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Dream About High Tides meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay, well first, this is a little about me.
My name is Tamika. I'm 13, and I'm homeschooled. I've been to school in 2008-2009 part time in grade 3 and 4. I got sick at the end of 2009 and my mum pulled me out because I was very sick, and she hasn't put me in again. I've been doing homeschool ever since and hate it. I really need to go to school. I've just got into High school this year, but still in holidays. I'm now in Grade 7, and tried talking to my mother about going to school but she keeps saying, "not until easter holidays." I DON'T WANT TO WAIT UNTIL THEN. That's ages away, but she doesn't understand that I will miss out on everything and won't fit in if I do not go in at the start of school.

My dream.

Welllllll it's a bit hard to explain as I can't really remember it much :S
All I remember is;
I went to high schoollll, and these are the things that I can remember:
1: I sat on some nice guys lap :DDDD
2: I talked, I don't talk when my mum's around and I'm very shy!
3: I kept getting into trouble by a teacher, he looked very old.
4: I ran past someone from my previous school in 2008-9 really quickly and he chased me and I called him a bastard? LOL
5: I wasn't allowed on the main tables, I had to stay in another room by myself because I was too slow or something
6: My dad actually bought me something for Christmas, a spy camera. For some reason in the dream I had it and put it on the teachers desk so I could hear him 'cause I was in the other room but he told me off and I had to take it away hehe
And then I woke up, I loved the dream so much that I fell asleep and had a LUCID dream about the same things.
1: My enemy was sitting in the corner outside playing the guitar. I admire her so much but was jealous she played guitar. I seemed to have my mum's guitar with me and got it out and the girl saw me so I said, "Sorry! I'm not copying you, I swear!" and put it back, she slowly walked towards me and hugged me lol so I said "I love you! I mean, in a friend way, i'm not a lesbion" and then we sang some sort of song and it was so weird and then I woke up because my mum sang out at 11 am XD

Please tell me what this means :s

I'll try to answer #1 for you. I mean the 2nd #1. Then I'll answer the first #1 2nd. But 1st, let's talk about how you can rejoin the social tides again.

I'm guessing according to your dream that you like music, esp. guitar. Ask your mom if you can take a music class to help reintegrate you back into public school, because interacting with different musicians with different social patterns helps us form new neural pathways. In turn, this helps us to be more creative and think more clearly, so we can be more successful in our lives. What mother would deny her own daughter a more successful life? You tell me!

I'm also guessing that your mother fears the winter "germ pool." In fact, lack of vitamin D3 during winter months is what usually leads to colds and flu like viruses. Kids need to take 35 IU D3 per pound of body weight during the winter if there's no sunshine. Go back to getting your regular sunshine play activities during the sunny seasons. Now, for 2nd dream #1:

female figure: left brain; ego personality; material thoughts

guitar: need to pay attention to a different frequency

love: unconditional acceptance

What really matters is the resulting feeling you get in a dream - because this is the feeling that was hiding when you went to sleep. The female figure, enemy or not, represents what you crave in the material world. The guitar playing means you want / need to hear how others play / think, not just your mum. The love you feel means you have unconditional acceptance of the answer provided to you in your dream. I'm not sure what makes a couple of 13 yo girls enemies these days. You tell me.

1st dream #1:

male figure: right brain; creativity; emotions

Assuming that he was sitting on a chair of sorts, both of you combined would form an upper case:

"H:" pisces

I'm not sure how to interpret this dream. I would have to be 13 to understand it.

Healing Thoughts

Example: Eagle and Rising Tide Dream?

Last night I had a crazy but beautiful dream. I ended up in the middle of this piece of high land that rose above some gentle waters on a beach area. It was night time and the waves were very gentle below me. Then suddenly the tide rose and water started deepen below me and I knew I was going to be able to get back to the mainland.

After while I looked around and these EAGLES (Bald Eagles) dove down to the ocean in large numbers going down to catch float debris to build a nest. They were huge and focused.

I couldn't handle the pressure of waiting to drown, so I told myself that I would make it to the shore and dove down myself and ended up at the shore barely alive. These Asian bikers came ot the beach and as I opened my eyes.

What an intense dream! What do you think that means?

Example: What does it mean to have a dream about the ocean, when it is at a very exaggerated high tide?

There were waves, but the waves weren't crashing down. The sea level was very high above the sand, resembling a very exaggerated high tide. The high tide was continually bringing ashore big, dead, unrealistic looking sea creatures. Then there were birds of all sorts, big and small ( I remember seeing Pink Ostriches) eating the dead creatures. I was just standing on the beach watching this all happen. I felt afraid at first, but then relieved when I saw that the birds were eating the remains of the sea creatures. Very weird. Good luck to anyone trying to figure this out.

Example: What do tidal waves in my dream mean?

I have this dream. Im sitting in this inlet thing and there are huge walls surrounding the front of it and behind it but both sides are not that high. They are made of brown brick and are 100's of feet high. Well im on the side of it and there are pillars and im walking between them. Well i see the wave coming and there are people in the water, people i dont know but i feel like i know them. Well the wave hits the wall and i stand behind the piller and i watch all the water rush by me. It does this 2 or 3 times. and no one ever dies they are stuck almost in the same place but that front wall stays there but the back wall gets knocked down. and i ask what are we going to do about the walls? Rebuild them? and some random person says...yes and make them better

Example: What does it mean to dream of dirty water?

