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Dream About History meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean.?

ok well im on the worst vacation in history and i really miss my boyfriend (im going home tomorror) and i had a dream lastnight that we both worked at the toys r us near my house and we were cooking cookies and there were drunk people and alot of random stuff but it made no sence to me. can you tell me what this dream means.

to interperet dreams you have to seperate each and every peice of information.you may think "working at toy store w/ my bf" what could that mean, but actually the question should be bf, toy/toy store, baking, cookies/sweets/deserts/(oeros-choc chip etc) and define each seperatley then put all that together and decipher for yourself what it all could mean---dream intereprting sites are confusing but can be right on.
also you should be very specific. did you see a specific color or toy? (like were the walls blue or did you actually see the "toy r us" words in your dream?) each and every detail could be thought as interesting dream-of.com is my fav dream website.
To dream that you are baking, represents your creative self and you ability to make things happen. If you are mixing� ingredients together that you normally would not combine, then it suggests that you need to find a connection between two seemingly different things. Perhaps these things that seem incompatible may yield surprising but positive results.
To dream that you are baking, represents your creative self and you ability to make things out of seemingly nothing.
To dream that you are baking cookies, signifies feelings of optimism or an increase in productivity. You may also experience a rise in status.
To�see or play with toys in your dream, symbolize childhood, domestic joy and harmony. You may be searching for the comfort and security of home. It also represents playful attitudes and your childish ways. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor suggesting that "toying" with somebody's feelings. especially if you are playing together with someone in the dream. Perhaps you are leading someone on.
To see people you know in your dream, signifies qualities and feelings of those people that you desire for yourself.
To see your boyfriend in your dream, represents your waking relationship with him and how you feel about him.
To dream that you are hard at work, signifies success and merit. Alternatively, it may suggest anxieties about a current task or project. You may need to "get back to work" and stop procrastinating.


Example: This BEAUTIFUL dream means anything?

i had a dream i went to my bfs house...i asked his mother where is he? (though i havent met her) she said he is sleeping...and told me to go and wake up him...i was surprised! i went to his room...he was sleeping and i kissed his cheeks...nd he woke up...that was really beautiful dream.

what this mean?

Example: What do dreams mean ?

why do we dream is there any meaning to them ...

Example: What a dream means? ?

For the past week I've been having the same dream where I keep smacking my head off doors and hitting myself, what douse it mean?

Example: Dream Dictionary meaning?

what does it mean?:
To dream that you are hurt, signifies wounded emotions or feelings that you may have suppressed. You need to address these feelings in order to properly heal.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So last night one of my dreams consisted of a family event happening at this pretty but unknown it resembled a red cabin with a long bench with tables in the back and it was weird it was like I was really there like I could taste the potato salad and mashed potatoes...anyways there were these two ppl whom I've never seen before two boys seem to be my age (19) or a bit older this gets weird so it seems like everyone leaves and the two boys are walking by this fence on the side of the cabin I remember the lights they looked like ancient Chinese heritage and the fence looked like from the sandlot(I wasn't watching the movie tho) and the boys hop the fence and something happens like something attacks and only one of the boys makes it out there alive with his face messed up and he comes towards the table and sits down I ask him what happened to the other guy he says he died can someone explain this dream?

Example: What does my dream mean ?

i had this dream where i was gettin stabbed in my house and i climbed out my window and ran to my neighbors and i called the cops and they never came then i went back in my house because my sister was in there and i kept running and everytime i would call the cops they would not come

Example: Do these dreams mean anything?

Sometimes I dream that I call 911 and nobody answers. It just rings and rings.

Sometimes I am back in high school (im 25 now) and i cant remember my locker combination.

Sometimes I dream im flying through a parking lot and people are trying to get me.

Do any of these mean anything? Ive been having these couple of dreams for years.

Example: What does this dream mean?

little girl,
4 or 5 years old,
golden sunkissed blond curly hair,
shoulder length.
loose cute summer dress,
black felt shoes.
she crosses the street,
almost to the other side.
she stops,
spots her mom coming out of the store,
she waves and smiles,
her mom is frantic, yelling and screaming, worried.
a car is coming.
driver is unaware,
of the redlight,
the girl,
the danger ahead.
so is the child.
innocent and oblivious to her surroundings,
absent minded and glued to the street.
she wont move.
i stand there,
6 feet from her,
thinking of the 6 feet under.
i scream and yell, vigorously wave my arms trying to grab her attention.
shes in a daze, still waving and smiling, questioning what is wrong.
behind her the car comes up fast,
driver is going 45-50 mph,
speedlimit but still fast in a time of danger,
hes texting.
closer, closer.
i jump.
she falls,
out of harms way.
everything goes black.
i open my eyes.
where am i?
smells like fish and stale air.
pain surging through my body.
i look to my side.
machines galore,
IV's and heart monitors,
and a chair,
my boyfriend asks me how i am
and i reply, couldnt be better.
a puzzled face dawns on his face.
why? he asks.
i reply- i changed a life, maybe even more than one. i filled my purpose in life. i gave my life meaning. i did something to show that im worthy of being. i could've died right then, and i wouldve died happy knowing that i did it.

and i keep having this dream over and over and over, it has to mean something right? or i wouldnt be having it so often? could someone PLEASE tell me what this is supposed to mean.

Example: Dream interpretation, pivotal moments in history, whats it mean?

so in this dream i had i was sitting on the edge of a field on the hood of a 1969 Camaro ( my Dream car) I was waiting for the woman that i love to meet me there. when i saw a bunch of tanks and troop transports coming over the horizon i jumped into the car and turned on the radio the voice on the radio was speaking in German (i don't speak German but this is what i recognized it as) the weird part is that i understood exactly what he was saying. apparently i was in Poland (never been there) during the Nazi annexation of Poland (i hate Nazis and am not old enough to have experienced this i am 21) i wasn't scared at all and just kinda watched as everything unfolded. nobody seemed to notice i was around. i wanted to drive the car and find her but i didnt know where she was supposed to be. also it wasnt till after that i found out that this was her dream car too. anybody have any ideas what this might mean?

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