I've borrowed my dad 1997 nissan micra (march) and crashed it, instead of my own van
when we are being questioned by police we are sitting in a older white Nissan Micra (March)
the thing is my dad also own a white Nissan Micra (march)
so we get home and my dad is ready to go work and is about to look for his keys
at this point i turn on the Tv and there is a 'Police Camera Action / Crime-watch' type of program on
it captures the BMW spinning and crashing
then the last clip shows my dad's Nisaan coming into view and the TV presenter says we will find this car but it will take a long time
i don't know where we left the car but i know its not where my dad left it
I'm waiting for him to find out its not there so he can report it stolen
then i wake up

Example: What does it mean if you dream of hitting your mother?

Idk but I have been angry lately & ma mother is pissing mee off . And I always have dreams about me fighting her . Im always punchin her. And After that im movin out of the house to some wheree else .

Example: Dream meaning?

i keep having a dream that i get pushed off the top of a block of flats, but before i wake up i actually hit the floor! what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream you hit by a bus?

I dreamt that I was going to get run over by a school bus. The bus was backing up and was going to hit me.

Example: What does it mean to dream of being hit by your mother in law?

i have dreamed twice of being hit by my mother in law for no reason or her thinking i disrespected her and later in the dream she starts to behave like a little kid? ? its pretty weird because we get along so i dont know why i dream that

Example: What does it mean when I dream about a asteroid almost hitting earth?

The dream had me and my sister in it. and i saw it coming because she pointed it out. it was so big compared to us we were ants. but the asteroid didnt hit earth the whole sky or area where the asteroid "landed" it lit up orange and pink. when it was coming i was crying out lord please please lord i want to be with you please dont send me to hell. but my biggest fear is that 2012 crap about a asteroid hitting and im saved but im not walking all the way right and i fear that when i do die and that is someday that i might not go to heaven but still i dont know.and i heard many stories on the history channel about asteroids in space and hitting earth someday. what do you think please honest answers. thanks!

Example: What it mean to dream of being hit by a train?

My dream was kinda random at first i was hanging out with my friends then i was just walking and i trip while i was on the floor i notice i was on a trail still laying down so i got up i look both way and it was dark like night and was alone then i saw a bright light coming from one side when i look at it more i notice it was a black train that they use in the old time and before it could hit me or i could make any movement i woke up not like jump scare more like am just waking up normally so any idea what it could mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about hitting yourself?

in the dreams i just started punching myself in my face, and i was beyond pissed in the dream, does this mean something?

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