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Dream About Hindu meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I saw a cow dying in my dream..what does it mean?

I am a hindu n worship cows.but I saw a cow dying in my dream.m anxious to know what does it mean?

A cow in your dreams really stands for your mother. Your dream must mean that something is going to happen to your mother, or maybe you guys are not in a good relationship, or your mother is going to do something against your religion.

I couldn't find what it really meant, but I gave thought into it. Hope this helps.

Example: Dreams of hindu gods?

i dreamt someone gave me a young coconut with a tulsi in it and then i saw lord vishnu for a few seconds and then he vanished and then i saw kaaliya the snake n it vanished too, i am not very spiritual but i do believe in god. does my dreams have any specific meaning , i am born to a hindu home . thank you

Example: (Hindus/Buddhists) What do these dreams mean?

I know that there are many of you who are well versed in dream interpretation at some point... so I'm asking your wise opinion on these dreams:

1) To kneel before the feet of Lord Krsna in his throne. Crying before him while in that kneeling position, looking only at his feet and listening to his sweet voice expounding the Dharma.

2) Becoming a Sadhu, alone in the forest... facing the four seasons and finding a great bull in the midst of the journey.

3) Opening a stupa to find Lord Buddha's relics and other Arahantas' relics manifesting before your eyes...

Example: What does it mean to dream about Hindu God/Goddess?

What does it mean to dream about Hindu God/Goddess?
Last night i had a dream about Durga Goddess and Hanumann. I was praying to both smiling happy & wen i prayed to Durga maa I had Red Sindoor powder on my head, & Tika on forehead, as a married woman does & im not married.. just confused, is it a good symbol/sign? Jai Durga maa Shera wali teri sada hi jaiiiii & Jaiiii Bajrangbali maha veer! GODDESS/GOD BLESS ALL :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was permitted among many to ask Krishna (the Hindu deity) two questions. It was a female though, not a male... I also never got around to asking Krishna the questions I wanted to ask, because I woke up as I was in front of her.

Do you think this means anything? I am not Hindu. I have been studying lots of Buddhism lately, but strangely, not Hindu. I was planning to ask Krishna how to become enlightened.

Example: What could my dream mean?

Last time I had this strange dream. I dreamt of a lady who was dressed as a hindu goddess. I also saw a man who called the lady "devi ma". I've also had another dream some time back in which I saw a picture of Durga. Does anyone have any idea what both my dreams could mean?

Example: I saw kanakadurga(indian goddess) in my dream. iam hindu. what is the meaning of that dream?

Example: Dreams of Hindu goddess?

I had a dream that i had six arms and i was blue. The first thing that came to me was a hindu goddess kali ? DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THAT MEAN TO DREAM OF SIX ARMS AND UR WHOLE BODY IS BLUE?

Example: On the Hindu holiday of Nag Panchami I had an interesting dream...and I'm a Westerner! Any idea what it means?

First off, let me preface by saying even though I'm a Westerner, I'm deeply sympathetic to Hindu faith, thought, and culture, and I'm trying to practice some of it myself. Whether or not I'd be considered a true Hindu or not is debatable, I guess, but nonetheless I had a dream that I think is significant for that reason.

On the night of July 23, which would make it during the day of July 24 (or Nag Panchami), I had an interesting dream. In this dream, there was this boy in a black T-shirt (that's the only detail I could remember about his appearance) who gave me, of all things, a king cobra. As in a live king cobra snake. This apparently was no ordinary king cobra, though, as it behaved very unusually for its species: it slithered up to me and appeared to want to...snuggle, for lack of a better term. It was downright friendly and looked at me with an expression that should've been on a puppy for how affectionate it was. I was justifiably afraid of this king cobra, as I would be if I encountered a real king cobra, but this king cobra continued its affection.

Obviously a real king cobra wouldn't act this way, but even though it's just a dream, I wonder what it was trying to tell me?

Example: I had a dream with the hindu god ganesha meaning?

if you are hindu or know about this religion please help.. last night i had a wired dream that 2012 came and that the whole world was ending there was like a big like hurricanes or something but i was trying to tell everyone to go to india from some reason and well they didn't listen but i went with my husband and the statue of some Elephant became alive and put water at all the people and he put water on me too like a blessing cuz when we got out of the water we survived and everyone els in the whole world died.. but i was so happy the Elephant blessed me cuz he put water on me too... i asked a hindu girl and she said the gods name is ganesha... can any1 tell me what could it mean? thanks

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