Last night i had a dream that we went to the beach but the tide was impossibly high.We couldn't go bath in the sea and the water looked dirty, dangerous and well like there were debris in the water. Well there seemed to be a resort sort of facility on the beach with pools.So we went to the first large one but there were a white guy and someone else swimming in the pool already so we walked to another that was smaller but this one had large water lilies floating in it and i think my friend jumped in but i didn't because it didn't look clean.

i dreamt another large pool that had like mosquito larvae on one side but the other was clean. It was also very deep.

i dream i went to a rest room and the toilet door was open ...there was no closure for the latch and a boy was outside he pushed the door open and it was sort of sexually suggestive because he pulled out his you know what and it was erect but then a bunch of my friends burst in and pulled me out of there "saving" me but i felt disappointed
anyhow that's most i remember but i can't understand why i dreamt this and what does all the water in my dream mean?

thanks for any answers!

Example: What does it mean to dream about a tsunami?

This is what i dreamed last night;
I'm in the beach with a friend, and we are at a high bridge. So normally waves don't reach it, but suddenly the waves get son high that the bridge starts floading. What relly caught my attention is that the water looked so beautiful, but dangerous. My friend was trying to jump the waves, but I was just there, admiring the tsunami ? and also the giant waves never actually stoped, and i startting drowning, until i woke up. (the waves happened for a long time and me and my friend were jumping on the bridge, also the friend is a boy) <-- that's before i drowned and woke up.
Sorry for my bad spelling :/

Example: What could my dream mean ?

(sorry its long)

I haven't really had a dream in awhile that had alot going on , or ended in me waking up so i thought id ask if you knew what it would be.
My dream started way before this but ill start from where i remember, I was at the co-op with my friend and classmates. I wanted to buy sprinkles and stuff for my up-coming birthday but i had no money so i followed my best friend around until we left.
Then we ended up at my best friends house, we decided to walk to the beach like we normally do. Upon walking to the beach, there was a bunch of tourists which we saw coming back from the beach . Once we got over the little sand hill to get to the beach we saw it was high tide, as in right up against the hill. And on the other side of the beach where the water was low-tide and there was the tourists wife / mother of the children and a small family.They didn't looked worried or anything over there. The tourists had left without the mother / wife.
We started making our way down the hill when my best friends cellphone had started to ring. It was my best friends aunt asking me and my best friend to come down and make milkshakes for her children so they will grow up strong, including plenty of fruit for them and then babysit them for the night. My best friend had to decline, her mother wasn't letting her out of the house that night. (her mom was going to court about her divorce and my best friend needed to babysit her sisters). So when we started walking home my friend Rose magically appeared in my dream (it seemed normal, like she was always there)
On the way home we came across two small waterfalls going across the road (the water was shallow so we just walked) and then the bridge was flooded ( it was very deep but we walked across easily).{ in real life there isn't a bridge on the way to the beach}
After we had crossed the bridge we magically appeared at my Best friends house. Her aunt had come to pick us up and we went into the car. I sat in the front seat next to her, and for some reason my bra had gotten bigger and wouldn't fit and kept falling off (my top disappeared for some reason, but nobody really had noticed or cared). The aunt had drove into a driveway where the pond had flooded, then turned back onto the road. She started driving me to my house and there were cats everywhere. At each of the 4 house on the road there where 6 cats. They had all stared at the car as we passed.

Once we got past the turn which was before my house my brother started running by the car. The cats made no notice for him. But when the aunt parked the car a cat jumped up and stuck to the window and started hissing at me. Then the cat jumped down. My father had walked out of the house and started saying "here pretty kitty , here kitty kitty" to try to pet the cat. But the cat jumped and attacked my dad. So i ran out of the car at the same time my brother came out of the house and then i kicked the cat against the wall and killed it. Then i woke up.
I haven't had a nightmare in years, but that cat attacking my dad must of really bothered me to wake me up. Considering i woke up 3 hours earlier.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I am a muslim woman, and I keep having these strange dreams. I dreamt a few months ago that I saw the Prophet (PBUH) standing on a hill holding a staff. THe wind was blowing and he was staring with no expression into it. He had long hair and it was blowing wildly in the wind. That's all that it was, for the whole dream. He was just standing there and the wind was blowing around him. I then had a dream a few nights ago that, in the dream, I had been defending the Quran, Islam, and all muslims for 4 years. Not exactly protecting it, because I know that ALlah protects whom he/she will and does not protect whom he/she will not. But something sort of like fighting for it in a good way where nobody was injured or got hurt. What in the world do these dreams mean? I am convert to Islam, by the way, and converted about 5 years ago. I am also American.

Example: What does the song "Green Grass and High Tides" mean?

In a place you only dream of
Where your soul is always free
Silver stages, golden curtains
Filled my head, plain as can be
As a rainbow grew around the sun
All the stars above who died came from
Somewhere beyond the scene you see
These lovely people played just for me

Now if I let you see this place
Where stories all ring true
Will you let me past your face
To see what's really you
It's not for me I ask this question
As though I were a king
For you have to love, believe, and feel
Before the burst of tambourines take you there

Green grass and high tides forever
Castles of stone, souls and glory
Lost faces say we adore you
As kings and queens bow and play for you

Those who don't believe me
Find your souls and set them free
Those who do, believe and know
This time will be your key
Time and time again I've thanked them
For a peace of mind
That helped me find myself
Amongst the music and the rhyme
That enchants you there

Green grass and high tides forever
Castles of stone, souls and glory
Lost faces say we adore you
As kings and queens bow and play for you

Yeah, they play just for you

Example: Dreams about tides?

The other night I had a dream that I was with my family and these huge massive tides came up and we had to run so quickly to get to safety, but we were all fine.

Last night I had a dream that during high tide I couldn't reach my house and I got stuck out all night by myself.

What do these dreams mean?

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